• The sky was black untill I awoke, realizing that we were not in Asia.
    "Finally, it's about time you awoke."
    I sat up and looked around. It looked like a cave here.
    "Wha... What time is it?" I asked while sitting up.
    "I think around 3 AM but yeah."
    I stared into his eyes untill I realized that my bag was missing. Searching aroung frantically, while feeling his gaze on my back was hard, for of course he didn't help me. I found it in between the two sunbirds.
    "Goldfire, I think the man next door is getting suspicious that someone lives in this cave."
    "On it sir."
    I dug into my bag for my mask and gloves and put them on. Figuring that there might be alot of blood, I created a cloak around myself that radiated heat, to an excruciating degree. Looking towards Kalvin, I saw him sweating and giggled.
    "And you find that funny because..." He asked me, eyebrow raised, with a hint of a mocking tone in his voice.
    "Because I know it's warm but to see someone sweat by it is funny."
    "Ok, so if you can, no bloodshed. We don't need any suspicions. Kill all that lives there."
    "Yes sir."

    I walked through the night, my red eyes burning vivid. The lights were all off, and I slipped in unnoticed. Walking up the stairs into the bedroom, I saw a middle-aged man sleeping on a table. I creeped up to him, took out my katana and slashed his neck. I looked at him and I'm starting to see the monster within my eyes. I left the room and searched if there were any more. No. I left and went back into the cave, sheding my cloak as I entered.
    "Good job."
    I jumped, for he was closer than I'd thought. He took my face in his hands, almost roughly, and pressed his lips against mine.