• Itachi POV
    What I’m about to tell you is something that I will never forget it was the day I found her and loved her. I saw something they night I killed my clan besides my younger brother that shouldn’t have happen but it did. The blood of my family moving towards something I couldn‘t believe it with my own two eyes that real blood was moving. I followed the blood to were it was going then I stop right there when I saw her rise from the ground covered with my family blood all over her, she looked about Sasuke’s age, her eyes were still close but when she open them they were the most sea blue eyes that I have ever seen I was planning on killing her but she spoke to me and this is what she said “They forgive you” as soon as those words came out of her mouth I stood at my spot, I didn’t know what to do or say so I ask who and she said your family they forgive you for what you had to do.

    I heard the anbu black ops coming, I didn’t believe what I was about to do but something told me to take her and don’t look back on it I took her with me and to this day I still don’t regret that choice I have made. We ran as fast as we could and as far away from Konoha, my home and were I found this mystery girl. We stop after we reach Land of the River I ask her what her name was she look up confused as ever and she even ask what a name is. Are you stupid or something I was about to say but I still saw that she was confused about it so I told her it’s what people call you.

    I told her my name was Itachi she said my name wrong a few time ok it was a lot but she got it right she look up at me happy as a child would be on Christmas I smiled at her. I told her I would give her a name and the name I gave her was Takare Uchiha. Takare I gave her that name because on this day till fourth she will be my new treasure now that Saskue will never love or like me. Takare stood up that when I just noticed that she had no clothes on I blush at the sight that I was seeing, she was the first naked girl that have seen in my life my face must of have looked like a cherry and it got worse Takare even noticed that my face was red.

    Itachi why is your face red are you sick? She put her hand on my face she likes so worried but all I could think of was how her skin was so soft and smooth I’m fine Takare thank you for you concern and we need to get you some clothes you cant go around naked I handed her my shirt she looked at it confused.Itachi what am I supposed to with this? Oh great this was like taking care of baby I put the shirt over Takare head for her.There its done the shirt was to big for her but it will do for now. I asked Takare why she said that about my family.

    Itachi I don’t know a women told me to say it she had black hair there also was a man at her side they both look kind of happy and now that I think about you look like that woman too. I was too shock to say anything. Takare was talking about my mother and father and this was the every first time I have heard that I look like my mother. Takare didn’t even notice my shock face.

    What Takare said next shock me even more. Itachi she told me to tell you that she proud of you and that she sorry that she couldn’t be there when you were younger and the man told me to say that he too was proud and sorry for how he treated you when you were a kid and wish that he could go back in time to change how the clan was and there both sorry for the burden that you will have to carry for the rest of you life and that’s about it. When ever I look Takare she will remind me of my sins that I have committed. Itachi can I ask you something? Go ahead Takare.

    Why were there blood all over me? I didn’t know how to answer this question but I tried to the best I could and I told her everything that happen up to the point when I found her. Itachi I’m sorry for what you had to do is there anything I can help you. Takare just stay with me till the end please, Itachi I’ll be with you and plus you’re the only person I know.