“Daughter, time to awaken, big day ahead of us.” The Lt. Governor said, “You need to look your best for the governor’s son.”
    “Aren’t you forgetting something important father? An important date today.” I asked.
    “Lucy, how could I forget your sixteenth birthday, I have a present for you.” Father said as he presented me a large box. I laid it down on my bed and opened it, presenting a beautiful powder blue dress.
    “Oh father, thank you! It’s beautiful, I shall wear it to the Governor’s speech.” I said while hugging him. As I dressed I shuttered at the thought the Governor’s son. He wants to marry me so. Suck a boring boy he is. At the age of seventeen, he would be wilder, more rebellious. The thought of him withered away as my corset was being tightened.

    “Father, this is beautiful.” I told him as we looked over the cliff the ceremony was being held on. The aquamarine ocean was bashing along the cliffs. Sea salt was being thrown in my hair.
    “Let’s sit down now, look James is saving you a seat.” I secretly grimaced.

    “I’m in search of a boat, large, shiny.” Jake told the boat merchant. “How much?”
    “One hundred fifty pounds, but seeing as you’re a pirate five hundred.”
    “How about six pounds, and my honest word?” I questioned.
    “Guards!” the merchant yelled as I took off running toward the dock. A very fat and chubby guard took off running.
    “Can I help you?” I asked.
    “Yes, we are asking you to leave.” The fat guard said.
    “I just want a boat.” I insisted.

    “What would you like James?” I asked. I tried my hardest not to grimace.
    “Since father says we are to be married, I think we should practice the kiss.” he says as he leans forward. Woozy from both James and my corset I faint. I can feel my self falling and the water engulfing me, sending me to Davy Jones’ Locker.

    “Did you see that?” I said to the guards, trying to distract them.
    “How old are you lad?” the skinny guard asks.
    “Eighteen, and why do you care?” I asked the skinny guard.
    “Since your old enough, we can arrest you.” They both say.
    “What was that?” I shout as there was a large splash.
    “Looks like it was a girl that fell.” The fat one whispers.
    “Can either of you swim?” I ask, frowning as they both shook their heads. “Hold this.” He says as he hands them his burgundy vest as he dives into the water. Thirty feet later he sees her. Her eyes are closed and skin white as snow. He grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her to the dock. He placed his head on her chest and listened to her heart beat. It was rapid. But no breath was going in or out. He noticed her extremely thin frame and guessed a corset since she was not dead. He took his knife and cut the back of her dress and cut open her dress and cut off her corset. Instantly her eyes shot open and looking at him
    “You’re a pirate.” She says as she faints again.
    “Lucy! What have you done to my soon to be fiancé? You horrible pirate.” James shouted
    “Lucy! Is she still alive! If she’s not it’ll be your head.” The Lt. Governor scowled.
    “She’s still alive, she just passed out.” I replied.
    “She better be.” James scowled even deeper.

    That night when I was trying to go to sleep, he popped into my head again. That pirate boy that saved my life. His messy black hair, sun tanned skin, olive eyes, and strong hands. I must see him again. Yes, tomorrow when I go to the bakery, I’ll go and see him.

    I must see her. I just can’t stop thinking about her. Her curled brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and freckled face. Tomorrow I will go out and see her. But does she want to see me again? Or does she want to just be done with me? We’ll that’s a chance I’m willing to take. That’s a chance I’m going to have to take.

    “Father, I’m off to the bakery.” I say, preparing myself to meet the pirate.
    “Don’t stay out too long, James wants to meet you at the vineyard tonight a six.” He said as he waited for my reply.
    “Oh, superb father thank you.” I replied dumbstruck. I have six hours to scan all of England for one boy. It is going to be a long day.

    I have all day to search for a girl. God, I hope this will be easy. I just need to start the closest to me. Let’s get started.

    “I should start closest to me.” I said going down Pewter Road. Since he’s a pirate he should be walking.

    Down Maple Valley I walk just waiting to see her. I wonder if she’s looking for me. Or if I may remember if she wants to just leave the past in the past.

    Several streets down I see his sun tanned face. I start to walk faster. Eager to meet the man who saved my life. Eager to just look into his eyes. His olive green eyes.

    I see her shining face as I go down Plum Way. I almost start to run but I don’t want to cause a public disturbance. When we were face to face she said, “Hello, I never got your name.”
    “I’m Jake. And who are you?”
    “Lucy.” She said simply, “I must-“
    “Would you like to spend the day with me tomorrow?” I interrupted.
    “That. That would be lovely.” She replied rather hesitant.
    “Meet me here tomorrow at nine, I think we could get to know each other a little more then the names.” I say with a smile.

    “Hello Lucy, and how are you if I may ask.”
    “Just fine James and how are you?”
    “Dashing. Oh, I think we shall have our wedding here don’t you think?
    “That would be. Wedding? You don’t even propose and your talking weddings. No offense but no wonder your not married yet. You move to fast.”
    “Sweet and spicy you are just like spiced eel pie. Now enough kidding, what color napkins shall we have, sweet pea?
    “You are thicker than the locksmith’s leather boots. Good bye.” I said as I walked toward my taxi.
    “Just to let you know I will be in the next kingdom for the week so do as you wish.”
    “As if I don’t already.” I replied with a visual scowl.

