I feel stiff. Not able to move. I don't know why or where I am, but I know I’m somewhere. My eyes wont open they're sewed shut. My mouth wont open I hear clicking sounds, but it wasn't like this before. 3 months ago I was a happy man. Good life had a family, had the job I wanted until one night it went all away. I came back from work like I always do.
    "Honey I'm home" I called out but got nothing but silence. I walk around thinking that she's somewhere else in the house. I walk to the kitchen but I'm shocked to what I find in here. I see blood everywhere on the refrigerator, the floor and the walls.
    "No this cant be this isn't happening no this isn't happening!!!!!!!!!!" I run frantically to the upstairs heading for my bedroom but the door wont open.
    "s**t! Open damn you, open" I keep on hitting the door until I kick it open but to what I find is what I dreaded and what I feared the most. I find my wife on the bed with her wrist slit and a cut ear to ear.
    "No, please no, why, why" I'm sobbing and I hear faint footsteps coming closer to the bedroom but I don't look up to see who it is. I'm there just holding her in my arms. I lay her down the way she was her arm crossed across her chest. I stand up and turn around and see a man standing there. We’re looking at each other eye to eye he grins and walks away. I start after him but a blunt object hits me and I fall hard. I roll over with what energy I have left and I see a blurry figure and he says "Don't worry I'll take care of you" he's grinning as he's saying it and I pass out.
    '' My head what.... what...what happened" I get up and I'm in a secluded room, darkness all around me. I start walking around feeling around the room to see what there is in this room. There’s nothing but the cold walls themselves.
    "Where the hell am I, what is this place?" I hear footsteps but there's no door that I can see of and I hear a click, I turn and turn around and see a crack of light finally I run to it, but the crack of light went away. I start feeling where the light used to be and there is no doorknob.
    "Dammit! Open this door up! Open it now!!" there's no answer, nothing but silence and the voices of the walls.
    " I got to think of a way of how to get out of here, but how if I cant see anything." I start pacing back and forth thinking of what to do. I decided to just try and fall asleep.


    "Has he gone to sleep yet?" said one of the men.
    " Yes, he has its been sometime since he was sleeping. He wouldn't stop looking around the room thinking that he will escape." the man grins and puts one of his hands on the man's shoulders.
    "Keep a close eye on him makes sure he stays calm and doesn't try anything stupid. I'll come back and check on him later."
    I wake up and the light blinds my eyes. There were windows here all along but they were high up in the walls. I try to jump up and to look out them but they have bars and it’s too hard for me to see through them.
    " Now I can see better than I could than last night. I know there's a door around here, but it must not have a knob for me or anyone to exit out the room only to enter." I start to look around the room again and it looks and feels a lot bigger than last night. The door opens and the light is a lot more brighter and a man walks through dressed in a lab coat that goes below the knees and he walks towards me slowly and cautiously, as if I'm a threat to him.
    "How do you feel right now?" he asked me in a calm voice, but I didn't answer I just stared at him like I did to the other man at my house and I looked at him in the eye and I then recognized him! He was the one who was there at my house, he murdered my wife and why did he take me, but that's something I don't know. Why did he take me and not me and my wife but only me?
    "You b*****d you killed my wife didn't you" he smiled at me.
    "So you have it all figured out, yes I did kill your wife but what she suffered is nothing compared to what's going to happen to you" he punches me in the stomach and I fall to the floor on my knees in pain. As he walks away he whispers something in of the mens ear and he nods as in yes. I start to get back up and I go to the wall and lay against it.
    "What am I going to do now, I have no one now besides myself." I just stay there and I put my head down doze off to sleep. As I'm sleeping I have a dream of my wife and me. We just woke up and we both lay there in the bed just looking at each other and then she gets up and says she is going to make some coffee. I then get up and while I'm putting on my shoes I hear a scream and go and run down the stairs to the kitchen, and find her there on the floor bleeding.
    "Please, not again please don't go!" as I'm holding her in my arms with her last breath she says " I love you." I then look up and see the man. I stand up and stare at him.
    "You, you did this to her, your going to pay to what you did to her!" I charge at him but then I suddenly wake up.
    "Wake up now, come on your coming with me." he puts his hand out for me to get up and I get up with out his help.


