• Chapter Five: A Heart of Ice.

    Year 20X9 Cosmic Calendar: 27th of May.

    Location: Planet Distundia, Storehouse Planet for Andromeda Appliances®


    Samus was breathing heavily when she woke up to the loud swear. She looked around, and saw that she was in a dark room. No use to see anything, then, she thought with a little sarcasm. Then, a little flash happened across the room, and she saw the brief image of Harquar’s body hunched over something.

    “CHORR!! Why isn’t this working!?”


    “Oh! Sorry, Samus…I didn’t mean to wake you. How do you feel?”

    “Like a bunch of moans, groans, and bones. Where are we, and what are you trying to do?”

    “Well, after our short battle with Ridley, you were too weak to bring back to the Federation. So, I brought you here, inside one of the storehouses. And currently, I am trying to create a fire from some toasters I found.”

    “Toasting the toasters, are you? You aren’t going to get very far, considering the fact that all toasters were made inflammable after the President of Ghillic almost was killed by a combusting toaster.”

    “Oh, Tresit!” (Possibly another swear) “And it doesn’t help when my ice powers nullify any spark I make…”

    “Here, take my arm cannon, and shoot the boxes they came in. That should produce enough heat and light.”

    “Why can’t you do it?”

    “Because it hurts like hell when I move my arm!” Samus growled.


    Harquar made his way to Samus slowly, as not to step on her or something, and carefully removed her arm cannon. Then, fumbling with the controls, he shot a glob of plasma at a nearby box. The box then burst into green flames, the same color as the beam. Soon, the room was filled with a pasty green light, which caused Samus to squint a little.

    Samus was able to see what the room looked like now, and could also see that she was covered in blood. She held a gasp of disgust, and looked around her to see any punctures or gashes.

    “Don’t worry. Most of that blood is Ridley’s and mine. The only thing you have is a chemical burn. However, I’m a little more worse for wear.” He pointed at a large bite mark that was in his leg, and then at a large burn mark on his forearm.

    “What happened to you? And how come you aren’t gasping in pain over it?”

    “Well, when I was taking you to safety, Space Pirates attacked us, along with a Korakk Beast. That’s where I got the bite mark. As for the pain, Phygrissians usually numb themselves out with cold ice. Same with you. If I hadn’t numbed out your shoulder, you would have been in way more pain than you are now.”


    They both sat silently for a moment. Neither knew what to say to each other. Finally, Samus broke the silence.

    “So, why did you save me? Isn’t it usually a hunter for himself? Adam could have done fine without me.”

    “I couldn’t leave you, not like the last time.”

    “What do you mean, ‘not like the last time’?”

    Harquar was silent. “Do you like stories? Because if you do, then listen to mine.”


    “A long time ago, when I was only 17 lunar cycles old, Phrygis was the best mining facility of the entire galaxy. With everyone buying its resources, the people buying the ice would be able to supply themselves with water, and the money Phyrgians were getting would help supply the moon with food. But, after a while, a group of Phrygian miners came across a large supply of a rare mineral: Deuterium. This mineral was long wanted for many different reasons in many galaxies, and the Phrygian council saw this as an opportunity to dominate the resource market. Soon, more and more deuterium was being sent across the galaxy, and more and more Phrygians were being sent down deeper into the mines to retrieve more of the mineral.

    When I became 19 lunar cycles old, I was sent into the mines along with my newly betrothed, Deliax. She was truly a sight to see, for her shoulders and tentacles were of perfect shape…sorry. Anyway, we were placed in the same group together, and we were very excited. We never left each other’s side, and we worked diligently every day. We both were doing better than any others in our group. But soon, we were sent even further into the mines. The heat was so stifling that our icy abilities were of no use, and the deuterium was even harder to retrieve. But we still got it done. Then, we reached the core of the planet, which was lined with deuterium all over. We were about to bring it up, when suddenly, an earthquake shook the entire mine. We all escaped except for a few. Gortek, Sartu, and Kililian were all crushed, while me, Turyeth, Deliax, Rundas and Follort all escaped. After the ice melting ceremony of grief for each one, me and my good friend Rundas decided that the mines were too dangerous to traverse anymore. So, we both left Phrygis as a team of bounty hunters. But, after a while, I missed my beloved, and it came to notice that Rundas was not one for teamwork. So, after 4 lunar cycles had passed, I returned to Phrygis to see Deliax again. But when I returned, it came to be true that she had died in the mines during my departure. I was torn in two. Because of my arrogant feelings toward the mines, I had left her side for a more selfish purpose. If I had been with her at the time, I would have been able to save her. The thing that make me remember her is the fact that she had given birth to our child during my time gone, and the council trains my child to be one of the healers for our city currently.”


    The floor was covered in little drops of ice, due to Harquar's constant crying. Samus didn’t know Phrygians could cry, but she felt his pain as bitter cold waves that emanated from his body.

    “That is why I couldn’t leave you. You are not my betrothed, but you are certainly not one to be left behind. If I hadn’t been there for you, you would have died like Deliax.”

    Samus nodded. “Thank you, Harquar, for telling me this. It will help you become a better hunter if you understand your pain.”