    Tomorrow I’m spending the day with Jake. I simply cannot wait. I will wear the powder blue gown he saved me in. Oh, what shall I tell father. He won’t like what I’m going to do. I will tell him I am going to the market. Yes, that shall do nicely. Now what am I going to do with James. Oh, James is seeing the next kingdom’s king all week. I am free.

    Tomorrow I will see Lucy! I cannot wait. I shall show her the time of her entire petty life. No, I know what we shall do. Go to the Irish Crème Pub and do some dancing. I’ll bet she hasn’t seen anyone dance like me.

    It’s finally morning. I must prepare for my day with Jake. I simply cannot wait. I shall wear my royal blue ribbon with the dress that he saved me in. Thank goodness I sewed the rip in it up that he made with his knife. Oh my god I have a date with a pirate. I’ll bet no one has been able to say that and make it true.

    “Good morning Lucy and how are you?” I asked her. She was smiling ear to ear.
    “Excited. By the way to you remember this dress, if I may ask?” Lucy asked me.
    “I saved you in that dress. I see that you repaired the rip I had to make.” I replied.
    “Well let’s get a move on.”

    As we walked down the beach. I could feel eyes upon us. I didn’t care, I was eager about what we are to do today. As he sat upon the soft, white, cloudlike sand I felt my hand land on his as I sat down. Neither of us moved. In fact my hand tightened around his. It felt warm and soft like the sand.

    The sun was setting. We spent hours just sitting here. Watching the water. “I know what we can do.” I told Lucy.
    “I’m up for anything.” Lucy replied.
    “We should go dancing in the pub.” I told her.
    “That sounds dangerous. Are you sure we should?”
    “I’ve done it before. I say let’s go.”
    “Maybe It will be fun.”

    “This is amazing.” I said. I was swirling with Jake on a bar table. I slipped on some spilled Ale and fell into his arms. His warm strong arms. “Thanks.” I said as I steadied myself. Then I was leaning forward towards Jake and before I knew it I was kissing Jake.

    Then her eyes flew open and she said ,”We need to go.” Then she started to drag me out. She was running so I followed and we got to the docks. “What was that all about?” I asked her.
    “The kissing or the running?” She asked as she was bent over gasping for air.
    “Both.” I almost demanded.
    “Well the kissing was in the moment and I really like you and I think you like me because you didn’t resist.”
    “I do like you a lot. In fact I really like you.”
    “And the running was when I saw one of my father’s officers and I didn’t want him to see me here or with you.”
    “Officers? What’s with the officers?” I replied in awe.
    “My father is the Lt. Governor and soon he may be the Governor.” She told me, “Are you mad?”
    “No but I do have one more question. What do you mean you didn’t want the officers to see you with me? Are you ashamed of me?”
    “No. It’s just that father would disapprove highly. He wants me to be with petty James. The governor’s son or as I would say his sin.”
    “Well you should probably get home.” I told her.
    “Not before one more kiss.” She told me as I felt her lips smash against mine in love and passion.

    I awoke the next morning in my cotton and goose feather bed. I realized that I fell in love with Jake. Not just the temporary love but the I am in deep love with him love. “Lucy, James wants you to be at the vineyard again at eight tonight.” I was startled as father spoke.
    “James? But I thought he was away for the week. James?” I replied.
    “Yes, his trip was canceled due to rain in the next kingdom. So you will be there?”
    “I don’t have a choice.” I said under my breath.

    I think I am in love with Lucy. The kiss was like fireworks. I can feel that is was right. I think I will go to her house today. All I have to do is ask someone where the Lt. governor’s house is. It will be perfect. What if I get caught. I can’t afford to be arrested. I will be outside of her fence. Waiting for her to come out.

    I need to see him. I will go out and visit him. Oh no it is already seven. I will just go out for a moment. “Father I am going out for a bit of fresh air. I won’t be long and if I am I will just walk to the vineyard.”
    “Alright Lucy just be safe.” Father replied. He is just so gullible.
    “I am also visiting a friend tonight. So I probably won’t be back until tomorrow.” I told father for I am going to visit Jake and have such a time I hope. “Bye.”

    “Lucy hello and how are you my dear?” I told her. I knew she was as happy as I was to see each other.
    “Hi Jake. Just fine, I would like to say that I can’t talk right now. Father set me up with James again and I have to go.” She told me, I was almost heartbroken.
    “So, we’ll have to wait to see each other.” I replied struggling to keep my tone neutral.
    “Yes but not too long, we can spend all night together. I told father I was spending the night with a friend. We are going to have all night.”
    “Excellent, meet me at the dock when you are done. I think I know what we can do.” I replied trying to without screaming with joy.
    “See you tonight.” She said then ran off.

    “Hello Lucy, I thought about what you said and your right. Will you marry me? Why answer I know that it is a yes.” James told me.
    “James. When will you get it that I don’t love you. In fact I don’t even like you. I down right hate you. You are extremely pushy and you don’t care about anyone but yourself.”
    “Everyone has their flaws. So can I have your hand for the ball?”
    “I have a date already.” And as I said this he instantly frowned.
    “Ah well after the ball I am finally going into the next kingdom. So don’t miss me to much okay.” He said as he winked.

