• I was Mandy a girl with blue eyes and curly brown hair. I was nothing special but occording to one person I was. To that one person i was the most special person in the world a tresure any man would draw out their swords and duel for. Then i think about the first thing this person had done was stare at me with pure hate. I know the answer to why he had done that now but it still had scared the living crap out of me.
    I walk up to my room lay down on my bed and think about the past. This is the story of a girl going to a new school year and finding things out. Things tha will change her life things that give her love.
    Things about Vampires.

    I didn't know what to expect of the new year exept that a new family had moved here. They were known as the Masen's. 3 kids one named Mary the other Jane. The only boy was named Dominic. The parents names were Elizabeth and Eian.

    Just at this moment my sister walked into my room.

    "Hey maybe you could finally find that love of yours this year with the new students and all" She said. Me and my sister shared everything and she knew that i had been wanted to find a love for a long time.

    "Thanks Rachael i'm glad i can talk to you about this stuff you know how Becca and Lyssa get by this stuff and thay are younger so that would be weird." I replied. Rebecca and Alyssa my little sisters.

    "No prob. Oh yeah by the way I won't be able to drive them to the party tommorow Richard promised to take me out so you'll have to."
    She got a gleam in her eye as she said this. Whenever she heard her boyfriend's name or spoke it she blushed.
    In the 7th grade she had had the hugest crush on him. He had secretly crushed her to and they had been going out ever since.

    "Fine now go I need some sleep for the first day of school."

    I walked into the school cafeteria and stared over into the corner sittind there was the new students. My first thought was, Man that boy is hot. He had a bronzish tint to his hair. He had lovely gold eyes and skin as pale as the moon. I had to look away because for some strange reason i was pulled to him like as soon as i saw him i wanted to be near him. I noticed one thing they didn't eat their trays full of food.
    When i walked into my class the last class of the day i saw Dominic sitting next to my normal seat.
    Right at that moment two things happened first he went rigid in his seat Second i was drawn to him i wanted so badly to go over there and talk to him like ther was something about him beckoning me to him.

    He never relaxed and when the bell rang he got up and ran from the class.
    "He must have really had to use tha bathroom." i heard someone say behind me.
    I sped all the way home.In need to talk to Rachael.
    "Rachael! Rachael!" i shouted as i finally got to the house.
    "What? What?" She said bouncing down the stairs.
    So that was how i first told her about the strange boy and how i was drawn to him and how how he went rigid in his seat.
    "Wow weird well i gotta go" She said heading for the door.
    "Bye" i replied

    The next day at school he still hadn't come back. Things were getting weird.
    He didn't return for a month.

    The next time i saw him was in September. I walked to my english class already feeling the pull of him that was bringing me to the class. A couple of minutes after I sat down i heard a voice.
    "Hello" said a quiet musical voice.
    "I'm sorry i didn't get to introduce myself last month I was busy thinking about my trip that I was getting ready to go on." He continued.
    "My name is Dominic Masen you must be Mandy."

    I nodded to stuned to talk at the sound of his beautiful voice. The class proceded quickly, and Dominic touched my arm with freezing cold skin. As if he too was drawn to me. I met his gaze and then i could tell he was trying to move his hand but it didn't seem to let him, but he was determined to win the fight.
    A couple minutes later he took his hand away and left the class just as quick as he had last month.
    Instead of packing up right away I went to the back of the classroom and looked out the window that looked over the woods. And then i saw Dominic walk through ther and i swear i saw him break the biggest tree there and swing it across the field.

    "I think i need to get my eyes checked" I mumbled to myself as i left the classroom.

    I woke up that morning still not sure waht had seen yesterday. All I knew was if i tried to do that i would fail first try.
    The next day went by in a blur but at the end of the day i saw Dominic again throughing another tree. This time i was sure that was what i really saw. I was positive he was NOT human.

    A human would not have that cold skin. A human would not be that strong and a human would not walk out of a classroom like that for no reason at all. I left the school knowing one thing I had to find out.
    When i got home I went to my room and started searching. But i didn't really know what to search for. All I knew was cold skin strenght and super beautiful faces.

    I studied for a month trying to find out but nothing came that fit.

    One night i was up late studying and a wind came by right outside my window. I thought i heard the wind whisper my name as it went by. And the whisper sounded like someone crooning a lullaby to a baby.

    I had had enough of studying so i went to doing some other homework. Just then Rachael came in.
    "Hey is there anything i can do for you you seem really stressed lately?"
    "Sure." I replied "You can search cold skin strenght and speed changing eye colors and not eating food online for me and call me when you get something"
    "Okay whatever you say" She said in a confused tone.