    Harquar looked up, and nodded. Getting up from his seat, he looked toward the far end of the room. “I have a feeling that these storehouses may some how connect to each other. If we follow the maze, we might be able to reach the remodeled federation outpost. Samus, can you stand?”

    “I think so. My suit has been healing my skin for the last hour, so I think I may be fully healed soon. Can you give me back my arm cannon?”

    As Samus fitted her arm cannon to her suit, she found out that there had been a little leakage by the base of her thigh. Suddenly, Samus was filled with dread. The liquid that was leaking from her suit was the combustion for her power bombs. Ridley must have smashed her supply in their battle.

    “Harquar! Pick me up, and don’t get near the flames.”


    When she got up from her seat, she saw that the liquid was nearing the edge of the fire. She screamed at the top of her lungs: “RUN HARQUAR!!”

    They both ran as fast as they could from the fire, but the explosion already happened. A huge wave of power energy pushed them forward, and it destroyed the walls and ceiling. The room filled with sunlight, and both of them were unconscious.


    Nortel was the first to see the explosion from the sky. When he landed at the site, he smiled, and got two marines to return Harquar and Samus to the medical facility.

    “Good thing I found you two. I hate long rescue missions.”

    Chapter Six: The Infinite Ocean of Light.

    Year 20X9 Cosmic Calendar: 2nd of June.

    Location: Planet Norion, Center Of Galactic Federation Military Procedures.



    Samus woke up. She was in a neat bed, with several other neat beds beside her. Then, she saw Harquar, who was wearing an odd-looking hospital tunic. By odd-looking, she meant it looked odd on him. Harquar’s facial tentacles wiggled. Samus took this to be a smile. She smiled back.

    “It’s good to see you alive, Samus.”

    “Same of you. What happened? And how long have we been out?”

    “Around six days, Milady.” Said a familiar voice by the doorway.

    “Adam! So good to see…you? What are you wearing?” Samus said.

    Adam was no longer his skinny robotic self, but now dressed in a suit which was like Admiral Dane’s, along with a set of little medals. “As I said, the Federation needs me. I must stay as the new Chief-Admiral for the federation. As for you, you will be needed to find the target of the twin lasers of Planet Distundia. Once you are dressed, you are to follow me to the briefing room. Here are the clothes you need to wear. Any objections, Lady?”

    He tossed a one-piece suit toward Samus, and left without a word.

    Samus frowned, but then left the thought to drift off. She was about to pull off her tunic when she realized Harquar was still in the room. She let out a little cough, and Harquar “blushed”. “Oh, right, privacy.” And he left her to dress. She pulled off the tunic, and slipped on the suit. It was like her jumpsuit, but it was a bit more formal than her normal wear. She stepped out of the room, and found Harquar sliding on his own suit.

    “Oops! Sorry. I’ll… get going.”

    Harquar’s facial tentacles wiggled again, and Samus was off.


    When Samus reached the Briefing Room, she was exhausted. It had taken her at least 10 minutes to get there, and it was halfway across the complex. Therefore, she took a heavy seat next to Xorexus.

    “You ok, Samus?” Xorexus asked.

    “Yeah…Just achy and tired, that’s all.”

    Soon, Harquar made it in, and the briefing began.

    “Today,” Adam started, “We are going to discuss the twin lasers of Distundia. What is the status report on their targeting, Nortel?”

    Nortel stood up. “According to my squad, the beam seems to reach farther than the outer wastes, past the Loxar System. Also, we sent some probes from the abandoned GF station there to explore farther, but even they didn’t go very far. Apparently, this beam is stretching farther than the universe.”

    “Wait, did you say you went to the Memphis Federation Outpost?” said a confused Commander.

    “Yeah…you know it is forbidden to go there! What happened there 50 years ago put it under quarantine!” said another.

    “Hey, I had no time to go off to the edge of the universe! I needed to stop and refuel. And the only place where I could do that was at Memphis!”

    “Enough!” yelled Adam. This surprised Samus, because she had never seen Adam yell at anyone before. “We are not here to bicker; we are here to find results! Now, stop blaming General Nortel for stupid things. All that matters is the fact that he brought us valid and useful information. Now, as we all know, the only ships capable of reaching that far out in space are the G.F.S. Olympus, General Nortel’s H-55 Viceblade, and Samus’s Hunter-Class SA-5 gunship. Unfortunately, we need both Nortel and the G.F.S. Olympus here, with us. So…”

    “Got it.” Samus said. “You want me to sail past the Loxar system and find out if that laser is even shooting at anything.”

    “Precisely.” Adam finished. “Would you like to bring someone with you on you mission for backup?”

    Samus hesitated. “Yes, I would like to bring someone with. I request that Chief-Admiral Malkovich comes with me upon my mission.”

    Everyone murmured in discontent and surprise at this statement. Samus smiled, and awaited Adam’s response.

    He hesitated. “…Very well. I will accompany Samus Aran on her mission to the beam’s target. In my place, I put General Nortel as my second in command during my time away.”

