• Half-Life (Gordon's Story) as seen in Half-Life The videogame

    Chapter 1(Awakening)
    I woke up, it was sunny and warm and because of this I had closed the curtains. The room felt as if a heater had been turned on all the way up, I arose out of my bed and put on some clothes. The job today was going to be rough the scientists had said, because they had just finished the new reactor core. The reason they made this was to see if the retractor that they would make me push in would reflect the electricity making a electro-magnetic field which would open up another dimension, into time or space. I didn't feel this would be safe, but it would pass my name down through history. After I had put my clothes on and grabbed my keys, I went to my car and drove out to the Black Mesa, deep into Black Mesa there is a military base. For after this military base there is a long shaft were a long tunnel leads to the underground test center. This place had once tested nukes, but now tests radioactive poisons and time traveling technology. I arrived at the military gate, a soldier about 30 years old and with a high rank had come to my car and he said to me" Gordon huh, identification please" , I handed my identification card, he slipped it through the laser indicator and it approved, he then walked over and gave me my card and said"Good Luck, son". After this I drove through and parked my car at a abandoned parking lot, I then walked up onto the Mesa and then slide in the card into a trash can, that was actually a entry device. It slide open and I climbed down the ladder and walked through the hall. I then went through a air locked door, and went to the transit cart that was held with a wire on top. I slide my card to the identification bot and the door slide open. I entered and the transit car moved.
    Chapter 2 (Entry)
    After going through the large tunnels where scientists and security guards were storming, I looked to see my destination, a security guard stood there. He looked bored and tired, once my cart went up there to the wire pillar, the security guard barely noticed I was there till, he heard the door keep rejecting my card. He then said" Ok! OK!". After this he went up to the eye identification bot and put his eyes into the goggles of it, it confirmed him and let me exit the cart. He then went with me to the 2nd bot and once again indentified himself. The air lock opened and he then said to me" Next time Gordon don't get into a hurry here" and gave me a pat on the back before he went back to his position and slept. I walked into the air locked door and it closed behind while a 2nd door appeared and it opened.

    Chapter 3 (Preparation)
    I felt weird like someone was telling me something in my mind, after this feeling the doors opened and I walked through to see a desk with a security guard and a scientist greeting me with a hand. This scientist's name was Dr. Hansole, one of the top scientists, i shaked his hand. The way he looked was like a goofy man, two white upward streaks of hair on the side of his head, while the rest was bald. He also had glasses that were very small and looked like they were microscopes closing in. I greeted him and then walked with him to the locker room, he said to me " Gordon do you even know how important this is" and I replied in a calm voice" Dr.Hansole it will be all right, We've done my hazard trials many times, I am qualified and am willing to do the job, all you have to do if promise me you can power the reactor right". He replied quietly with a ok, as we walked into the locker room, i could hear groaning noises, I looked over and saw that a scientists was in a stall and his legs were moving quite fast. I thought to myself" Wow, He must've been having tons of laxatives". After my thoughts ran i walked over to switch panel and saw my beutiful hazard suit laying in a air tight glass chamber. I pressed the red button and the glass air chamber opened. I then hurried up to my suit and put it on, I could just feel my muscles grow tense in it and i knew that I was ready to do the job.

    Chapter 4( Experiement)
    When I walked through the halls, I felt dizzy near the end of the hallway and then met a security guard, his name was James Kaso. He met me with a smile" Whats up Gordon" and i replied with saying "Im good, im just feeling kinda of weird though" and he said" That sucks, must be this facility bothering you don't worry it happens to me. As the door opened there was another hallway, I walked through and saw through one of the windows a creepy man, he was wearing a blue suit and was carrying a black briefcase, his hair was short and brown and he looked at me with green hazel eyes that pierced my heart. After he stopped I looked away and went through the door that led to the elevator that went down to the test center. Then when i went into the elevator and the elevator started to drop slowly, after this I stopped at another door and went through into a zig-zag style hallway into the test center. Dr.Hansole was there with Dr. Mell, Dr. Terry, and Dr. Miller. They all looked seriously at me and they all started to talk in between all this mixed nonsense i heard Dr. Mell say" Gordon is perfect for this job, he will do fine". After this argument, Dr. Hansole shushed them and said to me" Their here Gordon, we need to do the experiment now, Dr. Mell will open the security door and there will be two other scientists that will open the larger door. Dr.Mell looked scared, but listened and opened the door for me and i then walked into a large room, where the large door to the test room went into. The two scientists started to argue as well abut it, but then asked me if i was ready and I replied "Yes, open the door" both of them opened it together, looking more afraid and terrified then Dr.Mell. I went into the test room and the speaker came on.

    Chapter 5 (Accident)
    When the speaker came on Dr. Terry came on and said "Ok Gordon we will power up the reactor and when we say for you to put the circlets on, we will tell you." The speaker buzzed off the machine started to make a dadadadadad noise, like a pool pump sound. Then lighting went threw the middle, Dr Terry went into the speaker and said "Turn the circlets on now. I then climbed the ladder and went to the power panel and turned the circlets to full power. The circlets moved and started to glow with energy, Dr.Terry said "Its still stable, Gordon we will now send the retractor wagon with the diamond, wait for it. The lights on the elevator that was sending the machine turned on. I saw the machine come up, but then the elevator jammed. Dr. Terry buzzed on and said " Wait, Gordon its jammed were doing all we can to get it up there, ah, it should be working now. The retractor came up and Dr.Terry said "Wait now, Gordon we will noe power up the reactor core and when we yell to you to push the cart in do it". The reactor started to make a loud lighting sound and then Dr.Terry yelled to me " Gordon push it in NOW!!!" After this i took the cart and pushed it into the reactor, but the reactor broke the crystal and started malfunction, all i could hear was Dr. Terry going" Gordon get away from the" But then Dr. Hansole said " Its going to blow were all going to die!!!!!!!!!!". After Dr. Hansole yelled everything morphed and exploded and then suddenly, I transported into a dark space, and when i looked around scared and confused, I saw one eyed what seemed to be aliens. They went "DUERDUER!" to me and I then transported to a lake, i felt myself drowning and then saw some large hungry alien-like fish that was about to consume me. After this I transported back the to the lab room and rock collasped and knocked me out cold into a comma or some deep sleep. I dreamed that the weird man with blue suit and black briefcase said to me " Their all coming Gordon, theres nothing you can do!", and after this I blacked out.

    The End Of Act 1

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