    I was just about to fall asleep being crooned by the wind again when i heard Rachael scream.

    I ran to her room.
    "What? What is it?" I asked. Her voice failed her so she just pointed at her computer screen. I walked over and read what it said.

    The cold one is rare. The cold on has cold skin. It can run up to the speed of light. It is stronger than any other creature. The cold one is immortal. What is the cold one you ask well some people call them bloodsucker's but others call them Vampire's.

    I froze were i was not able to go on but then i got ahold of myself and started reading again.

    Depending on whether this creature is thirsty or not it's eyes will change colors. Depending on what they eat when they are not thirsty they will be gold or red all of them have black eyes when they are hungry.

    I walked away speechless went to lay down on my bed and forgot i read anything and fell asleep to the crooning wind.

    From the news I found out I had a fever the next day and the rest of the week.As i lay in bed i figured out that i didn;t care what he was. But the next thing i figured out shocked me even more. I realized i didn't care about what he was because I loved him. And when life offers you a dream it's not right to grieve when something bad tries to wake you up.

    On saturday i was feeling fine so i went for a walk in the woods and stoped when i walked into an opening and sat down.

    "I know you know what i am" I heard Dominics voice coming from around the corner. I gasped not expecting to see him here.
    "And how do you know?" I asked

    He came around the corner and came to sit by me.
    "Well Jane can read thoughts and once you figured it out she knew that you knew and she came to tell me." This was a lot to take in.

    "Oh yeah and I love you, too."He said with a smile on his face. This gave me a lot of joy.

    Then a lot of sadness came to it.
    "So why do you love me anyway Jane never told me why?"
    I stared at my fingers not wanting to answer.

    "Please tell me?" He begged so i did
    "Once I figured out what you were i realized i didn't care what you were. The i realized i had already let myself care about you without ever giving myself permission. All i needed was to know what you were to figure out that i loved you and i don't care what you are." I said and a lot of feirceness came to my voice as I did.

    "If you really love me then you won't mind if i do this" He whispered in my ear.

    Then he pushed me back so i was laying on my back. His cold hand searching until he found the spot he wanted the nape of my neck. He put his leg in between both of mine. Then he leaned forwad always staring at my face and whispered in my ear.
    "My deer Mandy you are my life now i love you with all my heart. Don't be afraid i would never hurt you Mandy, love. I swear i won't hurt you all i want to do is love you."

    These words warmed my heart. And I instantly remembered Rachael and wondered if this is what she felt like when she was with Richard.

    Then he moved his head and our faces were inches apart.
    "All i want to do is love you Mandy." He reminded me

    Then he pressed his cold lips to mine. And time stoped all i could think about was the feeling of his lips on mine. He moved his lips slowly on mine they were just lingering ther as if they liked it there. My breathing sped but i didn't care. I had finally gotten what I wanted, love.

    He started to move my body so i was laying on top of him. Our lips fussing as if they would never be pulled apart.

    Then too soon he pulled away.
    "All I want to do is love you and love you is all i will do" He said
    He pressed our lips together again and mumbled "I love you" on my lips.

    I walked home with his hands around my waist. When we finally made it home he walked me to the door and told me
    "Sleep well Mandy, take care of my heart I have left it with you." I turned around to wave but he was already gone.
    I lay in bed listening to the lullaby of the wind. Then I felt a cold hand on my leg. I looked up and sitting there was Dominic.
    "Do you like the that lullaby I sing to you every night outside of your window?" he asks me.
    "You wrote that?" i ask him and he nods
    "Then I love it even more." I say

    "I'm sorry I disturbed you I just couldn't live another second without you" He told me
    "That's okay." I tell him

    Then he leand down and gently put his weight on mine.
    He pressed his cold lips to mine and let them linger there for a minute. When i couldn't breath anymore he just moved his lips to my throat. When he could tell I had my breath back he slowly movd his lips back up to mine. I never wanted it to stop.
    But he pulled away an whispered in my ear.
    "It's late you need to get some sleep, love ,don't worry I will be here when you wake up."
    So I curled up to him and fell aleep in his arms.

    I sat up on my bed happy after thinking about those days.
    Then I heard a knock on my door. And Dominic walked in and gave me a long hello kiss. We had a past and and we will have future. But I will tell you about it another day. Right now i am to happy to think about anything else besisdes me and Dominic.