• Silver Fox pt2

    Blackmoon's POV
    Its been....long..very long,the pups neeed names before their 1st birthday.I nodded towards my silver pup,she wobbled back and forth.So cute,i showed my teeth as a smile.For the first time,i spoke more than one word.
    "Silver,come here...."I said to my little pup,she looked wide eyed.Thats good,at least she knows she could talk if she wanted.

    Silver pup's POV
    I looked,wide eyed....at my mother,she talks.....wow.I sniffed the air for daddy,but couldn't find a scent left,execpt for a deep paw print that mother scraped out once in a while to keep it freash.She cried when she did so.My little brother was going towards the light of the cave,i pulled on his fluffy gray tail and dragged him away,he whimpered and sat back down with the others.I wrestled with momma,and tugged on her ear she rolled over so i knew not to do so.

    Blackmoon's POV
    "alright alright!Your name will be Dusk,for short but your full name is SilverDusk."I told my silver pup,her tail wagged with happiness.She looked behind herself and growled.I looked and counted my pups....1....2.....3.....wait...wheres trenten?!!!!I told my pups to stay in back of the cave and gave all my trust to SilverDusk,she was the bravest and smartest.My nose sniffed through the air,i went left and ran like the time me and trent first did when we were little.I couldn't believe my gray eyes,indains.....theres my trenten.......i ran towards them,they saw me and ran off with trenten i barked and growled for my baby,i was on the chase for my pup.

    SilverDusk's POV
    "mom...is....gone...."I told my little sisters and brother.They all looked at each other,and huddled together,leaving me out like i was a outsider.Gray,gray,black and gray,silver.....two gray brothers and 1 sister with both black and gray.I'm just a darn silver!I justed looked at them,i knew they were scared,i was too.I missed my brother already,Where is he and mom.....i just have to know.....but i have to sleep.....have....to....sleep.