    This really got the entire table angry. Adam gone from command is one thing, being replaced by Nortel was another. An angry Colonel spoke up.

    “This is unacceptable! The Chief-Admiral can’t just walk out and put someone, who has no experience, in command! He’s in a lower rank than me!”

    “This is why I hate long arguments. They always end up long.” Said Nortel.

    “Enough already! I place Nortel in command because he is obviously more mature than the rest of you. Now, I am accepting this request, and that is the end of it!”


    Samus was preparing the little flight coordinates she would need to reach her destination when suddenly, Adam was lifted up into her ship. Samus looked behind herself, and waved a little.

    “You know, Milady, you were lucky that the Federation allowed me to take leave temporarily. This was a bold maneuver, Milady.”

    “I know. But, I wanted to be with you for one more mission. Just one. You know what I mean? Without you……I’ve just become so accustomed to having you around.”

    “Milady…you know I want to help you as much as you want me to, but it is difficult to follow the path you follow.”

    Samus was silent for a moment.

    “Well, while I am with you, we might as well be on with our mission.”

    Samus nodded, and started to activate her ship.


    Hyperspace was different when flying directly next to a laser. It was stretched, contorted, and it was screaming in pain. Samus couldn’t take it anymore. She exited hyperspace for a moment.

    “Lady Aran, what is the matter?”

    “Space…feels like it is dying. The Beam is peeling apart the insides of space. It’s like…a ripple in an infinite ocean of light.”

    Adam nodded at this, and was suddenly distracted by something that was outside the ship.

    “Milady…we may have a problem.”

    Samus looked out the window, and saw what he was worried about.

    The entire sector in which they were flying through was crowded with Metroids.

    “Maybe if we went into hyperspace again, Lady Aran, we could escape.”

    “No, we cant right now. The ship’s hyperdrive needs to cool. We’re going to have to fight them.”

    “Milady…have you forgotten that you are…?”

    “Not now, Adam.”

    Samus opened the airlock, and was sucked out into space. When the door closed, Samus drifted for a bit until her suit activated the propulsion boosters. Then, she was attacked by the Metroids.


    -Am I dying?-

    -Where am I?-

    -What happened?-

    “You are dead, Ridley.”

    Ridley weakly lifted his head. When he was accustomed to the light, he saw Adorios standing above him.

    “You…you were the one who infiltrated my ship!”

    “Yes, I was. I was also the one who tricked you into believing I was on your side. Foolish creature. You even tried to call for help. From who, you might ask? Your sworn enemy, Samus Aran, that’s who. You pitiful thing, you tried to defeat me! And you failed.”

    Ridley’s eyes fell into a deep rage. He mustered all the strength he held, and slashed at Adorios with his claws, slicing him into three pieces.


    And Adorios’s body fell to the ground. Ridley laughed, releasing a bellowing, deep laugh that could be heard for miles. As he laughed, Adorios's body started to shiver, and his body reassembled itself. The fully alive Adorios started to speak.

    “You fool. You obviously didn’t know about my true power. I cannot die, nor can I be severed! I am the power of my master, Metalloid! I am Adorios the Metalloid Assassin, and you will now feel the pain you tried to inflict on me!”

    Adorios’s hand started to split into tiny, little pieces of metal. Soon, his entire arm had become a cloud of little shards of his suit. Then, they reformed into three large blades, which then positioned themselves above Ridley, who was now very afraid.

    “Behold the power of the Displacement Suit!” And Adorios slashed the blades at Ridley.

    Ridley’s body was then sliced into pieces, and his scream could be heard for miles.


    “Milady, please answer me! What happened? Where are you?” Adam yelled into the intercom.

    “Adam…they…aren’t attacking me.” Samus replied.


    “They are latched on to me, but they do not attack. It’s more like they are latched on to me for safety, for comfort. It’s like a child clinging to its mother.”

    The Metroids were latched on to every part of her body, but they certainly weren’t attacking her. Instead, they seemed to be pouring energy into her, not taking it.

    “I believe they think you are their Queen”

    “What?? Why do you say that?”

    “They are, ahem, attempting to have intercourse with you.”


    “They are pulsing in their DNA signatures, trying to make you absorb it into your skin. The Queen Metroid would then replicate the DNA and then combine it with her own to lay eggs. Considering you have Metroid DNA inside of you, you are perfectly eligible of undergoing this process.”

    “Adam! Are those engines cooled yet? Because if they are, we are getting out of here!”

    “Understood, Milady, I will pull you in.”

    A yellow-green beam emanated from the underside of the ship, and it pulled Samus in as she shook Metroids off of her body. When she got in, she quickly placed herself underneath the bio-scan apparatus.

    “Ship, tell me if there are any anomalies in my atomic structure currently.”

    A little blue wave shot out of a probe in the ceiling, covering Samus’s body completely. When the bio-scan was finished, the ship told her that her body was no different from the last time she was scanned. Samus let out a sigh of relief. Apparently, the suit had protected her from being a mother to 100 Metroid larvae.

    “Adam, engage the hyperdrive. We need to finish our mission.”

    “Understood, Milady. We shall depart immediately.”

