• "Mommy, Daddy! Come look at what I can do!" an eight year old boy with black hair said, tugging their arms. It was me, when I was eight. I took out a deck of cards from my pocket and took a card out of it and showed it to them, flipped the deck upside down, and rubbed my finger and thumb up and down the sides of the deck. "Jump!" I said as I flicked the deck and the card I drew, a black joker, was sent shooting out of the deck and into my hand. I smiled, waiting for them to say something, but instead, my father walked toward me and smacked the deck out of my hands, all that was left was the black joker in my hands. He grabbed my left wrist, and pulled me close.
    "Son, you better stop it with these stupid tricks! It's not good for a boy you're age to care about such foolery! If you don't stop, you may as well forget about ever living here. Understand!?" He said in a loud voice, he looked extremely mad. His stern face red with anger.
    "I... I understand." I said, a tear forming from my silver eye. Soon it left and rolled down my right cheek, leaving a clear road of where it had been. It soon fell, and landed in the center of the black Joker. More began to fall, but that was the only one that landed on the card.
    "Go to your room." My father said and then turned and walked back to the living room with my mom. My mom had a look of disgust on her face. I entered my room, I could tell my sister had been eavesdropping. But I just got on my bed and put the pillow on my head, holding the card in my hand.

    Then everything was fast-forwarded, and I found myself being 10 and walking on a dirt road with my sister. She was holding her doll at her side, and we were both smiling. Ahead of us we saw a caravan and the people were busy with a fire since it was dark, and apparently their dog was sleeping next to someone with a hat. I told her to follow me as we sneakily got into the caravan, and we were shocked as the bottom had many extensions, and there was another caravan attached to it wich was full of costumes. We went to where the horses were tied. We were extreemly quiet. And then, I grabbed the leather rope and whipped it, shputing, and they charged forward, leaving the caravaners in shock.

    But then it went back to the memories of the way their parents treated them.

    "AHH!!!" I screamed and shot out of the bed in the costume caravan, sweating. My thin sheets I used were on the ground and my bed looked like a mess. My thin, pale hand stroked his black hair, wish was extremely messy and untidy. My silver eyes were wide open. I blinked and slowly got up. I stretched and yawned, my long thing arms reaching into the air. I was only five feet and two inches tall, but my arms were normal for that height. I looked in a mirror and nodded, just to make sure that I was still my thirteen year-old self. And the I had kept my physique. I slept with my shirt off because it was warm in the nights sometimes, and I had a good muscular structure, easily noticeable on his pale skin. To bed I wore a pair of ratty jeans. My feet were barefoot currently. I looked over and noticed that my twin sister was awake. It looked like she had the same rude awakening as I did.
    I walked into the stage caravan after grabbing a gray and black jester suit with him. I sighed to himself as I slipped the suit on.
    The emotions I have aren't the best... I thought to myself, I get depressed easily and get mad easily, too, without my sister, I would be nothing... She brings the fun and friendlyness out of me.. it's why I need her. we both need each other...
    I sighed again and found myself laying on the caravan with the stage, thinking.