• How could this have happened?
    The burning smell of smoke sufficated the air, hiding away the black night in fogs of gray.
    Was this...meant to happen?
    Men, women, children...even helpless infants' bodies scattered across the ground like hills of thrown away trash. Covered within their own blood, all having the mark of two holes in their neck and they were all but empty shells now.
    Could I have...stop this!? Could...all of this been prevented!?
    "They" still roamed about the ruins of what use to be the memory, still hunting for those whom desprately survived their last wave of murders.
    Just what am I to do!?
    As questions...wonderment...and paranoia sunk deep within, I peered around the edge of a nearly dissentigrated brick wall in hopes of witnessing nothing.
    I don't get this! Why hadn't I been told about this!? I have the power to stop all this madness!! What the hell were they thinking!? An angered scream with held itself within the knot of my adam's apple, wishing deeply to strain my throat. Though such expression was something one wouldn't be so foolish to show in the predicament I've gotten myself in. I have fourteen of "them" surrounding my hide out, something must of slipped out that I stay here. No wonder they won't leave. Though I've wonder for the past twelve hours...why won't they attack? My hide out isn't even that well protected nor even stable,seeing how it's structure is mostly made up of fallen stone and rusted sheets of metal. Why won't they move? Do they feel threatened? Confused? AW hell I wouldn't know, nor would I want to.
    My ribs expanded, pushing out a tiredsome sigh.
    All this carnage...all this death...why did this all have to happen.
    And to think...such misfortunes were commited by my brethern.