    we’re both walking down a hallway and he has me in shackles and my feet are also chained.
    " Why am I the one to suffer, why was I chosen?” I said just looking down at the floor and walking as we head through a room. It’s just like the other room but this time there’s a table here and a seat with straps.
    "Sit down on the chair and don't try anything while I'm gone." he walks out the door and shuts it and I hear a small click. I just stand there looking at the chair for a moment and I walk around the room staring at the walls, as I did in he other room. I hear footsteps coming and the door unlocks and I sit down quickly.
    " Now then lets get started." he straps me into the chair tightly and it feels uncomfortable. He has a box on top of the table and he opens it. I see a scalpel, scissors, a magnifying glass, and a needle and thread. I don't really want to know what he's going to do so I get the thought out of my head and think of nothing. He gets up and pulls out a scarf and blindfolds me. He then goes back to his seat and sits down.
    "Do you know why you are here?" he says in a calm voice.
    "I was hoping you would tell me." as if I would know the answer to that question.
    " You took her away from me that day." his voice starts to get louder.
    "What do you mean I took her away from you? What are you talking about?" I start to think of what he means but then he slams the table and yells.
    "You know who you took away from me! Julie! That’s who you took away from me!!"
    I then remember now, when we were kids, only in high school. I was the new kid at the school and I became friends with Julie and at that time she was going out with Austin. Austin was in love with Julie but then Julie started getting a liking in me and she then eventually dumped him for me. Austin truly loved Julie and then after that him and me became enemies. Austin then eventually disappeared and we never heard from him again.
    "But why take revenge on me know? Why still hold a grudge from something that happened years ago?" he then chuckles. He starts to walk to the door and he just stares at it for a while. He then walks back to the table and I hear metal scraping off of something.
    " Do you really want to know why I still hold this grudge?" I still hear the noise of metal scraping off of an object.
    "She was everything to me until you came, you took her away from me and that’s something I wont accept." then he grabs my hand makes my fingers straight.
    "Wait, what are you doing? What are you doing!!"Then he slices off my finger and the pain is unbearable, it stings and burns at the same time the blood gushing out slowly but in massive amounts. I scream in agonizing pain, like I have never before in my life. He starts to laugh.
    "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" my hand starts to twitch and shake. He laughs even harder and harder with each passing moment.
    "This is only the beginning, don't think it is over" he walks to the door and whispers something to the man at the door.


    I wake up, I'm in the room before. I then quickly look at my hand and I'm missing one of my fingers. Its wrapped in a cloth and its all covered in blood and my clothes are stained with the reddish-black blood. I start to get up, but the pain in my hand is too much and it forces me down to the ground. As I lay there my hand is still bleeding; in agony I cant bear it no more. I see a little opening it slides sideways and a plate of food comes through it. I get relieved and start crawling towards and I start to eat it all up. Leaving no scrap of food behind. I start then to fiend for more food. I pound on the door, pleading for more. Then I stop and silence falls and everything stays still. I start thinking to myself,
    "if I could only fight back or get out somehow before he ends up killing me or tear me limb from limb."
    I Try my hardest to fall asleep, but after awhile I start to open my eyes and my eyelids are heavy, and I see a blurry figure and its getting closer to me and I don't have the energy to get up. I then feel a needle pierce through my skin on my neck.
    I'm awake now I know where I am, but now I can't move at all. I'm strapped to the table and my arms or legs won't budge at all.
    "So I see we meet again" he chuckles.
    "Your lucky I'm strapped to this table or your blood would've been the one spilled!" he looks at me with a smile on his face.
    "Your a brave one aren't you?” he starts heading for a desk besides the table. He then starts to check out the items on the table, he then starts to analyze the item, and I can’t tell what it is.
    "Do you how it feels like to have no feeling at all?" He has the object in his hand and is just playing around with it in his hand.
    "No I don't know what that feeling is and I was hoping you could feel that." his face then went from a smile to a frown.
    Then all of a sudden the table gets turned upside down and my back is exposed. I start to feel my shirt to be ripped and I know all of a sudden what is going to happen.
    "Your the first one that is going to be feeling nothing at all you son of a b***h!!" he yells it all and then he stabs me in the back from the top and slides down my back. My spine is now revealed blood dripping everywhere on the table going onto the floor. His hands are covered with my blood and he has a griminess look on his face. He starts to laugh hysterically. I scream and I can't stop.
    "So how does it feel tell me, oh I'm sorry you can't feel nothing at all!" he then raises the blade into the air and stabs it into my spinal cord. Then my body starts to jerk and my hands and arms and legs start to twitch. I can't stop the shaking, I can’t control it. He whispers into my ear
    "there is still more yet to come" he then takes a needle and a thread and stitches my back up again and I can't feel a thing. He turns me back up again and my eyes are glistening in the light and two other men pick me up and they start to take me back to the room. As they open up the door all they do is just throw my body as if it was nothing at all onto the dead cold floor.


