• The clock strikes six am as I shivered in cold. The sun had rose and rays of sunlight shone on my window. However, the cold atmosphere had fogged up the panel last night and I could barely see. I then put on my glasses and made my way downstairs barefooted. The floor seemed much colder than before but nothing bothered me. Christmas was just another ordinary day, I sighed.

    I grabber a pair of mitten by the kitchen and pulled the window blinds around the cottage. As I had expected, no one else had woken up. What if there’s no tomorrow? I questioned myself. Without any delay, I walked towards the laundry room and bumped into my grandmother. I stood still and stared at her, she did the same. Without breaking the silence, I threw my hands around her and hugged her tightly.

    My grandfather walked through the front door two minutes later. “Merry Christmas” he greeted, with a chainsaw he held. I walked towards him, “let’s get our self a Christmas tree” he whispered. I grabbed my coat by the door and left the cottage. We made our way uphill to the woods.

    It was cold and foggy, neither one of us could see the signboards ahead. He drove the old Toyota lorry carefully. Neither one of us utter a word either. Though I was excited, I kept quiet. My breath fogged up the glass so I drew a Christmas tree along the way.

    The road was slippery; I felt anxious. Suddenly, my grandfather loses control of the lorry. I tried steering, but it didn’t work. The clutch broke, we we’re in danger. The lorry flung sideways and next thing we knew, we we’re hanging at the edge of a cliff. One move, and there goes our lives. Without any movement, he mumbled his prayers and grabbed hold of my hand. Feeling terrified wasn’t what I had expected. We leaned back to gain more weight but the lorry slipped an inch forward. I cried in horror, sadly it wasn’t to be heard. My grandfather passed out or more likely resting in peace. By that moment, I felt guilty and agitated him. Still there wasn’t any movement. I hugged my grandfather and close my eyes as the lorry lurched forward and stumbled into a tree below, we weren’t breathing.

    In spite of this, I opened my eyes and to my surprise, I was still alive. I tilted my head upwards and saw both of my grandparent’s right in front of my eyes. I stood up and gave them a warm meaningful hug. They chuckled and wished me a very merry Christmas as I realize standing in my own room.