    The ship started to vibrate a little bit, and it slid through the fabric of space, leaving a ripple in its wake.


    Chief-Admiral Nortel was looking through some of his papers, or, to be more precise, looking through Chief-Admiral Malkovich’s papers. But, if he was to be Chief-Admiral while Adam was gone, he was going to need to know what his job requirements were. As he shuffled through the papers, he came across a large folder of information regarding Samus Aran.

    “Hello, what’s this?”


    Samus’s ship slid out of hyperspace, like a ball being squeezed out of a rubber tube. Her ship popped out, and she stopped by the supposed target of the laser.

    “Wow.” Both Samus and Adam said.

    The laser was shooting into a pool of darkness. The beam dissipated into little grains of light, and then they were gone. Samus shot two missiles into the darkness, only to see that they disintegrated the moment they touched the surface.

    “Adam…I think this is the edge of the universe.”

    The pool stretched out into infinity: above them, below them, and both sides to the left and right. The only thing that was visible for miles was a little planetoid that was sitting about 200 miles away.

    “Adam, what do you think is on that planet?”

    Adam smiled. “Only one way to find out.” And as he finished his sentence, he piloted the ship to land on the planet at the edge of the universe.

    Chapter Seven: Redemption.

    Year 20X9 Cosmic Calendar: 2nd of June.

    Location: Planet Norion, Center Of Galactic Federation Military Procedures

    Nortel was deeply involved in the document he was reading. According to the document he was reading, Samus Aran had been in service for the Galactic Federation for more than just four years. Apparently, she had a deeper connection with the federation, which went back to when she was a child. But that wasn’t what really caught his attention. After shuffling through the papers he was reading, he came across a folder labeled: Postponed and Regulated. He opened it, and found a bounty paper with Samus Aran’s face on it.

    “Wait…could this be a folder documenting the missing year of Samus Aran? Is this the fabled Renegade Year?”

    He began to read the paper intently.


    Galactic Federal Report #2849345453

    Subject: Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter.

    Status: Expelled and Declared Enemy of Civilization.

    Info: In the Year 20X8, Cosmic Calendar, Samus Aran was sent on her 8th Mission to The BSL Station set in orbit over Planet SR-388.

    Accompanied with her computer guide, once known as General Malkovich, she was sent to investigate an explosion that occurred soon after BSL Team Researchers dropped off a batch of infected organisms in the quarantine bay. Samus then regulated the oncoming flow of X-parasites that had infected the organisms in the quarantine bay.

    However, the X won, and every single living thing on the Station, save five organisms, were killed and consumed by the X. The Galactic Federation then gained interest in the X, and departed from headquarters to acquire the X-Parasite. However, before Federal police could come to detain the creature, Samus Aran destroyed the X and the BSL Station, and crashed it into SR-388.

    Because of her actions against the Federal State, Samus is now considered a terrorist for her actions, and a bounty is placed upon her head for 30000000000 credits.

    EDIT: Samus Aran is no longer an enemy of the Federal State. After protecting the universe from the Space Pirates’ new weapon, the Project Metroid Dread, and defeating the enemy of civilization Hunter Sylux, Samus is now being redeemed for her undying loyalty to the universe. Also, Samus has been awarded as a Galactic Hero for her noble deeds.

    Edit issued by Admiral Adam Malkovich, 20X9 Cosmic Calendar: 5th of February.


    Nortel finished reading the paper. He had never known about what had happened to Samus during that year. Apparently, it was kept secret and hush-hush. He was still pondering about what caused the Galactic Federation to accuse her so, however. He placed the folder on his temporary desk.

    A man with a dark blue suit came into the room. “General -- I mean, Chief-Admiral Nortel, you are needed to discuss the next move against the Space Pirates with the war council. Apparently, they are preparing a strike upon Planet Aerocitadel. Are you prepared, or should we wait?”

    “Of course not. I’m sure they hate long waits as much as I do.”

    Chapter Eight: The Man without Flesh.

    Year 20X9 Cosmic Calendar: 2nd of June.

    Location: Unknown Planet at the Rim of the Forrester System.

    Samus’s ship landed to the ground, keeping itself steady with propulsion boosters. Samus then regulated the ship’s energy cells so that it wouldn’t die while they were gone, and she put her helmet on. Adam pressed a few buttons on the control panel, and locked the ship’s access, so if anything came into the ship, they couldn’t leave the planet. Samus then drained the ship’s oxygen back into the tanks, and opened the airlock.

    As she stepped onto the planetoid’s surface, her first impression was that it was unbearably dark outside. But then, she noticed that the planet wasn’t pitch-black, but it was only covered in black plants. She switched on her X-ray Scope to give her a little definition of what was around her. Adam tapped a few small buttons on the side of his head, and his eyes turned green, blazing with night- vision light. Samus looked at the corner of her visor for any bio-scan alerts, and was surprised to see that there was an intense concentration of life to the north of her. Following her radar, she walked toward the life-signs.

    “Adam, has this sector of the Forrester System ever been charted? It seems too dark for any life to thrive out here.” Samus said.

    “Even I have never seen the farthest depths of the universe, Milady. We must be cautious.”

