• Shane Gray woke up one sunny morning, and realized automatically what today was. Yes! He whispered as he walked to the bathroom. Shane pushed open the door and approached the shower.
    I can’t believe I get to see Mitchie again today! He turned on the water.
    A few minutes later Shane came out of the shower. Looking in the mirror, he started fixing his unruly black hair. While applying hair gel, his cousin, Natalie Gray, walked in. “Ew! Why do you WEAR that stuff?!” She exclaimed. Shane flicked some at her, making her back away in disgust. “I don’t want to touch that!” Natalie retorted. Shane laughed as he watched his cousin walk away.
    “Shane!” His mom yelled downstairs. “Hurry up! Jason and Nate are here!” Shane quickly put on a black Connect 3 t-shirt and denim blue jeans. He rushed downstairs to put on his white and blue sneakers.
    “Shane! Aren’t you excited?!” Jason exclaimed. Jason was one of Shane’s friends. He played guitar and had black straight hair (much like Shanes). He wasn’t exactly the bright one of the three.
    Shane high-fived his fellow bandmate and smiled. “Yea guys, It’s going to be great!” Nate and Jason exchanged glances, then gave him a ‘I know what you’re thinking’ look. Shane laughed and quickly added, “Don’t even say anything!” then rushed his friends out the door.
    The band went inside the limo and told thier driver, Macie Willingham, to go to Camp Rock on 2354 S. Lake Road. She nodded and rolled up the metal door, seperating the boys from her. Macie turned the station to Polka and turned it up. Luckily the boys couldn’t hear her music, because if they did, Macie would be on the street and Jason would be driving. (Not good.)
    The boys arrived to see a terrible sight. Most of the buildings were collapsed into small ashy rubbles.
    Shane sighed, then looked into the crowd. Hiding from Tess, was Mitchie. She was wearing a pink tank top with a strapless glittery shirt that frills at the bottom, a denim skirt, and black boots. Her hair was fixed into a french braid with ribbon. Shane smiled warmly and blushed. She changed so much! He thought.
    Mitchie finally noticed the limo and walked over to it. Shane opened the door and stepped out, looking at Mitchie with such sadness that made Mitchie want to cry. “So, this is kinda scary.” She blurted. He noticed that she kept wiping her hands on her skirt. Why is she so nervous? We can re-build it. Shane thought. Mitchie added, “ You’ve noticed a fire took place, right?”
    Shane’s temper began to flare. “You think?! What am I... STUPID?” He crossed his arms and glared at her. Mitchie looked at him tearfully. He was about to say something when a familiar face peered at him through the window.
    “NATALIE?!?” He screamed. Natalie unlocked the door and stepped out, grinning. She fluffed her light brown hair and ran towards Shane. She hugged him tightly. Shane tried to gasp for breath, but it didn’t work. He peeled Natalie off of him and gave her a stern look.
    “Sorry cuz. Whoa! You went to camp HERE? Did you sleep outside?” Natalie exclaimed. She didn’t wait for a reply, running between him and Mitchie (surprised she’s still there after Shane yelled at her) Natalie ran toward Tess and her posse. Shane shrugged then glanced at Mitchie. Tears were coming down her face. At first he was confused. Why is she crying? He thought. Then he remembered. Oh crap.
    “Mitchie I’m SO sorry!” Shane said. Mitchie looked away. Shane sighed. So much for her. She wouldn’t like me after that. He thought. Then he had an idea. He slowly came up behind her while she was on the phone. He looked at the Caller ID, and it read “Caitlyn.” He sighed with relief.
    “Mitchie, I’m so sorry, He is an inconsiderative jerk you know.” That was Caitlyn.
    Mitchie wiped her tears and sighed.
    “He just blew off at me. So Camp Rock was in flames. I know who it is to. But I promised I wouldn’t tell.”
    “Tell me, I’m your BFF.” Caitlyn sounded worried, like the news was gonna be tragic.
    “It’s Nate.” Mitchie blurted out the words. She sounded so hurt and guilty. But it’s a good thing to tell someone!
    Mitchie hanged up and turned around, seeing Shane standing there, in tears. She smiled warmly. Then Mitchie threw herself at him and hugged him. Shane turned red hot, then hugged her back. They could’ve stayed there all day, until Nate interrupted them.
    “Uh guys..... are you two going out?” He stammered. Nate was pretty average. He got OK gades (WAY better than Jason’s) and plays basketball. But there’s one bad thing, he never had a girlfriend.
    (Even Jason had one! And he’s an idiot!) So now Nate was getting desparate. Now he likes one girl, and that’s Mitchie.
    Shane and Mitchie pulled away from each other. Shane stared at Nate with a “don’t-go-there” look.
    Nate shrugged and said, “What? You know you’re, like, in love with her.” Shane gasped, then threw his guitar case at him. Nate backed away, rubbing his head. Then he shrugged it off, hugged Mitchie, then walked away. Shane rolled his eyes. Mitchie screamed “Will anyone let me borrow some acid?!” and ran away. Shane laughed.

    Srry it's so long xd