• I walked around outside the orphanage. I'm only 16. I shouldn't be out here. They'll catch me and throw me in my prison. Oh how I hated the orphanage. Kids whining and crying and getting sick. It smelled like vomit and rotton tomatoes. No, I'm not staying here. I run from fear, thinking they're going to see me in my filthy rags for clothing. I stop for a moment to catch my breath. I look behind me. What do I see? An empty bench with a crumpled newspaper on it next to a trash can and a street lamp. I sigh and walk over to the bench, lying down and covering up with the newspaper. I close my eyes and drift to dreamworld.

    I awaken only to see myself being poked with a club-like object by a man in some sort of uniform.
    "Wake up kid. I ain't got all day ya' know." The man growls in a deep voice.
    "Wh-what d-do you w-want f-from m-me?" I studder helplessly.
    "I want you to go to school. Come with me kid, I'll give you a ride." Normally I would have had common sense to say "I'll walk." but my legs were sore from running. I hadn't eaten nor had any strength. I hopped in the car with lights on top as the man drove me to this "school".

    "How old are you?" The man asked as we arrived and stepped outside.
    "Sixteen..." I mumbled.
    "Alright. Upstairs is where you should be. 11th grade correct?" I nodded unassure of my grade level. The man took another look at me.
    "Wait here... you need some clothing..." the man grumbled. I sat inside the car so the cold air wouldn't bother me. The man came back with a red plaid skirt, black boots, and a black shirt for me.
    "I swear, how can kids loose some of these things?"

    I stayed inside the car to dress while the man waited outside. How he had not yet figured out I don't belong here, I don't know. I walked inside the school unaware of what I was doing. obviously I belonged upstairs. A lady looked at me awefully funny. She walked over to me before I reached the steps.
    "Excuse me. You must be new here, come with me young woman." The lady said in such a sweet tone. Her face was old and wrinkled. She wore glasses with a string that linked both ends together around her neck. She had a flowered dress and a nametag. I couldn't read it though, because she took my hand and turned around and went to the office. she went behind the desk and pulled out a stack of papers.
    "What is your name dear?" She asked.
    "Kimberly.." I replied.
    "Last name?"
    Oh shoot what was my last name. "Blayr!" I blurted out.
    The lady nodded and wrote down my informations. The questions continued and I was issued a schedule. [Teh end for now]