    “Welcome back.” I said to Lucy. “How was your little meet.”
    “It’s James. How do you think it was? It was simply awful, he-never mind.”
    “He what? Tell me Lucy. I know it’s important because you stopped.”
    “He was gonna put the ring on my hand but luckily they aren’t made yet. He’s getting them in two days. We are unfortunately almost legally engaged.” I could see subtle tears running down her face. She didn’t want this. She didn’t like him.
    “Well you can tell him you are already engaged. Will you marry me Lucy?” I asked her as I showed her a gold ring with a pearl in it. “It was my mother’s before she died.”
    “Jake I don’t know what to say. I mean this is amazing and that ring is beautiful.”
    “Tell me yes. That’s all you have to say. Just say yes.” I almost begged her.
    “Jake yes, yes I will marry you.” She said as I slid the ring onto her slender finger. It fit her perfectly. Then she thanked me with a kiss.

    I woke on his bare chest and noticed my dress was in a bundle in the corner. I was almost shocked but then remembered the ring on my finger. The cloud white pearl was shining at me in the sunlight that was peaking through the dock’s wooden boards. “Good morning Lucy.” I heard Jake say. “And how are you?”
    “To be honest I couldn’t be happier. I am now happily engaged. But you know what time it is?” I asked Jake.
    “It is about six a.m. considering the sun’s position.” He replied. Then I leaned into the water and threw up. “I’ve never gotten morning sickness before.” I said concerned.
    “I think you may be considering last night.” Jake told me as he got up and put his shirt back on.
    “I am going to the doctor. I need to go. I love you. So much.” In my mind, I knew this act of intimacy and lust would go against the law, I didn’t care.

    I can’t believe Lucy may be pregnant. I can’t believe I may have got Lucy pregnant. She doesn’t deserve this. “I can’t believe how well you are taking this.” I told her.
    “Well if I am bearing a baby James won’t even want to look at me let alone marry me. So in a way you’ve freed me.”
    “I just know I will get a job and do my best to support for both of my sweet hearts.”
    “So when will the wedding be? I kind of want it in April to prepare and it will be warm. Oh my gosh I forgot to tell you. Or let alone ask you. Will you go to the Governor’s ball with me on Wednesday?” I asked with hope.
    “I would love to go to the ball with you. But I think I will stand out like a sore thumb. A pirate in with a bunch of prissy boys and men. And I don’t even have a suit.”
    “Alright I will steal one of father’s suits, he’s a lean and tall man. I’ll even get you a hat.”
    “Okay I’ll take it.”
    “Before I go, do you think father will be mad about the whole pregnant thing. I mean I think he may be a little disappointed. I don’t….” Before I could finish Jake cut me off with a kiss.
    “If he loves you as much as I do he will be okay with it. But him being okay with me is a different story. But if you explain…”
    “No, I am gonna tell him the night of the ball. Even better in front of James. Goodbye, I’ll meet you here this afternoon at two. I love you.”

    “This is wonderful.” I said looking into a meadow. A meadow covered with daisies and roses and rabbits with babies. “Lucy would absolutely love this.” Just then a sapphire blue jay flew across and landed on the emerald green grass. The sky was a perfect baby blue. The clouds were perfectly shaped. The sun spilled rays all over the meadow. A slight scent of lemon grass filled the air. A slight wind blew all the flowers and smells all around.

    “Marie I need to tell you something.” I told my room maid.
    “What? Do I need to make your fire dimmer or any of the such.”
    “You need to promise not to tell father or anyone for that matter.”
    “Lucy we are friends if not best friends, you can tell me.”
    “Marie, I’m pregnant.” I told Marie as tears started to trail down my face.
    “Don’t cry, I’m sure James will…”
    “They’re tears of joy, James isn’t the father, you know the pirate that saved me months ago, we fell in love, he proposed, and I think you can tell the rest.” I interrupted.
    “Whoa, that is a lot, so what are you going to do?”
    “I invited Jake to the ball and I’m gonna tell father then if he doesn’t accept me, I am going to run away with all my money and we will try to get a house and a place to raise the child. But just to be sure I’m going to the doctor to make sure whether I’m pregnant or not.”

    “Lucy! I need to tell you something.” I said to my fiancé.
    “Please, not to be rude but have it be quick I am going to the doctor to make sure whether or not I’m pregnant. But what?”
    “I know where we can have the wedding. I found a beautiful meadow with plenty of flowers and smells and everything I know you would love. It’s like it was made for us. It’s perfect!”

    I could easily imagine the beautiful sight and the shining sun. As he kissed me on the neck I could feel my mind be momentarily lifted into the beautiful sight. “I need to go.” I said suddenly. I easily saw him jump in surprise. “I’m sorry, but I have somewhere to go. I still love you more then anything. Goodbye.” I said and sealed with a kiss.

    As we separated I watched her walk away. I then started toward the docks. I jumped down onto the sand around the water and boats. I started to arrange the large clams and oysters into a living room shape. The baby was already forming in my head. A baby boy with powder blue eyes and black hair. Tan skin with bare traces of freckles. My eyes were tearing from the thought at my baby. Our baby.

