• She woke up to find that a dog with no eyes was sitting beside her bed. She screamed with fright and started to stumble backwards away from the dog. She saw that it was not moving after her at all, just sitting and facing her direction. She looked at the time and it was 2:34am. She cautiously moved towards the blind dog and as she moved closer, the dog stood its ground and stood up. Its tail was moving furiously back and forth. She saw that it had a red tipped tail and wondered what it was from. The dog made a noise, not a bark but an extremely high pitched scream-like sound. She covered her ears and fell to the floor as she was rolling on the floor from the terrible noise. It seemed the noise was inside her head and could not find a way to get it out. The dog opened its mouth and a light was coming from it. The girl looked up as she was tending to her headache and saw a golden light coming from the dog's mouth.

    She slowly approached the dog, but the dog made that terrible noise again. She struggled to keep it out of her head and she shut her eyes. When she opened them once more, she found that the dog was gone. She looked and looked, but she couldn't find it. She thought maybe she was just imagining things.

    The girl tried going back to sleep.

    In what seemed like a dream, she was sleeping in her bed, but she fell through the bed covers and into a mountainous area. She wondered what she was doing there, but wandered around anyway.

    She found the dog that she Saw earlier when she was awake. There were bloody cavities where its eyes were supposed to be, and it had a red tipped tail, but it was obviously blood. Its snout was a grayish color and its ears were pointed up but they were violently slashed and torn.

    The girl tried approaching the dog as cautiously as possible, and the dog made a noise. This time, the noise was very peaceful and it began to sing along with the peaceful melody. The lyrics said this:

    "come follow me to the evening of light and leave all your shadows behind...
    bleed not blood but the ink of creation and spill all the thoughts in your mind...

    sing with me
    breathe with me
    follow me
    come with me...."

    The girl listened closely, and she seemed to be in a trans.
    She tried to break away from it, but the song was too beautiful.

    The dog led her to a place where there was a waterfall, but the water from the cascade seemed to be falling up.

    She snapped out of the trans after the song stopped and looked around her surroundings.

    There was a shade of purple in the grass instead of green. The sky was orange, and the water was a transparent white.

    The girl approached the water and placed her hand inside of the rising water.It felt very cold, but it sung her skin.

    The dog nudged her and it seemed he wanted her to drink from it.

    She reluctantly took a sip, and immediately she started to feel extremely dizzy, as if someone was spinning her around an extreme amount of times.

    She fell to the floor and looked straight into what appeared to be the sky. She was lying on a blue turtle and it was swimming in a multicolored body of water.

    The girl looked around and found that was actually in the sky. Everything was flipped, turned and distorted.

    She didn't want to be there anymore. She screamed, but the sound of a siren came out.

    The girl kept screaming,and she began to cry out of fear.

    It all seemed so real to her, but she knew she was dreaming. She could not wake up, scream, or move. Something was constricting her.

    After panicking, and attempting to call out for help, a darkness started to shroud her surroundings. She was the only thing surrounded by a white light emitting through the darkness on the shadow engulfed floor.

    The girl closed her eyes and opened them once more. She found herself unable to see and could not move. She heard the sounds of electronic devices all around her. She felt a hand on her eyes. The hands pushed down on her eyes very firmly and she shrieked with pain.

    All of a sudden, she heard a voice... "The damage is incurable. She mutilated her eyes to a complete pulp. The slashes and scars on her ears will be permanent, along with the blindness. This is such a shame...inform the laboratory and demand them to stop the experiments."