• The last of the Elders died trying to reveal a secret. I'm out to figure it out today to finaly gain what honor I can for my family name. I used to study with the Elder 15 years ago, studying all I could about Heaven's Shadow. There are 3 tests, the Test of Illusion, the Test of Fear, and the Test of Cleansing. Well, I'm at the entrance, and I plan to find out why this is here.

    I took a deep breath and headed inside. The room was adorned with diamond walls and rivers of pure water. I wonder when the first test will begin. I looked around for a few more seconds and blinked for a bit. WHOA! Did I just see that? I closed my eyes. There was a barren wasteland with people walking around. If you thought Hell was bad, then this is evil. I opened my eyes and walked, but then i started bleeding and hearing screams. I closed my eyes and I was being attacked by a woman. I pulled out my sword and stabbed her again and again, but she got back up. She kept on screaming with a fury but didn't attack me anymore.

    Trudging on and on, I wanted to open my eyes to the nice fantasy, but that would mean death. Everyone just looked at me, with greedy eyes. I was curious why that woman attacked me so i quickly opened my eyes and i learned that when they are open, the people come after you. Finaly I made it through to room 2. I was scared of what would happen. Do you remember when you were 5 and you used to have nightmares? Well the Test of Fear brought them all out.

    It's like a horrid night mare you can't shake loose. I stood paralyzed at all my fears, in one place. Then my worst nightmare came. My mom and Dad walked torwards me. I was glad to see a familiar face and I rushed to embrace them. Then their faces fell off like masks and a rotted face was beneath. I ran and ran torwads the door. I tried to open it but it was locked, and those creatures kept coming. Then bad luck happened, all of my nightmares came. The evil bear, Clowns, heights, you name it and it was there. I was trapped and decided to make a stand. At least I tried, eh? Then they all vanished, and the door opened. I walked through to test # 3.

    It was a circular room, and a white door of light on the other end. The Cleansing was about to begin. A woman dressed in white robes was in the middle with her back torwards me. Then I cried, it was Elder Mary, my mom.

    "I waited for you Storm," my mom said with a warm smile.
    "M-Mom, is it really you?" I asked through wet tears.
    Then she transformed into a man who looked like Jesus.
    "No, I am Devil, but you are still here aren't you." he said
    "where is my mom?!?!" I yelled at him.
    "She's been here all the time, hidden." he assured me with a smile.
    I couldve cried forever but I wanted to find out why this was here, for mum.
    "This place is the gate of Heaven. It is Literally Heaven's Shadow. You must make a decision though, Heaven or your mom? If you choose Heaven, your mom will die. If you choose to save your mom, you both shall be banished from Heaven." he just smiled.

    Devil is just like a gangster, doing business everywhere and hurting people. I ran to stab him but he vanished. He reappeared behind me and kicked me with a snarl.

    "I need the blood of God to enter these gates and take my throne. Storm, I need your blood, you are the last of The Heaven Lineage. Your dad prevented me from coming to you a long time ago, but now your own my turf." He snarled.

    I did something that I could never do again. I ran into the light door and I was in Heaven. As Devil promised, my mom died, but she joined me in Heaven soon after I did. Devil lost, and I was The Ruler of Heaven, and now I plan to stay ruler.