    I’m awake. I can't feel anything. Only the cold dead floor against my face. I lay on it sideways. Not moving, not feeling, not knowing. Whatever is going to happen next I know it's going to be worse than before. I try to get my back up against the wall so I can sit up. But without the use of my legs or arms it's going to be harder. As I'm trying to sit up against the wall, he walks in.
    "you know you'll be able to get your feeling back sooner or later." he walks towards me and then crouches down and we are looking face to face. He then starts to position me right on the wall so I'm sitting straight up.
    "Getting your feeling back is something you don't want, but once you do I'll be having lots of fun." I stare into his eyes and rage stats to build up in me. With all the rage I get the power to move a little and spit into his face.
    ''I'm going to kill you, you b*****d!!" he then falls back onto his back and then quickly gets back up and then starts to punch me in the face and doesn't stop until I started to bleed.
    "Your going to regret that you piece of s**t! How in the ******** could she choose you over me!" he starts pacing back and forth with his hands on his head.
    "I loved her for who she was, not for what she had. You never actually sat down with her and listened to what she had to say. Did you???? No you didn't you ignored her, focused on your work more than her, you couldn't sacrifice anything for her!!" he then stops and looks at me with the most hateful look in his eyes filled with hate and murder. He walks out the door enraged. I put my head back up against the wall in relief that he's gone and not anywhere to be found. I try to get my feel back see if I can move anything at all.
    The days pass by and I get some feeling in my legs and arms. I start and try to walk again and try to get back up, but the pain is too much and I stumble back onto the floor. I keep on trying and trying harder and harder after each passing time. I then finally get the strength I need to get back up on my feet. I start to walk from wall to wall. As I lay myself back down for some rest I start to hear faint footsteps from the outside. I lay back up against the wall and lay my head back up against it. He walks into the room. Looks me in the eye and glares at me.
    "So are you feeling any better now?" He is just glaring at me. Just with a blank expression on his face. He then starts to head back to the door and then calls for one if his assistance's. He's talking to him, but whispering, the man starts to nod and heads towards me closing the door on his way in and I could tell that this was not going to be good. He then picks me up while I’m up against the wall and is making me stand up straight. I'm standing straight, but my balance is no good and I start to wobble. The man then punches me in the stomach, causing me to go to my knees. I cough out a little bit of blood, and spit it out. The man then knees me in the face and as my head is moving back blood spills everywhere. I'm on my knees struggling to get up off my knees. The man grabs my hair and throws me off to the floor. I start to get up and he then puts his foot on my back pushing me to the floor. My ribs start to feel like glass waiting to break in fire. He then kicks me one more time in the stomach and walks to the door.
    I'm there lying on the floor, bleeding on the inside and blood dripping out of my mouth. He walks back in and he crouches and he is just in front of me.
    "You look like you’re in pain, you know that." he gets back up and just smiles and I spit out some blood.
    "If I wasn't in this much pain you would be the one on the floor you son of a b***h." I try to get back up and lay against up on the wall. While I'm lying there on the wall I notice that he has an object in his hand. I look at it and it shines and I can tell it's a knife of some sort.
    "Looks like I'm going to have fun in a little while." He chuckles and then leaves the room.


