• "Hey, wake up! Mr. Combes will blow you to bits if your late!" I got up, still in my school uniform, to see a guy with ruffled brown hair hair staring down at me.
    Saying nothing, I quickly got up and climbed out of bed. " I have over-slept.." I thought. The guy grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. Still holding my hand he rand down the stairs, and ran through the hall.
    He led me through a door which said "History".
    There were about 26 people (including me, the teacher and the boy.)
    He led me to a desk in the 4th row, right next to his. As I sat down, all the boys stared at me. "Hey look! Kiba's in love with that girl" a boy teased. "Shut up." The brown haired boy said.
    "So your name is Kiba..?" I asked, blushing slightly. " Yeah, you got a problem with that..?" He replied. Before I could even say a word, the front door of the room opened.
    A bald man entered. " He must be Mr. Combes." I thought. " Now Stand up! We have a new student, so we have to introduce her before the test."
    I slowly rose from my seat. As I walked up to the front, I heard boys smirk. I began introducing myself. "Hi.. My name is Miyoko Umino.. Im 18 years old..." The smirking continued.
    " That's enough, Thank you very much." Mr Combes said. I returned to my seat. "Well, guess what? We have a pop quiz!"
    I heard all of them moan, even Kiba. "Kiba Inuzuka, When did Ferdinand Magellan die?" He said, so suddenly. "Wow. It's the guy who woke me up from my deep slumber.." I smirked. " 1521..." He answered, quickly.
    I was shocked. He answered so quickly...

    After History...

    I got to know the boys. There was Naruto Uzumaki. And Matt Lorenzo, Sasuke Uchiha, And many others.
    After class I hurried after Kiba. I had so many questions for him.
    "Why did you wake me up this morning?" " I don't know. Maybe because you're new here..? Anyway, that's not my problem, So who are you gonna sit with during lunch?" He answered.
    "I don't know. Who are you gonna sit with..? I got to know some guys already." I said, a bit embarrassed. " Oh really? I was planning to sit with you, but..." He smiled.
    I have to say, he looked cute when he smiled...
    So, I got to know Kiba Inuzuka better. And I began to like him. he's the kind of guy whom at first, leaves a bad impression on you. But if you get to know him better, He's the kind of guy who begin to like. As in you know, Like. And he loved history. Just like me. Yup, I'm a history nerd. But this made me like him even more.
    The next two days were boring, because of classes. But I looked forward to lunch.... Even though iI loved history. But we still had English, Math, and so many other subjects! During history class, The new girl Mrs. Knocker mentioned came. Her name was May Nara, 18 years old, just like the rest of us. Accept she looked so much more developed then me. A lot more developed.
    Finally! I'm not the only girl anymore. I decided to sit with her during lunch. After class I asked Kiba, "Hey, I was wondering, If we could sit with that Nara girl. You know, get to know her better."
    "Why are you so curious of getting to know her?" Kiba replied, shoving his hands in his pockets.
    "Well, I was curious of knowing you, so if I wasn't curious, I wouldn't have known you." I said, casually. He didn't say or do anything for about a minute. Then he nodded, while smiling. I smiled back.
    We continued walking. Because of our conversation, we were about 5 minutes late. We found May, surrounded by a bunch of pervy guys.
    May looked frightened at first. Then she suddenly yelled out " GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU PERVERTS!" Me and Kiba looked blank for a moment, as we watched the guys run away.
    Ok, If you meet May Nara for the first time, she leaves a impression that she is totally shy, unable to defend herself when needed. But whatever happened changed my impression on her overall.
    Very quietly, we followed her to a table. And guess who we found..?!

    More to come.. blaugh