• I hate going home to my unbareable, alcoholic, stubborn, no good anymore father. Ever since my mother had passed away with cancer, he began to drink. The more he drinks the meaner he gets. Sometimes he hits me and the next day I tell everyone that it's nothing. I just tell them I fell down the stairs or something. I'm tired of lying and I'm tired of hurting inside. My father can be nice if he tried. I'm sure he could be.
    My name is Arial and this is my story. Will anyone just hear me? I don't know. Anyways I use to be just your average normal teenager. Good grades, lots of friends, popularity, and the good looking boyfriend but not anymore. That was before my mother had passed away with acute cancer. I no longer have the popularity because I pulled away from my friends. I no longer have the good looking boyfriend because I broke up with him. I don't want him to know what is really going on behind closed doors with my father.
    I'm afraid of my father and everything he does to me hurts. He abuses me in all the ways he can. I thought he use to be a good leader. I use to be able to trust him, believe in him, and love him. I had everything I ever wanted until he started to drink.