    The doctor laid his hand onto my stomach and felt around. “I think I can feel some kicking. Yes I see a little bump on your stomach area. Ms. Williams, I think you are indeed carrying a baby.” At that I felt myself go into the darkness of my mind. I had fainted. It was then I saw James go into the room in which I was in.
    “What did you do to her?” James almost yelled. It was unusual for James to seem this worried. I opened my eyes to see him. Then I saw not James, but Jake. I could almost feel my face go a deep rouge.
    “What relation do you have to this woman?”
    “We are just good friends.” I heard Jake mumble. He felt the same way I did. He didn’t want anyone to know about this yet.

    I stood there in that office. I almost saw a twinge of embarrassment in Lucy’s face. She didn’t want anyone to know either. As a matter of fact I could feel that twinge of embarrassment that she felt. “Let us go Lucy. Little time left in the day, lots of things to do.” I said as I escorted her out into the streets. “So what’s the news?” I asked. Even I heard that bit of want in my voice.
    “It’s official. I’m pregnant.” She said as she grabbed my hand. As I hugged her I pulled her into an embrace. We walked to the dock and I carried her down under. “Oh my goodness. This is wonderful. I can tell that you have fashioned the belly of the dock into a house. Oh I can dry and weave some seaweed into blankets and comforters. We can fashion walls out of some shells and barnacle. Fix up the cracks in the walls with some make shift mortar.”
    “Lucy, we have plenty of time to discuss that. I need to show you something.” I said as I led her to some shells and seaweed and ocean debris into a baby crib. But what I really wanted to show her was what was inside of the crib. Inside of the crib was a small teddy bear laying on the mattress made of seaweed covered ocean jelly.
    “This is adorable. How did you do this? It looks absolutely amazing.”
    “You know, I just put together some stuff with barnacles then dried it out. Can you try and weave the seaweed together?”

    I grabbed two pieces of seaweed and started wounding them, occasionally adding another piece. Before I knew it I had a curtain of intricately woven seaweed. I laid it upon a rock in the shining sun to dry. “Need to get to father and get you a suit. I also need to get some material for a dress for the ball. I need to go. I love you. Farewell.” I said and kissed him. I could tell he was giving force upon this. I unwillingly separated then walked away. “Thank you for the house.” I quickly added. As I got towards the fabric store I went directly toward the purple. Violet, Indigo, Purple, yes finally, lavender. I quickly bought ten yards then whisked off. I was running towards my estate when I saw James in the bakery.
    “Oh, Lucy I finally have the rings.” I said as I grabbed her left hand. “Oh, what’s this?” I said noticing her pearl ring. “Where did you get this rubbish?” I asked her. “Lucy, why do you have this ring?”
    “I’ll have all of your answers at the ball.” I said in a flirty way. I had to get him subtly fall for me even more before I rip his heart out. I almost felt guilty for the little parasite. I then turned and walked away. On my way home I stopped and bought a violet hair ribbon. At home, I was sewing away at my new soon to be dress. “Oh, no. I tore a little.” I said looking at a small hole. “Father I will be back. I just need a little more fabric.” I shouted up the spiral stairs. As I was walking I thought about the ball. Oh, how I would be ever so happy to dance with Jake. In the fabric store I was looking through beads as I grabbed my scrap of fabric. I then felt something heavy go around my neck. I then quickly turned and saw Jake with a beautiful moon charm necklace in his hands. I instantly felt tears in my eyes. “How could you afford this? It’s…. It’s beautiful.” I said staring at him.
    “I started working at the pub and I recently got paid so I was thinking. Around you neck looked awfully bare so I thought about a necklace. Turn around.” He simply said as he showed me a small pile of coins in his hands. I turned around as he placed them in his hands. I looked at him kind of disappointingly. Had he stole them? “I didn’t steal them. You can even ask my boss.” He said leading me toward the pub.
    “I trust you. But you’ve given me so many things, the house, the ring. It’s just you’re an amazing fiancé and I just, am not.

    She did trust me. And I am glad she does. Not many people would easily trust a pirate so quickly. “Lucy, I do hope you like it. It cost me almost an entire months salary.”
    “How long have you been working?” she asked me.
    “Ever since we shared out first kiss.” I mumbled. I saw her blushing a bright rouge. As though she knew this was to happen.
    “I am desperately sorry but I need to go home. Father is going to send out a search party if I was not home soon.” She said slightly giggling.
    “What’s so funny?” I asked her slightly puzzled.
    “The thought of gentle father shrewdly ordering dozens of guards to find me.” She told me with a hint of a smile peaking in her lips.
    “Well I’m sorry that you need to go.” I said. I bent down and kissed her. I could tell she was surprised because she wasn’t expecting it. She separated and looked down.
    “I must go.” She said. A slight, subtle tear trickled down her face. “I’m sorry. But as I said, father tends to worry.” She said then running off into the sun.