    Samus neared closer to the objects on her radar, and as she was nearly right next to one, she bonked her head on something.

    “Ow! What the hell was that?” She looked up and saw she ran into a tree.

    “I believe you just ran into something that looks like a tree from Planet Earth, most likely a Baobab Tree.”

    “A what tree?”

    “A Baobab tree, Milady. It is a very long-living tree, for it can live for 6000 years.”

    “But…this one is pitch-black.”

    Also, it was the source of her search for life-forms. She knocked on it a few times, and a moan was heard from the trunk.

    “Adam, I think someone is in there!”

    “No… I am the one you heard…” The tree said.

    Samus jumped back quickly. “The tree just talked!!”

    “I am not a…tree…I am a creature called a Nolss. All of us are Nolss, and we protect this planet, Planet Holdd. I have…seen you…in my dreams. We are…prophesiers…and we can change time if the god Chronos allows it.”

    “Wait…you say you can control time?”

    “We have altered the timeline of the universe many times before. We do it to avert anything that may ruin the universe completely. But recently, we had done something awful…”

    “What? What did you do?”

    “The man behind you…he knows about the Galactic Federation, yes?”

    “…Yes. What does it have to do with the Galactic Federation?” Adam replied.

    “If you know of Galactic Federation knowledge, then you should know about Metalloid.”

    “I have never heard of it. What is ‘Metalloid’?”

    The Nolss paused. “He is a mistake. Around 120 years ago, the Galactic Federation was planning to create an organic supercomputer called the Aurora Unit. Originally, the plan was going to fail, and the sciences of the universe would wither and die soon after. We foresaw a different timeline, however, and saw a land of peace and wisdom if the supercomputer had been created successfully. So, we asked the god Chronos if we may alter the timeline. He approved of it, and we made it so that the computer would be a success.

    The AU 001 then started to govern the universe into a land where all was equal and logical. But then, the AU did the unthinkable. It considered the Republic of the Joheran Galaxy not fit for the universe, and would not allow them to enter the Galactic Federation. This is where things were not happening the way they should have. The Joheran Republic was outraged, and they then became the Space Pirate Confederacy, and they sought to destroy the Galactic Federation since.

    But, things became worse. A rip in the fabric of time and space opened, and an entity from a dark world came forth. This creature was the fabled Lord of the Dead, Necrolos. Because of the fluctuation of time and space, he was able to escape from his land of the dead to wreak havoc in our world. He caused many different problems for the universe, including the creation of the X-parasites, and the creation of Phazon. When he came through, he injured himself badly. A drop of blood landed on the planet SR-388, and created the X; while a piece of flesh broke away and evil power came forth to produce Phazon. When he came, he needed a new body. So, he possessed the malfunctioning AU, and turned it into Metalloid, a creature of living metal.

    The Metalloid then started to kill anything that got in its way, bringing more and more to his realm. But when a man offered himself to the Metalloid, he was considered by the creature. Removing his spirit from his body, Metalloid encased the ghost in a metallic armor, creating him invincible and immortal. The servant was named Adorios, and he now carries out the evil deeds of Metalloid.”


    Adorios was currently dragging Ridley’s head across the desert to the Space Pirate encampment. When he got there, the Space Pirates blocked his way.

    “You no need to see us. We are good enough to fight and win ourselves.”

    “Not anymore, soldier, because your leader is dead again. Samus Aran killed him brutally and cruelly, trying to make him feel the pain of his enemies. I have come to bring you his remains for cloning, and in his place, Ridley appointed me to lead you all to victory while the cloning process was in effect. Here is the proof of the deal.” Adorios held up a holo-projector, which displayed a sort of will. The Space Pirate looked closely at the projector, and then nodded. He stood up, saluted at Adorios, and asked for orders.

    “We are to go to the Planet Aerocitadel to destroy the capital. Samus and the other bounty hunters will be there as well. Also, we are then to split up afterwards, going to Planets Fravellius and Gorodan. There are items at each planet that will be necessary for our victory. We are to depart in a day, to meet up with the hunters and beat them. Is this clear to you all?”

    Roars and shouts of approval filled the canyon. Adorios nodded, and waved them off. He entered a tent, and requested privacy for a moment. When he was certain he was alone, he placed his palm flat out in front of him, and six spheres rose from his hand, five smaller around one large. He tapped the largest sphere, and it flickered into life. The spheres started to speak.

    “Adorios, have you activated the beams yet?”

    “Yes, my powerful master. In fact, they should be passing the planet you are on. I have also gained the control of an expendable army, master. They should be useful in distracting the Galactic Federation. The only thing that worries me the slightest bit is that Samus Aran may have learned of our plan by now. She is truly a powerful being.”

    “Then destroy her if she bothers you so much. Fare well on your battles, Adorios.”

    “Same luck to you, Metalloid.”


    The Nolss continued on its story. “When the Galactic Federation realized that the AU was behaving incorrectly, they left on quarantine from planet Memphis and abandoned the Metalloid, leaving it helpless and weak. But after these 100 years, he has found a way to complete his plan.

