• Their screams. Worse than a banshee's cry. Their Black as midnight cloaks flying as they hunted me. Everything they passed, dying. Like all the happiness left the world. Running as fast as I could, I knew I would never escape their grasp. But then I tripped, right next to the creek. I saw their reflections. There were about two more now; adding onto the three already chasing me. Five. Oh crap, was all I could think besides, I'm going to die.

    I got up, and ran through flowing water, it made it hard to run. I must have died, because I heard an angel's voice. I looked all over. No one, I must be going insane. Then I heard it again, "Don't stop running. You will be safe when you cross the next bend." it said in a low, soft, urgent voice. "I will wait for you there. I promise, you will be safe."

    Insane? Yes. Scared? Yes. Ignoring this warning? No. I started running again. Almost there. Almost there. I thought over and over. But before I knew it, before I even got to see my lover, it hit me. Not a thought, but a rock. It hit me in the back of my head and made me fall to the ground. "OUCH! Holy crap! That hurt!" It started throbbing. Where in the world did it come from? I noticed something running behind me. "KEEP RUNNING!" I knew that voice. Why did he throw a rock at my head?

    Then the next moment, one grabbed my shoulder. "You shall not go further." It said in a low scratchy voice. I heard another scream. It was one of theirs. I finally screamed, a short, scared, terrible, blood curdling scream. Afraid because I knew Both, my lover and my best friend were going to die for me.... It felt like I was about to kill them. But, I felt like I didn't deserve them. Like they shouldn't be here. Fighting for my death. Fighting, because they both loved me.