    “Father, I am back. Sorry I am a little late. I had a run in with a friend.”
    “Were did you get that necklace.”
    “My friend brought me a small gift.” I said grabbing the charm.
    “The ball is tomorrow so look your best and work on your best smile.”
    “Yes father.” I said trying my best not to scream. Another day closer to the ball is another day closer to seeing James. But another day closer to the ball is another day closer to confessing my affair. The burden that is upon my heart will soon be lifted. I ran up the stairs to continue my dress. I decided I shall make a pearl necklace to match. Upstairs I started to entwine beads into the torso of my dress. As I looked out the window towards the dock I imagined the make do house. Then I imagined some of the ways we could spoof it up. A few paintings, a make shift rug. And maybe I could get some candles for light.

    “Lucy, is this the suit?” I asked her as I held up the suit she brought me. It was a pinstriped jacket and pants with black dress shoes, a white long sleeved undershirt, and a black tie.
    “Go try it on!” she said rather eager. As I came out from behind a curtain of seaweed in our ‘house’. It fit right and everything was neatly pleated. “Oh, that looks wonderful. Yes, you must wear that to the ball!” she said adjusting the coat and buttoning it up. “You look great.” She said as she kissed my neck. I leaned down and kissed her cheek as I ran my hands around her waste. We fell upon the sand and she stripped off my jacket, “I love you.” She whispered into my neck. I grabbed her wrist and ran towards the bedroom. And that’s how our night went.

    I woke on the feather mattress. Jake’s hand was around my waste and our clothes were thrown into a corner. “Wake up, love. ‘Tis the day of the ball and the day we finally confess.” I said as I cradled his now awake face.
    “Now how is my best girl?” he asked.
    “Well, I’ve been thinking. I want to get an abortion. It’s too early for a baby. How do you feel about my thoughts?” subtle tears filled my eyes with fear of his answer. Would he approve or feel insulted? I watched him consider the thoughts. I felt the developing baby move. Tears started to fall due to pain in both my womb and my heart.
    “I think that…” he paused as he clearly saw my face. I was concerned about his answer.
    “I am all for whatever you choose. Whatever you choose I agree totally.”
    “We should have the baby. There is so much love between us that a baby wouldn’t any difference.” He said as he cradled my face. “I know we can raise this baby to be right and okay. I love you. Now go and get ready for the ball. Goodbye for now, my pet.”

    “Can you stitch me up in the back Marie? I can’t reach.” I said reaching along my back.
    “Sure. Now how’s the baby?” she said as she started to whisper. She was lacing up the back of my lovely homemade lavender dress.
    “Hopefully healthy. I have been making sure I was eating healthy for both of our healths.” I was putting on my pearl necklace, then placing my hands on my subtly rounding stomach. I then started to tie up my hair in a pretty bun. “I am going to tell father about both my affair and my pregnancy. And I am going to tell them tonight. And if they do not respect me, Jake has already built a house for us.” I said with both pride and some doubt.
    “I wish you the best of luck. You know your father will never accept this. You know he believes in the rich marrying the rich and the poor marrying the poor. But still good luck.” I was taking off the pearl necklace and putting on Jake’s necklace. Instead a pearl bracelet. I stared into the mirror taking down the bun. Instead I put some of my curls around my face and placed a hair brooch along the middle of my upper head. As I walked downstairs I could feel beads of nervous sweat swimming down my neck. I took a deep breath then greeted father.
    “Hello father.” I said smiling as fake as I could. “I have a little surprise announcement to tell you for you tonight.” I said then got into a cab. “To the ball please.” I said in my most sugary voice.

    “Cab! Someone please stop.” I shouted into the street. Since no one would pull over for a pirate I decided to walk. To bad the clothes wouldn’t change my appearance. But good luck I am simply a few minutes walking distance from the ball. I started my walk. Unfortunately I was one of the first there. “Lucy? Are you here?” I whisper talked. Then I saw her. She was wearing a lavender dress with a violet ribbon in her hair. A pearl bracelet, and most importantly, the necklace I gave her. I walked over and grabbed her hand. “May I have this dance?” I asked as the musicians started to play.
    “But of course, love” she said grabbing my hand and leading us toward the center of the floor. I wrapped my arm around her waist and she wrapped her arm around my shoulders. Then we waltzed. Around and around we went. Like a never stopping tornado. At the stroke of eleven Lucy told me, “It’s time to tell father.” And she started to lead me toward the grand table, where her father was sitting at the head. “Father, can I tell you something in the corridor.”
    “Surely you can’t tell me here?” he asked me.
    “I’m sorry, father but this is desperately private.”
    “Fine. I’m coming. Anything else?”
    “Yes, I need James to come with you.”
    “Sure. Now go on ahead.”
    “Yes father. Come along James.” Father gave me a confused look. “It involves him too.” She said then went into the corridor.

    Subtle tears started to stream down her face. Her father came into the corridor, “What is it that is oh so private and important thing that you are dying to tell me?” He said as he looked at Lucy and I.
    “Well this is kind of hard to tell you father. But it’s jolly important.” And as she finished that sentence James walked into the corridor.
    “Hello dear Lucy. And who may I ask is this man?” he said with certain disgust when he said ‘this man’.
    “Well that is kind of what I’m trying to do.”
    “You can tell them Lucy. I’m sure they trust you.” I said with full confidence.
    “First of all, James. I don’t love you. And that leads me to my second thing I need to tell you. I am engaged to Jake here.” She said pointing towards me. “He is the pirate that saved me the day of your father’s speech James. And lastly is, I’m pregnant.” She finished off with a deep breath. The tears started down her face once again. “Well father, what is your response? Also, what’s yours James?”
    “I’m sorry Lucy, but I don’t approve.” At once my tears turned heavy.
    “Don’t approve? I am furious.” James shouted. “It isn’t right. The rich girl is supposed to go with the rich boy, not the poor pirate.”
    “I’m sorry father.”