    Metalloid is not only fascinated with death, but he wishes to see and know everything there is to know in this universe. But, there is one thing he does not know. He does not have the knowledge of what happens to a universe when it is destroyed. So therefore, he will try to do this first-hand”

    Samus was deep in thought. “How is he going to bring out his plan?”

    “The Metalloid will try to destroy this planet, for the planet you stand on is the binding for the universe’s stability. If this planet would be destroyed, the universe would collapse upon itself, and the edges of space would then be torn and all existence in all universes will die.”

    “Can we beat Metalloid?”

    “No, you cannot.”

    “…Can we prevent this planet from dying?”

    “Yes. Since the beginning of time, Chronos, Cosmos, and Eos all came together to find a way to hold the solid principles of life in 14 clear stones. If these stones were to be brought to this planet and placed on the shrine to the north, the stones would refract and reflect the beam back to its source. Then, Metalloid will have lost.”

    “Where are the stones?”

    “One set is on a planet of pure sky, another is on a planet of pure foliage, and another on one of pure fire. That is all we know.”

    Samus nodded. “We will protect this planet with all we can. Believe in us, for we will be back before this planet reaches the laser. Goodbye.”

    “Farewell to you Samus Aran, for you are our last hope.”


    When Samus got back to the ship, she noticed she was sent a message. She activated the ship’s dashboard, and started up the message. A little hologram of Nortel appeared on the projector, and he started to speak.

    “Samus Aran and Adam Malkovich, there has been a change of plans. Instead of returning to Norion, you must go to Aerocitadel in the Rowan System. The Space Pirates have launched an attack upon Skyray City, and are being led by a new warrior. You are to come as soon as possible. End of transmission.”

    “Aerocitadel?” Samus began. “Why there? The only thing they are getting from there is a whole bunch of…sky…Adam! That’s where the first set of stones were placed! We have to get there immediately!”

    “Understood, Milady. But, didn’t Nortel say something about a new warrior? Do you think that Adorios is leading the Space Pirates? Because if he is, then he must know about the stones as well. This situation is becoming direr as we move on. We must get them before he does, or we may not have a chance to defeat him. Shall we leave?”

    “Yes. Set our course to Aerocitadel!”


    Nortel was pacing across the room back and forth when Samus got to the G.F.S. Olympus’s control room. He smiled to her, and saluted to Adam.

    “Thank you for getting here so quickly, Samus. You know how much I hate long waits. And Chief-Admiral Malkovich, I believe that it is time for you to return to your place in command.”

    “I…think that it would be fine if you commanded this fleet for a bit longer. I still have some business to take care of on Skyray City.” He looked at Samus, and winked at her.

    “I honor your choices, Adam. Anyway, there have been reports of a new commander in the Space Pirate legions. According to reports of him, he is a man in silver armor that seems to withstand any weapon shot at him. Also, he has destroyed six of our cannons so far, and is headed for the capitol building. You, Samus, are to try to destroy him like you would Ridley. If this does not end up well, then we may have slim chances in the war. Adam, you are to accompany Samus in her campaign.”

    Adam and Samus nodded, and they left the room to the docking bay. But as they walked down one of the halls, an explosion ripped through the entire ship, knocking Samus and Adam down to the floor.

    “What was that!?”

    “I don’t know, but I have a feeling that we should leave to Skyray immediately!”

    “I have no objections!”

    They sped down the halls to the landing platform, only to see an enormous Space Pirate Lord Vessel destroying the Olympus, which was so small in comparison to the SPLV. Samus got underneath her ship, grabbing Adam before he was left behind. Samus started up the controls, and shot out of the ship before anything worse happened. Samus then piloted her way to Skyray City, a city that suspended itself upon the pillow of air that made up the planet Aerocitadel.


    Aerocitadel is one of the most unique planets of its kind, for it is simply a ball of gas that managed to compose itself into a self-sustaining gravity field. Many other cities were floating upon this sea of air, but Skyray was the largest one of them. Samus landed her ship upon the closest war zone she could find, avoiding fire from above. Samus shut off the ship, and rushed out to meet up with a very tired looking Phrygian. Harquar waved to her, and then he collapsed to the ground. Samus, who was already worried about Harquar, ran forward to help him up.

    “Harquar, are you ok? Are you injured? Please, tell me you are ok!”

    “Don’t…go…after…the man in…armor…”Harquar groaned.

    And then, Harquar lost consciousness. Samus, whose quick thinking was always a good tool, carried him to her ship, and placed him under the recovery apparatus. Then, she got outside, only to be knocked over by a dying GF soldier. Adam noticed this, and hefted the dead man off of her back. He pulled her up, and helped her stabilize herself.

    “Samus, didn’t Nortel say that Adorios was headed to the capitol building?”

    “Yeah…why is he headed there anyway?”

    Adam pressed a few buttons on his head again, and a hologram of a datafile appeared above his face. He read it for a few moments while they smashed their way through the opposition. He finally spoke.

    “According to this, the capitol building is not only the center of all diplomatic interactions on Skyray, but it is also the historical museum as well. Knowing what Adorios is after, he is probably looking for the principle stones there. We have to get there now!”

