• Half Life, Act 2 (Gordon's Escape)

    Chapter 1 (Revival)

    Light came up....out of the rubble. I managed to move the metal that fell on me, but my leg hurt bad, and I also had cracked my glasses. Once I moved out all I heard was the siren of the facility. I hoped the others had survived the accident, and the things I saw were not real. The test lab door, where the two scientists were was slightly open and jammed, I managed to get under it before it closed, and then had seen the two scientists were...dead. Shocking as this was, the bodies looked as if they were purposely attacked, but i took no care in it and still hurried. When I entered the next room, all the professors were dead, and had been killed by a explosion, and some powerful static from the reactor. I stepped into it, but then a bolt of lighting snapped through the machine and broke the super computers next to me. I then ran through, but had got caught by a second lighting bolt, luckily my suit absorbed it and told me i had 80% energy left, but my health was still in the healthy green. After the control room and exited into the hall. There was the elevator shaft, but no elevator until I heard deep screams above. A elevator slammed fast through the shaft, and a scientist, before his death said "AGHHHHHH" until a deep explosion, and a roar hit the bottom of the shaft and echoed through it. This made me scared, as I felt this thought, I looked down into the shaft, and saw a pool of blood and guts with broken metal pieces. After the sight I threw up, and then looked around, and saw a crowbar. I picked it up and saw it jammed the machine, but i also looked at the elevator door and saw glass, crawl spaces. I slammed the crowbar at the glass it broke and i crawled through almost falling. When i had almost fell, I jumped and grabbed a ladder. Then I climbed up this ladder, feeling dizzy, yet not wanting to let go of the ladder to the fear of dying, I climbed until I reached the top and saw the bacterial lab. I went in and then a shine of green light pierced my eyes. Then as the light faded a little, what looked like a flesh covered spider-crab, came at me, and hit me. It scratched my skin bad, so into reaction of this I stabbed through it and killed it. He seemed to be going for my head, I still wondered what this could mean. "Maybe they ate your head and you instantly died" I said. There was no time to guess what these alien spider-crabs could do. I ran and saw two scientists, Dr. Romley and Dr. Terge, Dr.Romley was on the floor, his leg bleeding, while Dr.Terge seemed healthy and fine. He saw me and said "Gordon, thank god your alive"!

    Chapter 2 (Search For Help)

    Dr. Terge treated Dr. Romley, then he had started to talk to me. "Gordon, how did you survive"? I then said "I don't know, I thought I would have been dead after that roof fell on me". Dr.Terge smiled, it seemed not likely for him at the moment and time and the situation. "Gordon, you always seem to survive.... well since your the only remaining man who looks like he will live this out, please go out to the coast guard, their only 50 miles from here at Black Mesa, you can take the underground tunnels, they should lead straight to them. Also if you want me to go with you, I think I had better stay here with Dr. Romley, you go and get this mess straightened out....here ill open the door for you". He went up to the eye scanner and scanned himself the door opened, and I walked through.

    Chapter 3 (Head Crabs and Scientists Don't Mix)

    When I entered the hall I heard shooting, then I saw a scientist's suit and quickly moved forward until I saw his chest was moving,green, and open, and then saw something on his head moving, the spider-crab, but now I name them Head Crabs. It moved hostile towards me, I took my crowbar and swing it five times, but it didn't do much. The head crab zombie moved in for the kill and swung his arms that were lined with nails. As it struck me, I fell, and saw my suit lined with deep scratches, I then looked around for a more effective weapon, then saw a security guard's gun "Aha" I said. Then I gripped it, and checked if it were full, it was. Then I took aim and shot the head crab on the scientist. It died in one shot, and the zombie fell. The way the head crab was, it was now a big threat, considering it can take over bodies, but now I have a advantage, the head crab is now the weak part if it is controlling humans. Just like a brain, if it dies, everything else dies. After this, went to the security door, it was open luckily. I then went in and saw a scientist trying to revive Jim from his coma, but then a heated laser steamed out of the energy powered magnet pipes. This was known as the element Ununhexium, which has now been discovered as a priority power use. The Ununhexium though, was very dangerous and unstable, after it was taken away energy, but it was usually recirculated, and cooled, before it would become too unstable. I ran through the lasers and dodged them, then saw the door. It opened and the hall was dark, I put my flashlight on, and saw a head crab zombie once again, luckily i didn't panicked and shot the head crab, before it had the advantage of killing me. I went through the hall, and went to the main shaft, so i could get to coast guard until all the roof fell into the exit and blocked it. I then found myself confused walking around for 30 minutes until I saw a vent open in the main entry room. I crawled into it, it led to a room and as I climbed out the vent, a piece of machinery fell onto a head crab that I hadn't noticed until I heard it's cry, and the piece of the machinery dropping. I ran through the room and found a vent, I crawled into it and turned on my light. I then crawled to the other side of the vent and fell onto the other side of the roof that fell onto the exit. When I got up, I saw the Sewage Shaft, I quickly headed for it, with my gun armed to my side. I came, and saw just a glimpse of a security guard ,and head crab zombie die in a tie. I then took the security guard's ammo. Then I went to the sewer shaft doors and broke the glass, so I could crawl through the door. Once I reached the other side. I puffed a sign of relief and walked into the shaft.

    That was Act 2, as I said you can enter my name into the search bar to see Act 1. I am going to make a Act 3 soon. Please rate and tell me if you liked it or not. whee