    “Go, just go.” I heard Lucy’s father demand. Then Lucy grabbed my hand and started to run. We went towards our ‘house’. By the time we got there, Lucy was in tears. I grabbed her waist and hugged her.
    “I am sorry that you were forced to see that.” She wept into my chest. “Ever so sorry.” She then hugged me tighter to her.
    “I have seen worse. You haven’t seen the old landlord get angry. It is simply a disaster.” I heard her giggle then loosen her grip.
    “Jake, we need to get to the hospital now. It’s time.” She said to me in a serious tone I had never heard come out of her mouth.
    “I’ll get a taxi.”

    Hours later I woke up. “Lucy? If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.” I tried to put as much pressure onto his hand, but felt weak. “She can hear me.” I heard Jake tell the doctor. Obviously he saw or maybe even felt my efforts. All I could remember was pain. Searing pain, then simply sleep.
    “What happened?” I asked. It took all of my strength just to lift my head slightly.
    “You gave birth, but you then passed out. I will guess from all of the pain.”
    “Where is my baby?” I was hopeful to see the one who gave me such confusion and pain. But at the same time I got hope, and was bound to Jake in a spiritual way. As I looked at his suntanned face, I saw tears streaming down his face. “What’s wrong?”
    “We lost you for about an hour. I wouldn’t let them quit. You are amazing.” I saw him smile, then kiss my cheek.
    “But, where is my baby?” I asked with deep concern. I had to see it.
    “The baby died while you died for that short time. We couldn’t bring him back.” I then fell into deep darkness, and the last thing I heard was Jake whispering, “Don’t go Lucy. Don’t leave me.” I then woke up in a white world. As I looked around, I saw that everyone was dressed in white, with wings. It then felt like I had wings too. I looked at my back and saw that I did. But as much as I did love it, I wanted twice as much to go back. I looked down and saw blackness, so I tried to fly towards it, but every time I got nearer, it hurt more.

    I looked down and saw Lucy’s white face. As I lay my hands on her face, I felt her complexion. She was colder then ice and hard as granite. Hard as I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. This woman that I fell for that day when I saved her. The moment I saw her in the water, my heart said, “This is the one that you will love.” But wait, how did I save her. Yes, I cut off that wretched thing that stops her breath short.
    If I can save her life, I know what I must do. I steadied her head and put my mouth onto hers. Trying to force oxygen down her windpipe. With little response, I tried even harder. Tears were now flooding down my face like a dam with a leak. I picked up her corpse by the shoulders and hugged her close to me. “Lucy, if you can hear me I want you to know that I love you. I have been in love with you ever since I saved you.”

    I heard his voice. Jake was telling me that I was his love. “I love you too.” I shouted. “Please, how can I go back.” I knelt down on the cloud and wept. If angels couldn’t weep, I was the one exception. I started to fly down toward the painful black part. No matter, I just kept flying out. The pain was so intense I could hear it. But I didn’t care. I looked at my hands and saw that they were disappearing, I was coming back. Back to my Jake and back to the real world. So, I kept stretching toward the blackness, and soon I was completely engulfed in it.

    Lucy was getting warmer. She was coming back to life. “Come on Lucy, you can make it.” I kissed her warming cheek. Then her eyes fluttered open. Before she could say anything, I kissed her.
    “I’m back, and my mother says hi.” I smiled then lifted her up onto her feet.
    “So what relationship do you two have?” the doctor asked.
    “This is my fiancé.” I said. “And I love her.” I felt her cheek and saw that she was blushing. As I kissed her burning cheek, she burst into tears. “My sweet, what is wrong?” He grabbed my shoulders. “Lucy?”
    “My baby is gone, I didn’t even get to name it.” She whispered into my chest.
    “I named her Elizabeth.” I said to her. Then we started walking, arm in arm down the road, hundreds upon hundreds of eyes staring at us as if we were crazy. But we were crazy, crazy in love.

    By the time we got to the small house we made, we couldn’t stop looking at each other. It was as if we went from being semi-in love to being fully engorged in love and sweet lust.
    As we went to bed that night I said something that meant more then ever this one night. “I love you, so much.”
    “Good night, my sweet pea. I will see you in the morning.” He then kissed me with passion and we both drifted off to sleep. As I closed my eyes, I instantly wondered off to my dreams. In my sleep, I saw my wedding, I was in the wedding dress I had always wanted, Crème with lace along the openings of the dress, and Jake looked as handsome as ever. His hair was combed back and his olive eyes were as brilliant as ever. I placed my hand on his face, his skin was like satin under my hand.
    “You may now kiss the bride.” I heard a voice out of no where say. Jake’s hand pushed on the small of my back, and our kiss was mental intimacy. He dipped me down, not missing a beat, and pushed under my neck. The next thing I knew I heard a gun shot. Jake was on the floor of the chapel, his hand over a fresh wound in his gut. No, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. I turned to see who was holding the pistol. It was James. A look of pure madness, as if he’d gone insane.
    “Jake, no. Please don’t leave me.” I kneeled down and cradled his head in my hand. My tears were falling onto his trench coat. His tan skin was starting to go icy. As if ice crystals started to flow through his blood. The next thing I knew I woke up. As I looked to my side I gasped with fear. “Jake!” I quickly dressed and scribbled down a note.