    “Okay Adam, lets go get him!”

    But if only this was as easy said as done. There were still a wall of Space Pirates blocking their way, and Samus really didn’t have the time. So, she started to fiddle with a panel at the base of her thigh. Adam was curious about what she was doing.

    “Milady, what is wrong with your leg?”

    “Adam, I want you to melt the ground around us right now, and make sure the Space Pirates get most of the damage.”

    Adam was curious about her plans, but he did as she told, melting the ground into a pool of molten steel. Then, Samus stopped fiddling with her leg, and she pulled out a fistful of power bombs. With all of her strength, she threw them far away into the molten lake, and they exploded. The force of the blast was powerful enough to cause a wave of molten steel to crash on top of the Space Pirates, encasing them in metal. Finally, she shot a diffusion missile at the steel, and the metal froze immediately, leaving a parade of Space Pirate statues on the street.

    Samus smiled at her success, and the two of them rushed to the capitol building.


    Adorios was making his way to the top of the capitol building’s stairs when Samus found him. At first, Samus was trying to slash though a Space Pirate, but she saw a glimpse of silver that told her where he was. She pushed her way through the crowd to reach him.

    “Adorios!!” Samus yelled angrily. She shot a missile at him, but he spun around and dodged the missile in time. She shot two more at him, but he avoided the second, and as the third sped past his face, Samus could have sworn that his fingers stretched when he grabbed it. Holding onto the missile, he spun around and threw the missile back at her. Startled, she jumped out of the missile’s way, only to allow him to escape. Cursing, she chased him into the capitol building, tailed by a frantic Adam.

    When Samus got into the building, she was immediately lost. The main lobby was decorated with an Ancient Earth-Roman style, with columns placed periodically on each wall. Unfortunately, the columns and corridors worked together to make the place more confusing. She turned to Adam, who was busy reading a floor-plan of the building. Before she could say anything, he pointed a finger to the hallway to the left. Samus nodded, and she crept warily to the museum hall.


    Nortel was busy fighting off the Space Pirate fleet in his H-55 Viceblade. Many of his ships were being shot down, only to land in the poof of air that was Aerocitadel. He was mostly worried about the people onboard the Olympus currently, who couldn’t escape the ship due to lack of escape pods.

    Nortel shot a few missiles at the Space Pirate Lord Vessel, only to see that they were absorbed by the ship’s energy field. The ship’s cannons shot more lasers into the Olympus, which was in shield lock mode to negate enemy attacks. Slicing through several space pirate ships at once with his laser blade wings, he decided to try something more difficult.

    Currently, the Space Pirate Lord Vessel was trying to tear through the G.F.S. Olympus’s powerful shields. So, he decided to disarm the SPLV. Speeding toward the front of the ship, he tilted near the ship’s cannons. Then, he sliced through the cannons’ barrels and disabled each one consecutively. Smiling, he watched as the damaged ship started to retreat from the Olympus, preparing to shoot into hyperspace.

    Suddenly, a typed transmission from Samus’s ship came through, saying how she needed help immediately. Concerned about the hunter’s safety, he locked on to her suit’s tracking device, and shot toward the planet.


    Samus crept into the museum hall, and noticed that Adorios was nowhere to be seen. Still being wary, she started to look for anything that might be a small clear stone. Sliding through the hall, she looked in every glass case for it.

    “History is interesting, if I can comment on the situation. Would you agree, Samus Aran?”

    Samus spun around to see Adorios standing close to her. Startled, she jumped back to keep a reasonable distance away from him. She snarled at him like a feral beast, and prepared to strike.

    “Now, now…there is no need to be uncivilized in battle…” Adorios started.

    Samus snapped at him.

    “Very well…If you insist…” Adorios said.

    Then, Adorios screamed a roar so loud that it shattered the glass cases and cracked the windows. Deafened by the noise, Samus lunged clumsily at him, but he dodged her attack. Slashing at him with her machete, she missed twice, and he blocked the third with his arm. Pushing her blade aside, he shoved her away, and started to get near a belt that had 7 clear stones embedded in it. Samus saw what he was after, and shot forth toward him. Sliding to get in his way, she stopped in front of him, and kicked him, shattering him into tiny pieces. Adorios’s pieces flew every which way around the room, getting mixed in with the shards of glass that lay on the floor. Surprised by this reaction to her kick, Samus calmed down to view her surroundings.

    “Did I beat him?”

    “Seriously, Milady, I mean no harm when I say this, but do you really think he was defeated by a simple kick and not a machete blade?”

    “Yeah…that is weird.”

    Samus walked over to the belt that was sitting in the center of a large podium, most likely the main exhibit. Seven stones were scattered in the belt, six light blue ones with a slightly cloudy look, and a central bronze one, which looked like it held the soul of the earth inside. She was about to reach for it when suddenly…

    “Look out Milady!!”

    Samus turned around to see little shards of silver lift up from the ground and piece themselves together to create Adorios body. Samus, who had never seen anything like this before, got over her surprise and crouched down into a defensive position. Adorios, who was still assembling himself, started to approach Samus.