    the blood is dried up on my face and the clothes that I have. The blood that was spilled from me is all over the floor, in dried up puddles. I'm there up against the wall panting trying to catch my breath, but each time I breath my lungs feel like they have daggers piercing right through them and being moved around. I start to take slow breaths, but the pain is yet still too much. He then walks into the room and has two other men with him. They pick me up and put me on their shoulders and dragged me to the room.
    They lay me down onto the table and then leave the room. My vision is too blurry for me to see anything. I focus onto him but then I lose my focus. I start to blank out, my eyes start to slowly close, I feel like I'm dying but I'm not, I still know I'm alive. I then feel a sharp sense of pain I don't know what it is but I know he's doing something. My eyes go wide open and I see him cutting down from my chest down to my stomach and it is wide open and the blood is dripping from my sides and dripping to the floor. I hear my blood hitting the floor, and I start to shake and my body aching. I scream in pain, but it seems that he doesn't notice my screams, but continues on. His hand now has something else in it; I can't see it or tell what it is.
    "I'm going to inject you with the worst thing ever and I will enjoy doing this." As he says that I already find out what it was that was in his hand, it was a needle and what he's going to inject me with is something I don't know.
    "Now this may hurt a little; oh and I forgot to tell you, I’m going to inject it through your heart, so this might sting a little so try to bear with me." The needle gets closer and closer to my heart with each passing second and I feel the worst pain I’ve ever felt, like getting splinters everywhere on the body and then I feel the fluid in the needle entering in my heart and passing through into my blood vessels and traveling in my body. He pulls out the needle quick and swiftly and I’m relieved. I'm there on the table panting and breathing and my heart rate starts to quicken up. Then all of a sudden it stops and I’m there lying motionless. After awhile my heart starts to beat again and I come back and breathing heavily.
    "Oh, I also forgot to tell you that what I injected you with was a heart disease not yet known to man called "corarevisor". This makes the heart to stop functioning at any moment. So at anytime without warning your heart will stop and then you'll come back to life but your heart will be a lot more weaker, and your lucky you have such a healthy heart so I don't know how many times this will go on. The only thing is that this is temporary so eventually it'll be gone, before your heart gives in." Shocked to what I heard I know that this would surely kill me.
    He then takes the needle and thread from before and starts to stitch my chest and stomach back up again. The pain is also unbearable and yet it's a lot worse than before. Now that my ribs, heart, stomach, intestines and all my other organs aren't showing, he calls the men from before and I’m so dazed that I don't notice them coming in and taking me back to the room.
    Once at the room they bring me all the way in and lay me down onto the floor, and walk away and leave.
    Then a thought comes into my head:" I'm his opium and he won't stop until he's over me."


    The days pass by and I'm still in so much pain. With every step i take my bones feel that they are all under weights and feel that they will shatter into pieces at any moment. I go back to the wall and lay up against it and i sit down and not move. My chest feels like a clenched fist just pounding at my chest ready to burst. I see the opening again and i see a pill bottle and glass of water. With what little energy i have crawl towards it. I grab the pill bottle and they are painkillers.
    " These pills should take some of that pain away and get you feeling better." It was a female voice and i couldn't see her through the little opening.
    " Why are you helping me?", I started to open up the pill bottle.
    " Because i really don't like what Austin is doing to you, i just found out about you yesterday and i told him to just let you go and he said that you needed to suffer like he did."
    " Well, he's nuts. Where am i by the way?" I put one of the pills in my mouth and take a drink of the glass of water.
    " Well Austins a really rich doctor. Your at one laboratories, and its one of his private ones, so if you even manage to escape you really have nowhere to go. Oh, by the way my name is Jade."
    " Well you probably already know my name it's Mike." The pain i had before starts to go away and I'm able to move with ease.
    " Well i better get going and by the way Austin is coming back again tomorrow so be ready. I'll see you soon." She reminds me so much of Julie. The sound of her voice is soothing and calming and gentle to the ear. i go back to the wall and lay up against it. I look at the painkillers and just examine it. Theres only five of these left and each last for at least a day or two. I see that its manufactured by Austin, so this means these painkillers will come into good use. Now i know that Austin will come tomorrow and I'll be expecting him. What I'm wondering though is why would Jade be helping me? Unless she really feels sorry for me and doesn't like what Austin is doing to me. Anyway she is some help. Only way she can help a lot is by getting me out this death house.
    I wake up and hear the door opening. I get up quickly and go up against the wall. Austin comes in with two other men. The two men come to get me up. As they get me up i have the glass which had the water behind my back. Once I'm standing on my own two feet i bash the glass off one of the men head and it didn't break break so i turn to the other and bash it off his head. The glass breaks and Austin just stands there watching me. I kick the other guy in the stomach and he rolls over onto his back and i begin to stomp on his chest until i hear a snap and his breathing stops. The other regains his focus and tries to get back up and i knee him across the face and he falls to his stomach. I them start to stomp on his back and i hear his spinal cord snap. I turn to Austin and he starts to smile and walks towards me. I charge at him and he dodges it and i fall onto the floor laying on my back. He puts his foot on my throat and i can't breathe and i gasp for air.
    " How does this feel. Isn't it a great feeling." He's looking at me with a weird look in his eye and all i see is a dead soul inside a shell wanting to be free and in peace. But with all his anger and hate it's not helping him. Out of the corner of my eye i see jade with a pole in her hand, about to strike Austin on the back of his head, but as Jade is about to hit him he turns around and grabs the pole from her and throws it away and pushes her against the wall and she hits her head against it and brings me up.
    " Now I'm going to make sure your blind and silenced." He punches me in the stomach and knees me in the face. He drags me by the collar to the room.