    Jake, I have gone out for a while. If you get home before me don’t panic. I hope I will be back shortly. I love you. Lucy
    I ran down the lane, frantic. “Jake! Where are you?” I shouted. I then got to the town center. “No!” I screamed for I saw something that ripped my heart out. A noose had been placed around Jake’s neck. I ran pushing and shoving and screaming. “No! Stop please! What has he done that is so wrong!?”
    “Lucy. I want you to know that you are the love of my life.” The hooded man then pulled the lever. The trap door swung down and his body went limp.
    “I love you my sweet Jake.” My knees then buckled under me, I felt as limp as Jake looked. Tears were pouring down my face like a waterfall after a summer storm.
    “I believe the words you are looking for are ‘Your welcome.” Said an all to familiar voice. James.
    I stared at him as if he went crazy, “You b*****d, how could you have killed him. I love him.”
    “I believe it is now loved.” He said with a cruel smile upon his already smug face. I did something then that shocked even me. I gathered all the strength and courage I could muster and slapped him.
    “No, it will never be just loved. I will love him until the day I die.”
    “That’s so far away that you probably won’t even remember him.”
    “It’s not as far as you think.” I said as I took off running to the one place that I would like to die in. It was the cliff I fell off of. At the edge I thought to myself, ‘If this is the only way I can be with Jake and not be ridiculed by all, I’ll take it.’ It almost looked as if the beautiful aquamarine sea said ‘hello’. Then a voice deep in my mind said something, it sounded like. Like Jake.
    “Lucy, don’t do this. Just because I died doesn’t mean you need to.” But then my mind replied.
    “This is the only way we can be together again. I love you.”
    “I love you too.” Then I lunged my body off of the cliff. “Lucy, don’t you do this. Live for us.”
    “But I’m dying to be with you. If my life is without you, I don’t want life at all. Goodbye, well actually more of a hello.” Then I saw it. Standing on a cloud, dressed in white was my sweet. I looked down and saw that my gown turned white too. He grabbed my waist and kissed me like, well, heaven. But then my eyes opened. “What happened?” I asked as I stared up at the cloudy London sky. I sat up and looked around. All of town was around me. From the elderly to the infants, they were all there. Then I stood up and looked around. “Where is my father?” I shouted through tears.
    But then the King walked over, escorting the Queen. I stared in awe. There were so many things I wanted to ask. So many things I wanted to say. But all I could muster was, “Your majesty.” I said as I curtsied. “I am sorry to be rude, but what are you two doing here, your majesties.”
    “Well out best Lt. Governor’s daughter just jumped off a cliff. We wanted to know what was wrong.” The queen said.
    “Your majesty, it is kind of a long story.” I said, feeling my face turn a bright rouge.
    “Well, you can tell me all about it.” The Queen said.
    “My love was a forbidden one. Between a pirate and me. I love him. Our last moments together were beautiful. But when I awoke, he was being hung. And the man I turned down killed him. Excuse me your majesty, but I have a task to do.”
    “Do what must be done, my dear.” The queen replied.
    “Thank you your majesty.”

    I walked over towards my house below the dock. I went to the kitchen we finished making and grabbed the one thing that would help me get my job done. I grabbed the biggest knife I could find and changed into my black dress for there would be a funeral soon. I tucked the knife into my bag and walked off.
    I went down the lane and around the corner to the Governor’s house. I knocked three times and waited. “Lucy, what a pleasant surprise.” The Governor said, “James will be right out.”
    “Thank you sir.” I put on my sweetest smile and waited.
    “Lucy, how unexpected.” He said as if he expected it completely. “Please come in.”
    “Gladly.” I stepped in through the door frame and into the large house.
    “Would you like a drink.”
    “Actually, I would like to see the bedroom.”
    “Lucy, yes, live your life to the fullest. Just forget me.” Jake’s voice said in my mind.
    “No, I won’t forget you. Never. I still love you.” I said under my breath.
    “I love you too, my sweet.” Then his voice went away. He did love me. Just at the wrong time. But then James’ voice interrupted my thoughts.
    “I see what you are going at. Let us go.” He grabbed my elbow and led me up the marble stairs. Into a large room we went, a large bed off to the side.
    “Now before we do anything I want to know, why on Earth did you kill that pirate?” I put on a rather flirtatious smile. The hand around the knife tightened to the point of pain.
    “That pirate stole your heart so I stole his life. A trade for a trade.” I walked up to him and hugged him. As he hugged back, I took the knife and stabbed the back of his heart, through his spine. He simply fell limp.

