• Happiness...



    Why did I have to lose these things?! I loved someone very special. His name was Sam. He had dark hair, bright eyes, and a knack for trouble. That was when we were kids. After my family died in a plane crash coming home. He stood by me until we were around seventeen.

    That was when he went away after supposedly losing his sanity. I remember our last day as friends.


    "Look at this one!" Sam said, holding up a music box. There was a tiny angel inside it, twirling. You could tell how old it was by the dust on the top. We were looking around the local antique store. He had been acting very strange for a while.

    "But, Sam... The music isn't even playing any more. It's just a box with a twirling figure." I replied, giving him a look.

    He sighed, "You have to imagine the music, Belle."


    "Imagine the most beautiful song in the world playing inside this box."

    I stared at it for a moment, then spoke, "I can't..." I mean, I love music, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. An old man came up behind us.

    "What are you doing with that box?" He asked, "It's useless now."

    Sam gave him huge puppy-dog eyes, "Can I have it? Please?"

    The old man simply nodded and shooed us out with the music box. We stood outside in the crisp spring evening. Sam had a blank look on his face like he was thinking of something.

    "What is it?" I asked.

    He frowned deeply, "Have you ever had something you wanted to tell someone? Something that you think would change everything?"

    My heart had started to flutter. Ever since we first met, I had a small crush on him. I wondered if maybe he had found out.

    His hair fell in his eyes and a dark look came over his face. He stood up quickly.

    "I love you."


    I bet you're wondering how this changed anything. I was so happy. Except he ran off before I could tell him I felt the same way.

    I found out later the next day that he had bashed his father's head into the wall and disappeared that night. He was gone.

    i looked for him everywhere until I found him slashing at another man.

    "Sam!" I yelled. He turned around. That wasn't my Sam. His eyes were filled with animosity and he smiled crazily.

    He pointed this grin at me, "What is it, Belle? Miss me already?"


    He shrugged, "I just got bored of being pushed around. It sort of pushed me over the edge, though." The man he was holding fell over dead as Sam dropped him. He advanced towards me....

    Next thing I know, I'm in the hospital. Bitter and alone in the hospital. All I know about what happened is that Sam, my best friend, attacked me.

    Why did I lose the last person I loved? Why did he have to leave too?

    I pondered these questions as the nurse put a present on the small table next to my bed. After she left I opened it. It was a recently-polished music box.

    I turned the key on the back and watched in wonder as the box opened to reveal a small angel twirling.

    Then, music played. With every note, it wound deeper and deeper into my soul. It was the most angelic sound I had ever heard. That was when I noticed a small note attached to the back.

    Dear Belle,

    Can you hear the music yet?

    Love you always,