• We didn't move later,lying on the stone floor. Not breathing, only staring at each other. The ship was a itch to my mind, but I tried to remain focused on him. His hand rubbed my back, and I knew he felt my tension.
    " Do you think we have a chance?" I asked him.
    " Of course. Nothing will happen."
    " But that ship looked alot like the chinese federation. Kalvin, I don't want to admit it, but for once in my life, I'm scared."
    His arms tightened around me.
    " Your going to be fine. We are going to be fine." He whispered, and hugged me tighter.

    It was only later that I started to hear their conversations, with my great hearing.
    "...We attack at nightfall. They want no slaves. Kill the guy, but we need to bring the girl back with us."
    I started to cry.
    " What's wrong?" Kalvin asked me, voice strained.
    " It's over. You have been sentenced to die."
    " It's not going to be over without a fight, love."
    " We only got untill nightfall. Wei'll never be ready in time."
    " The hell we wont. I've seen what you can do,love. And they are underestimating us. You have never seen what I can do, and they are in for a shock." He laughed.

    Night fell, and we awaited near the beach, waiting for them to dock. I slipped on my cloak and my gloves. No need the mask. I hung my katana on my belt, as he put on a cloak of his own. I stepped to him.
    " I hope your right. And that we have a chance." I sighed as i said this.
    " If i wasn't, we wouldn't be here. Love, just be careful. I don't want to have to look for another godess at this time of year." He winked at me.
    I laughed, and I stiffened.
    " They are lowering the rowboat now. Good luck." I put my arms around his neck, and kissed him in a way that should be illegal. He followed my kiss, and we had to break it. I went ot take my position, and I tried to hide the tears that were flowing down my cheeks.
    " I love you, Goldfire. Forever." He whispered, and he knew i could hear.