    Escaping through his back fence I ran. I decided that if no one would let me take my life, I would take theirs. I slowed to a run and went to the shop. A fine lead knife for a fine handgun. I laid my gun in my basket and went to my father’s house. I ran towards the kitchen where we had a plethora of foods. A basket that I filled with cheese, bread, meat, and a bottle of wine. I also ran upstairs for my savings. I had saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. “Lucy, what are you doing?” I heard my father’s voice.
    “Leaving.” I said with bitterness in my voice. Unnecessary bitterness.
    “But this is your home.” He had a hopeful tint in his voice. The same one he had when he said these same words to my mother, before she left.
    “Not anymore.” I said with tears in my eyes. “I love you father.” Then I took off. I had no idea where I was to go, but I knew I wasn’t staying here. The only place I had left to visit for the last time was the small house. Jake and mine’s. I walked in. What shocked me most was that the note I had left was there. Never to be read by him. My face is never to be cradled by him again. My waist never grabbed by his tan arm. His tan body never to lay next to me, his olive eyes never to dazzle me, his black hair never to be rubbed by me. His smell never to go into my nose again. His sweet scent. Like butterscotch with a sea salt tint. I felt my burning cheek and to my surprise, salty tears were flowing down my cheeks.

    I finally walked to upper England. And I finally had my strategy. I would woo high class men, lure them to their death, and steal their fortune. But then I was finally caught. As I stood upon the roof of a large building, I saw hundreds of faces in a large crowd below. Many were dressed officially. Bobbies. The police finally know my game. And I was about to lose. “If you do no come down by choice, we will lethally force you down. You have five minutes to choose.” A loud voice said.
    “Well I guess I am going to die.” I said under my breath when an all to familiar smell flooded into my nostrils. That bitter sweet smell. I looked up. There he was, slightly transparent, but there. His olive eyes as dazzling as ever.
    “What happened to the sweet girl that I fell in love with?” He said while he cupped my cheek in his hand. I thought it would just go through but something shocked me. I could feel it.
    “You’re here. For how long?” I asked in shock, awe, and amazement.
    “Not much longer, I just need to tell you something.” He gripped my shoulders in both force and anxiousness. “I need to tell you that I love you, there is no comparison as to how much. But since I am dead, you can’t go around killing people.” I was about to interrupt but he interrupted me. “I know you have a reason. I have to go my love.” He then did something I had wanted but couldn’t guarantee. He kissed me. With a lust and passion he had when he was alive. Then he faded.
    “THAT’S IT! JAKE I’M LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST LIKE YOU SAID. ARE YOU HAPPY? THAT IS ALL THAT I ASK IS THAT YOU ARE HAPPY.” Then the next thing I knew I had cut the near by rope and was swinging down among the heads of the masses. “Try and catch me now.” I said as I ran from rooftop to rooftop, managing my escape. With my food supplies running low, I had to go to the market. Unfortunately, my face was plastered across the town, I knew I couldn’t shop without getting caught. So I had to steal. I slipped into what looked like a wealthy house and took food. From fruits to fresh meats, the house had it all. I grabbed the essentials. But to my fear, the light turned on to reveal a face I knew all my life. “Father?”
    “Lucy? Is that you? It has been a long time since we have seen each other.”
    “Father, how long has it been. I mean you are grayed and worn. And it looks like you haven’t shaved in many days.”
    “I have stopped counting. I wondered the days until you’d come back. If you came back at all, or if you died. After the stunt you pulled after what’s his name was hung, I thought you had gone out of your mind. You really loved that man didn’t you?”
    “With all of my heart and soul. But father, I can still see him, hear him, everything. He won’t get out of my head.” But then I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I looked into a mirror. My curls were well past my waist, and I was taller then ever. “How many years has it been?”
    “Three long and painful years. I knew you had gone to a life of crime and cruelty after you murdered James and all those people. Why?”
    “James deserved it. He murdered Jake just because he had stolen my heart so James stole his life. The others were just icing on the cake.” Next thing I knew I broke down crying.
    “Lucy, what is wrong?” My father asked, concerned.
    “All those people I hurt, killed. Just because my heart still hurts. My heart is still mourning over my loss that happened years ago. Just because I am still in pain.”
    “Where are you going to go?”
    “I have no where.”
    “Stay here, at least for a few days.” It wasn’t a question, it was a demand. He then took my arm and showed me the room I would stay in. It was just like my old room. I was curious so I opened the wardrobe. All my old clothes were in the closet. I didn’t realize my father had left until I noticed no one else was in the room. I hadn’t realized I was so tired until I laid down on the bed. I had the same dream I had over and over again since I had left. Jake and I at the pew, saying our vows. Then the nightmare came because James went insane and shot Jake. Every time he got shot, I woke up. Tears fresh on my face. I ran downstairs.
    “Father, can I stay?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I want to stay here. For a while.”
    “Yes, please. I have missed you.” Then I walked upstairs. I was to relive my high life.


    I stayed with father until he died. I then took over the house. Few years later, I met David. We wed on April 30. Our first child was a son. I named him Jake. We were together until I died on January 7. Jake named his son Jacob and his daughter Lucy. These names became family names.