• Luminita was completely paralyzed. She stood there and let out a light breath that swept over his face. How he had gotten there without her so much as smelling or hearing him, she had no clue, that's why she was startled so much. As she stood, thinking of something to say, she found that her thoughts became more and more jumbled the longer she looked at him."Sorry." he apologized, barely louder than a whisper,"Didn't mean to startle you." She finally gathered herself together enough to force out a few words,"It's ok." she whispered back, still completely dazed.

    Tavian took a small step back as he looked at the ground and then up to her,"What are you doing out at this time of night?""I could ask you the same thing." Once he was further from herself, she found it exponentially easier to talk."I was simply walking around, familiarizing myself with the neighborhood." You're lying through your fanged teeth!! The thought burned on her tongue, but she surpressed her urge to yell it out loud."I was just taking a walk. My step-father gets on my nerves sometimes and it's good to get away from him." Tavian nodded,"That makes sense." his eyes flicked over her shoulder for a brief second and then he looked back to her,"Want to walk with me?"

    Luminita could think of so many reasons why she shouldn't walk with him, one of them being she didn't know if he planned on killing her. But, her teenage mind spoke before her logical side had a chance,"Sure." she replied simply, her voice gentle and silky like it always was. He turned around and began walking in the direction she had been heading in. After a few moments, he looked behind himself to see if she was following. She did a short sprint and then slowed to a walk once she reached his side.

    For a while, she just stared at the sky, trying to get her mind off of the awkward silence. She was never good at starting conversations and this showed it."Do you walk around at night a lot?" Tavian asked her curiously. She looked over at him,"Sort of..." another thing she was terrible at, extending her answer into a question to ask the other person as to keep a conversation going. Her eyes turned back to the sky and then she looked down, now staring at each house they walked by.

    After another few moments of silence, he thought of something else to ask,"How long have you been living here?""My whole life as far as I know." she replied quickly and was still unsure as to what she could add to her answer. Something popped into her mind eventually,"Where did you move from?""Romania." she went silent, confirming her suspicions about his accent."Why'd you move?" He shrugged,"My parents said it had to do with something about the government. I just went with it and came here.""Oh." she looked straight ahead of them, different thoughts running through her mind at once.

    Her eyes stayed locked on the street lights, staring at their illumination. She always found lights fascinating, bugs were always drawn to them for no particular reason. Kinda weird if you really thought about it. After a few minutes, she peeled her eyes away from the lighting to look at Tavian. He was walking right next to her, his head down as he stared at the pavement while they walked. A question burned in her mind, but it took her a bit to build up the nerve to ask him,"Why did you want to walk with me?" she asked quietly, her stomach beginning to knot.

    He looked up at her, indigo eyes seeing past her body."You seemed more entertaining compared to Marty. Least you don't call me Tav and bug me every five minutes." she laughed once,"If you can't stand her so much, why are you her boyfriend?" It really didnt make sense, if he didn't like her, why did he bother to be with her?"I wasn't attempting to. She just suddenly dubbed me her boyfriend and I went along with it.""Why?""I was afraid she knew the football team." Luminita couldn't hold in a laugh against that, she let out a small laugh, a few puffs of steam eminating from her lips in the cold.

    As they walked in silence, Luminita's mind eventually found its way to what she was supposed to be doing. At the moment, she shouldn't be strolling down the street with the new Romanian vampire, she should be hunting. She bit her lip, remebering what she was supposed to be doing and the situation she was in. Then something came to her mind, she could always go tomorrow, it's not like she was grounded or anything.

    A while later, she began to realize how late it was getting. Her pale eyes moved over to him,"I think I should get going." Tavian stopped walking and looked over to her,"Alright." she stood for a moment, running through things to say,"See you tomorrow?" he nodded,"Bright and early." She gave a small smile and then turned around, heading back for her house. Seconds later, she looked over her shoulder to see where he was; he had disappeared, no longer standing near the lamp post.

    Luminita turned back around and kept walking, thinking about the night she had just had. She shook her head lightly, not believing it. She continued walking and eventually reached her house, walking in and immediately heading upstairs. Her eyes closed when she yawned and plopped down onto her bed, her lamp turned off. Quietly, she snuggled under her covers and sat in bed for a while, just thinking. Her eyes roamed around the room and her heart almost stopped at what she saw. There was a dark silhouette standing in the corner of her room and she could distinctly hear it breathing in the dead silence of her room.