    I open up my eyes and find myself on the table and my arms and legs are strapped. I see Austin and he has the needle and thread again.
    " What are you going to do with that?"
    " Like i said your now going to be blind and silenced." He starts to put the thread through the hole of the needle and he takes out a box of matches. He lights one of the matches and puts the needle in the flame of the match.
    “Just to make sure no one can bother us,” he walks towards the door and locks it, “ now no one can interfere.”
    I struggle to free myself from the straps that are holding me down, but they are strapped tightly.
    “Now, now theres no need to fret. Just stay still and maybe this won't hurt a bit.” His hand with the needle in hi hand starts to approach my mouth and with his other hand he grabs my chin and puckers up my lips. As the needle starts to pierce through the tender skin of my lip, I feel a stinging sensation starting in my lip and traveling through to my neck and down my arms to my hands. Once it goes through my first lip he then starts to pierce through the second lip and the pain again is hurting, and my lips begin to quiver.
    “I can tell that this is hurting you, isn't it?” He then does it again, piercing through the bottom lip , then through the upper lip. He keeps on doing this until my mouth is sewed shut.
    “now that this is done, now to work on your eyes.” I look at him with fear in my eyes, as they glisten in the lamp light. He grabs the bottom eyelid and pierces the needle through it, as the thread goes through the hole of my eyelid my eyes begin to water. He then starts to pierce through my upper eyelid with the needle and my eyes begin to water even more.
    “ Now theres one of the eyes sewed up now for the second one.” He begins to sew up my second one and my vision begins to disappear, up to the point that I can only see pitch darkness, which reminds of the room when I was first in it. I then start to hear clicking sounds, like of a lock being unlocked.
    “ Looks like we have some visitors trying to get in. No worries they won't be able to save you anyway.” All of a sudden I feel my heart stop, its the corarevisor kicking in and stopping my heart and all body functions. Before my heart stops I hear the door bash open and I blackout.

    Chapter 9

    “ Hurry and unlock this door!”, said jade in a panicked tone of voice. The police officer was going as fast as he can to pick locking the door. Once he got it unlocked he kicked open the door and three other men rushed in the room with their M-16's loaded and ready in the room where Austin had Mike trapped in and as a hostage. Jade See's Austin with a blade in his hand raised high in the air.
    “ No don't do it Austin, Don't kill him!” She screams at the top of her lungs, pleading him not to kill Mike. The officers begin to move in slowly wit their guns aimed at Austin, which they will not hesitate to kill him.
    “Sir, put down the blade and put your hands behind your back.” Austin not replying did nothing and stood there with no expression on his face and then he looked over to Mike and then he thrusts the blade to Mikes heart and one of the officers, without hesitating shot Austin at the shoulder and he was only pushed back from the impact of the bullet and he again began to raise the blade in the air and all officers started to shoot and Jade looked away from Austin getting shot. The bullets pierced right through him and blood was being spilled all over the floor and the casings of the bullets just dropped onto the floor one by one. After the officers stopped shooting, Austin was still standing, but as he opened his mouth, blood started to come out dripping and he fell onto his knees dropping the blade on the floor. His body then falls backwards leaving him lying on his back with a puddle of blood surrounding him.
    Jade finally turns around and covers her mouth to surprise of how she sees Austin on the floor. She then Starts to walk towards Mike who is temporarily dead. She then grabs a scalpel and cuts the thread that has sewed his eyes and mouth. She then unstraps him from the table. While she is unstrapping Mike from the table the officers begin to go towards Austins body and put him into a body bag. As Jade is unstrapping the last strap on his foot, Mike shoots up straight on the table and he's breathing heavily. Jade who is shocked quickly hugs him tightly and Mike puts his arms around her tightly and stroking her head gently.
    “Oh my god, Austin!” shocked to what he sees as the officers zipped up the body bag.
    “It's finally over I can now get out of this death house.” He unstraps the last strap on his leg and gets off the table and starts to walk towards the door.
    “Wait, you can't leave yet you still have that heart disease remember, luckily Austin created a vaccine for it.” Jade pulls out a small bottle with a Krystal blue liquid inside of It. She also gets out a needle and fills up the needle with the Krystal blue liquid.
    “Give me your arm.” Mike extends his arm and Jade injects him with the vaccine through his blood vessel, which will stop the corarevisor from stopping his heart.
    “Now you can get out of here and I'm coming with you, I was getting sick of working for Austin I think it's time I went on a vacation.”
    “Austin had it coming to him seeing of what he did to you, you can just call it Karma.” Mike laughs silently to himself.
    “Yeah, I guess you can call it karma.” Mike and jade both walk together to the exit of Austins laboratory and leave the memories in the room.