• Chapter 2

    I stood there shocked at what she just said. I ran to my room and flopped onto my bed and screamed into my pillow. I mean who wouldn't after your whole life being ignored by your parents and sure they would give anything I wanted, but it was only to shut me up. Now that there going to have a baby will they pay more attention to it more than me. Man I think my life is going to get much worse than this and soon.

    " I HATE MOM, HOW COULD SHE!!!" I shouted into my pillow.

    Then I heard a knock on the door. " Don't bother coming in, because I HATE you, so go away." I snapped and yelled.

    " Please Rose, I need to talk to you, I know we weren't good parents but can I at least talk to my own daughter." My mom said warm heartily.

    " Fine!!" I moaned.

    Then my mom entered my room and sat next to me. Then I felt something warm and soothing rub my back. I liked it, but thought at the same time that this felt weird. Then Mom whispered in my ear.

    " Honey the reason I want to have a baby is because I thought you could yous some company plus I think that maybe you could show me how to be a good mom so please help."

    I never thought of it that way, but still she could of ask me first and see if I needed company. Now I was sorta excited that Mom was going to have a baby. Then I asked mom.

    " Okay, and I get to name it." I sounded a little excited.

    " That's a deal honey." My mom said triumphantly.

    That's when my mom left the room and I decided to do my homework. It was now 5:30 P.M. and my friends called and asked if I wanted to hang out and I of coarse said yes. So after taking a good 30 min. shower and changing to some new clothes. I went to my car and started it. When I got to the mall. My friends were at the food court. I walked over to them.

    " Hey guys." I said

    " Yo Rose." Said Mickey

    " Micky don't say that unless your ghetto." Michelle told Mickey.

    " Hey Rose I know something that you don't." Lauryn teased.

    " I bet you do, but sadly I don't care." I humored Lauryn.

    " Well someones cranky today." Michelle teasingly said.

    " Well for you FYI my mom just told me that she's pregnant." I nonchalantly said.

    Michelle, Lauryn and Mickey gasped. I ignored it and then I went to MC Donald's to get something to eat. I got chicken nuggets and sprite. Then I went to the table my friends were at. As soon as I sat down. Micky said angrily,

    " I hate your mom for doing this, Rose."

    " It's not her fault it's dads." I said in a I know it all attitude.

    I was now thinking of Connor, I was wondering what he was doing. After a chat about animals. I left to my car and drove home. When I got home i changed into pj's and went to bed.
    The next morning I woke up late because I forgot to turn on my alarm clock. So I had to take a 5 min shower and quickly drive to school. When I got there I was 10 min late for my 1st period class. The teacher scolded me for being late, then told me to sit down. The only seat left was next to Connor he got on my nerves yesterday. When I sat next to him, he gave me a huge grin. As if he were waiting for me and as if he planned this all.

    Connor POV

    I am so glad that I turned off that alarm clock of hers. So now she has to sit next to me. Today at lunch, I'll make sure I'm the one to drive her home. Then invite myself in for major flirts. Man I just know that she is going to like me no matter what.

    " Hey Rose I don't get this, can you help me." I tried to ask politely

    " Well. First you need to mix that with this..." She explained to me. I could see that she was annoyed.

    After 4th period. I went to lunch and sat next to Rose, but she ignored me. So I tapped on her shoulder and said," Hey Rose I'll give you a ride home today, and you can't say no."
    She looked at me as if I were crazy.

    " Sorry Connor, but no I have my own ride." Rose said with a little anger.

    Man it was easy to piss her off.

    Rose POV

    As soon as Connor asked me, if he could give me a ride. I had to say no, there's something about him that's different, but i can't name it yet. Then the speakers said," Miss Bekuwhaats, please report to the office immediately." I wonder why they want me at the principles office. As I walked down the corridor, I got more anxious. When I got there I knocked on the door. Someone opened it. It was the assistant. She signaled me to come in. When I went in. Mr. Bell ( principle) said,

    " Sandy leave me and, Miss Bekuwhaats alone." Then the assistant left the room, leaving me and Mr. Bell alone.

    " Yes, Mr. Bell." I said nonchalantly.

    " Miss Bekuwhaats, your car had just recently, set on fire." Mr. Bell said sternly. I gasped, now i have to consider letting Connor drive me home. That's when I left. With my mouth open.
    After school I let Connor drive me home since me friends usually walked home. Connor was a good driver. When we got there he opened the door for me. I walked out and headed to the door not noticing that Connor was still here. I fiddled with the keys trying to find the one that opened my door. I couldn't find it. Then I felt warm arms around me. They helped me find the keys. I looked back to see who it was. It was Connor. I bet i blushed because I saw him grin.
    After we unlocked the door, Connor decided to let himself in. I didn't mind as long as he didn't annoy me. I sat on the couch to start on my homework. When I saw a note on the coffee table it said

    Dear Rose,
    I know you'll be wondering where I am, I am at the doctors for a checkup for the baby
    I all ready made food, you just have to warm it up. I'll be back around 7:00 P.M. so be good.

    Wow now that I think about it I was wondering where Mom was. I looked around to see what Connor was up to, but I didn't see him. So I laid my head against the couch. Then the couch shifted. I looked to see who it was and it was no other than Connor

    Sorry guys have to end it here cuz this is too dang big