• The wind was so loud and I was so paranoid thinking that the wind would give me away. Stiffly scared I could practically here my heart beating in my chest. With soldiers running after me I could not stop to think of were to run. I turn left knowing that the trees will cover me and there branches will not hurt me because of my small stature. Suddenly I feel paranoid again because of the mixture of brown and red leaves crunching under my feet as I run. Finally when it seems I was running for hours I find this hole in a tree so I huddle in and think of all the horrible things that happened.
    My life was perfect a big house my father was a wealthy trades men with good fortune and my mother was a beautiful woman who bring jealousy to the neighborhood that I lived in. My only sister was wonderful as well, she would always help with any trouble I had in school, from men to math. The school I went to was absolutely breathtaking with large classrooms and gold trimmed furniture throughout the halls. Although all of these were ideal objects every thing slowly started to change or disappear thought weeks. I noticed that people seemed very nervous and uneasy I often asked my parents what was wrong but they would say I am to small to know of such matters. My mothers smooth and flawless skin now had worry marks etched into her face and my very reliable sister was never there for me, even my father seemed more scarce that usual.
    It all started deteriorating when my sister did not come home one night. Most of the time that would be perfectly fine but for some reason my mother was hysterical and my father would not talk all I could do is wait. During school the next day there was talk of a Nazi that killed a girl from around here and that he tortured and used her first. All of this gossip distressed me at first because I was left in the dark but I eventually ignored it for the rest of the day. When I was back at home it all was wrong, the atmosphere was firce and foreboding like a miasma hangin over it, when I entered my sister and mother were not there. Suddenly it all came to me the Nazi the story at school, the girl from our neighborhood, my sister missing. I froze in my footsteps and had so many horrible images flow though my head of the blood and the misery that my sister and mother must have been though. No… there was no talk of an other woman in the story maybe this was all false I became free of my paralyzed legs and ran to the second level of my house to greet my family. This would be the last instance of hope that would come for a never-ending lifetime. As I reached my parents room I heard the sobs of a grown man though the thick door. Knowing that I would have to be strong I opened the door and look for the chance that this all might be a dreadful nightmare. When I enter the room my father is in a corner of the room shaking back and forth with his smooth hair now a dull mess and his face covered in tears. I stood there mustering all of the raw strength that I had left inside of my body and asked what had happened. After a few moments I had all the answers from the look of my fathers face, then I broke down crying. Both my mother’s and sister’s bodies were not given back. I had found out about three days latter that my father did that most selfish act he had ever done towards me… he took his life by jumping out of the window.
    What else could I do, what else could I possibly do? This is what I ask of myself thought the day I have lost all that I know and learn things that I hoped never to find out. Nothing else was left for me I had no money only this empty house. Other parents were attempting to try to take me in, but I knew better than that all that they wanted was what my parents worked for every day of there short lives. They were all like fly on honey it really disappointed me and made me wonder if everyone was like this somewhere deep in there heart or for others it was engulfing it. Later on I heard about Hitler and his Nazi and their story I vowed that I would live though this hellish time. I was just waiting and waiting.
    I knew every day they could come and they could take everything away from me. They as in the devils army called the Nazi and their leader the devil himself called Adolph Hitler I hated him for all he did to my family. During October I was finally taken to a concentration camp called Auschwitz forced to walk with about one hundred people with the clothes on our back in the snow I was there because of my stupidity, I slapped a Nazi. It was a horrible week, during this time I saw people fall to the ground around me but I tore my heart when I saw a dirty little girl who fell before my feet. I picked her up and gave her some of my precious water. I knew that she would probably not live more than two days but I tried to keep her alive. She had a frail little body of a five year old with once curly brown hair that is now in a tangled mess and she was so skinny that her ribs were pocking out. I tried to feed her all the food that I found only keeping all that I needed to live for myself or less. The Devil’s Followers told us that it was only two days away on foot until we reached the concentration camp and suddenly vomited out of the fear of dieing although that would have saved me a lot of pain. That night I knew that I needed to save the girl from the camp because if she reached it she would be immediately put in the ovens so I thought of a plan. Carefully I crawled to the girl and told her to run as fast as she could into the woods when I screamed and she did. I screamed as loud as my torn lungs could over and over again until I could not hear the crunching of leaves and for this the Devil’s Followers once again came. They were angry because of me awakening them, at this I laughed and was wiped thirty times each time there was blood running though my bare back and in my mind I felt hatred never once crying while they tortured me so horridly and painfully.