    “Seriously, Milady, I mean no harm when I say this, but did you really think I was defeated by a simple kick and not a machete blade?” Adorios mimicked.

    Samus, who was already crouching, rolled into her morph ball and boosted right underneath his legs. She laid a power bomb, and it tore Adorios apart. But, the pieces still made their way back to their original position, and they gleamed just as bright as before. Samus didn’t give up yet though. She then froze him with her ice beam, weakening his solidity, and shot a plasma beam blast at him, melting him into a pool of silver. Once again, however the pool slid upwards into the standing figure of Adorios. Adorios then cracked his neck, and stretched a bit.

    “Lets see if you can do what I can do, Samus.” Adorios said evilly.

    Adorios lifted his arm upward, and after a second, it shattered apart. The pieces of silver metal then spun around in a little cloud of shards, and they collided back into the arm. This time, though, they were formed together to shape an arm-cannon. Adorios laughed, and he shot a purple beam at Samus’s head. She ducked quickly, avoiding the deadly beam. The beam then collided with the wall behind her, and it erased a huge portion of the stone wall. Samus got up to see Adorios laughing his head off. He calmed down after a bit.

    “I call it the Decomposition Beam. It decomposes anything it touches. But the best part is its counterpart.” Adorios said. Then, he shot another beam at her, but this time it was white. She was too slow to avoid it again, and it hit her, encasing her in the stone wall portion that was just erased. Stuck up to her neck, she struggled to break free.

    “That one is called the Composition Beam. Using what I just erased as ammo, it will fill in any gap or encase whatever it touches.” He re-formed his arm into an arm, and made his way to the belt. Samus started to charge up her ice beam inside the rock, expanding the rock’s cracks. Then, she shot a plasma blast, and the rock exploded. She turned around to face Adorios, but it was too late. Adorios was holding the belt in his hand, and electricity was spraying from each stone in it.

    Adorios laughed. “Behold the power of the earth stones!!” he screamed, and the walls around them started to crumble and shake. Suddenly, the walls cracked apart, and they flew into the air, spinning around in an earthen cyclone. Samus, who hoped there was any way to beat him, tried to shoot Adorios, but his body seemed to take no damage.

    “You are a silly fool, Samus. The universe will die no matter what you do!” Adorios yelled over the deafening grinding of the cyclone. But then, a faint whining could be heard. Trying to hear better, Samus leaned forward. The whining became louder, and Nortel’s Viceblade suddenly shot through the cyclone’s walls and sliced Adorios in half. The cyclone fell, and Adorios let go of the belt. Seizing the opportunity, she jumped over and grabbed the belt. The belt started to release electricity again, and the rocks around her started to float. Adorios put himself together again, only to have his face smashed in by a rock. Fixing himself, he realized that Samus now had the belt. With no other choice, he dissipated into dust, and flew away with the wind. Samus sat down, and dropped the floating rocks.

    Adam walked over to her. “Are you ok, Milady? I have a feeling that he is after the next set of stones. What is your opinion?”

    “My opinion is that you need to contribute more to the battle next time. By the way, did you call for Nortel then? Because that was some good thinking you made.”

    “No…it wasn’t me…”

    The Viceblade landed from the little stunt Nortel maneuvered. Nortel climbed out of it, and immediately came over to Samus. He helped her to her feet, and brushed some dirt off of her suit.

    “Are you okay Samus? I got your distress signal, and it looks like I got her just in time.”

    “Distress signal? I didn’t send a distress signal…oh no! Harquar! I forgot about him! He must have sent a DisS to you from my ship! I have to get to him immediately!”

    Samus broke out into a run to her ship.


    Harquar was lying on another hospital bed, breathing shallowly. His body had a huge slash on it that Samus didn’t notice before. She put her hand on his shoulder, and he coughed harshly. She quickly backed up, and turned to Adam.

    “Will he be ok? I mean, I left him there for who knows how long, and he was bleeding the entire time. I feel so guilty…”

    Adam placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “He will be fine. Phrygians have the ability to freeze their blood to reduce blood loss. He is certainly good at surviving, that’s for sure.” Samus nodded at this. She looked back at Harquar one more time before she left, and followed Adam into the briefing room.

    When they got there, Listal and Xorexus were waiting for them. Adam activated a hologram of the belt, and started to talk.

    “After yesterday, we were able to protect this belt, which has seven stones embedded inside of its material.” Adam pressed a button, and the stones removed themselves from the rest of the picture. The belt then disappeared. Adam continued. “We learned that when these stones are placed correctly on the planet at the edge of the universe, they will redirect the beam when it hits and negate a catastrophic disaster. The next set of stones will be harder to find, however, because the Space Pirate fleet has not made a move yet. So, we will have to somehow infiltrate their databases to see their battle plans. This means that we will all have to go to the Space Pirate Homeworld to do this next mission. Luckily, Samus has brought to us in the past a sample of the hazard suit tech, which will help us in the effort. Any questions?”

    No-one answered.

    “Good. Then we shall now make our way to the Space Pirate Homeworld!”


    ---To be continued---


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