• ~Skull Creek~
    Chapter One

    I woke up in a cold sweat that had stained my shirt and forehead, that nightmare had come again. Every since that night I had been having this nightmare about the broken down dredge on the outskirts of town, it was when I had snuck in through a giant hole on the left side. I was walking up a set of decaying stairs when I heard sometime behind me, I turned quickly -too quickly- The stairs broke under me and I fell to the ground. As I began to hit the floor I tried use my right foot to under me and stop my fall, but I only ended up breaking my ankle. And in the nightmare, as I lay on the floor holding my ankle in pain, something started coming toward me. It dragged it's right foot like something had been broken and it could barely move, as it came toward me I began to think: That's it I'm dead.

    And that's when I woke up, I looked at my right ankle. The cast over it itched like mad and I couldn't scartch it, it was also heavy. I was lucky to live in a one-story house so I can just hop on one foot around the house, with support everytime I stopped of course. I looked at my clock, half past eight in the morning. My dad would be up soon, my dad works for the local newspaper and his at his office a lot. I really don't mind though, except when he wrote of my accident at the dredge and it became front page news. Every one gave me strange looks at school and around this small town called Skull Creek.

    Our town is called Skull Creek because we have a creek in the woods and it's shaped like a skull.

    "Adam your up already?" I heard my dad say from my bedroom door, I turned and looked at him.

    "Yeah. I couldn't sleep." I lied, my dad doesn't know about the nightmares I have. I never mentoin it because he would think I was a wimp. My dad walked into my room and turned my light on, I squinted so I could focus my eyes as they adjusted to the light. Once they adjusted, I saw my dad sitting at the foot of my bed. He was looking at my ankle, he then shook his head in disppointment.

    "Dad i'm sorry alright." I said, he then looked at me.

    "It's okay son." He said and stood up. He outstretched his hand to me. "Come on let's get you something to eat." He said, and took his hand. He helped out of my bed and out my bedroom door. I was glad I wasn't eight any more or he'd be carrying me. He help me down the hall and into the kitchen where my mom was standing in front of the stove. I looked at my mom, it was wierd finding her up this early. She usually slept in because she had a night job.

    I never really understood my parents, well they didn't understand me either. We don't talk to each other much, we only talk if any of us have anything good to say. Like when I got upset at my dad about writing about my accident in the local news paper, it was called Skull Creek News. I like the name for some reason, it's wierd, I like wierd.