Shikamaru Nara is a Chunin from the Hidden Leaf Village.He likes to take things slow.Sometimes he wishes he was a cloud, just floating along, going where ever the breeze takes him.He's just not into putting effort into stuff.The only reason why he became a ninja was so he could do whatever he wanted.

    He wants to be an average shinobi, making an average living.He would marry a regular girl, who's not super pretty or super ugly.Have two kids, a girl and then a boy.And spend the rest of his days just playing shogi and go.A nice care free retirement.And then he would die of old age before his wife.That's the life he wants.

    Some people may say that hes a slacker, but he in fact has the mind of a great general.He is extremely good at strategy and has an IQ of over 200.He has been called a genius.

    However he considers himself a lazy, cloud-watching bum who's not really caught out to be a leader or bark orders out to anyone.Another thing he does pretty darn well is believing in his team mates.If you insult his friends, you will pay.

    Over the years he matured really quickly.He says that the reason why he always messed up as a kid was because he brushed his responsibilities as being troublesome.He now wants to become a cool adult, just like his late sensei, Asuma Sarutobi.

    Shikamaru isn't the kind of person you see everyday.He has a unique and complex personality which makes him both outrageous and lovable at the same time.He acts as though showing your enthusiasm is a sin, but this doesn't make him any less likable.In fact, it contributes to his charm and charisma.

    Shikamaru knows how to keep his calm in the most stressful situations and takes his time calculating the best possible move.He has the mind of a great strategist and of a great leader.He has no ambitions of power or strength, he only fights for what he considers to be good.

    His emotions usually don't cloud his judgment, but hes not good at hiding his sadness and disappointment.When you see him crying, you know its for real, you know its important, you feel its emotional.He cant help but care greatly for his friends and he promises he wont ever let them down.He fights for friendship.

    I don't think he is a slacker, in fact he is more of a Bohemian.An intelligent rebel who always does things his own way but without making a big fuss about it.His laissez-faire attitude has a strong appeal to today's generation.Shikamaru is a new type of hero, the lazy sleeping genius.

    ”Shika” means ”deer” in Japanese.The Nara clan is known for their tending of deer which live in the nearby Nara clan forest.Shikamaru often seems very similar to this gentle and kind animal.Introspective, peaceful, meek, meager, independent, intelligent, sometimes vulnerable, the deer loves to be free and wild.It respects and protects the Nara clan.

    Shikamaru finds his mom scary at best.Aggressive, always wanting to have the last word, girls aren't Shikamaru's favorite topic.”You can never figure them out, you never know where you stand with them, the smallest things can put you on their bad side, and always playing their little mind games with you, trying to make you do what they want.They're just a big pain basically.”Although he insists on never getting beaten by a female, he prefers to walk away from a non-battle confrontation.

    Being a shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village, Shikamaru has strong bonds with his team mates.He would put his life on the line for a comrade.Even as a young boy, he was friends with Choji, Naruto and Kiba.When they were at the Academy they would skip classes together in favor of hanging out in the practice hall, reading manga, eating snacks or taking a nap.Shikamaru himself would often sleep during the lessons and as he considered the act of putting pen to paper being too troublesome, his test scores were never impressive.He is also close to Ino, as they were both members of team 10.However Choji Akimichi remains his closest friend.They work well together even in the heat of battle.Shikamaru even refused an offer from the Feudal Lord.He wants to stay in the village because he would be worried about his friends otherwise.He wants to protect them because he cares about them.

    After Hidan , member of Akatsuki, kills Asuma Sarutobi, Shikamaru learns that avenging his sensei's death is something he must do himself , no matter what.Moments before the final blow, Shikamaru has a vision in which Asuma entrusts his Will of Fire to him.The will of Fire refers to the powerful will that protects the village.It brings light to the village.Why do shinobi fight? To protect the unborn children that will inherit Konoha someday.”I believe in the Will of Fire...The only one bringing down vengeance is me” adds Shikamaru.These are the final words that Hidan will ever hear.

    Shogi, also known as Japanese chess, is Shikamaru's favorite game.He was introduced to it by Asuma Sarutobi.It was one of the insane things that his sensei taught him.Every time they played, Shikamaru would win.His dad on the other hand, is a much better player.If you think of Konoha's shinobi as shogi pieces, Shikamaru would be the knight.Because of his intelligence he can formulate a strategy and jump over enemies.

    Although Shikamaru thinks highly of his friends and comrades, he has trouble with believing in himself.It seems he finds it difficult to admit his true qualities.Instead, he calls himself a coward and a lazy bum.He even gets embarrassed when revealing his true feelings about the people he cares about.

    Shikamaru remains the best strategist in the Hidden Leaf Village, and one of the brightest leaders the world has ever seen.The Will of Fire burns within him, and with that, the will to be loyal, to become stronger and to fly outside and beyond the normal boundaries.Yet, he has so much more to give and we can't help but wait and see what it is.