• tab My name is Sprout, and this is my story. A story about a lonely little girl who woke up one night and screamed. Not because there were monsters under her bed or in her closet. But, because she had sprouted a pair of deathly wings from the blades of her back.
    tab This is a story about a girl who learned to grow up with the burdening wings, not sure what to do with them.
    tab Here is the Story of Sprout.

    tab I was sleeping so soundly that night, nothing in the world could've distracted me. In my dream, I was soaring through different rooms in my house, floating somehow. But when i went to high, the ceiling stopped me, and I could go no farther.
    tab Then, there was a sharp pain, which I vividly remember. It was running through my back, up and down. The flesh was being torn away in some parts, and it felt like knives through my back.
    tab Horrified I sat up from my dream, and tore the covers of my bed off, and threw them onto the floor. I was shreiking, my breath was coming heavier, and I flailed my arms trying to reach my back; but I could never quite get to it.
    tab Finally I fell to my knees in sweet defeat, and screamed loud. My parents came rushing into my room wondering what might be paining there little girl.

    tab When they scrambled in, I was facing them; my back to the wall.
    tab "Genta? are you okay sweetie?" I heard my father's muffled voice, and almost remember his blury image.
    tab Then, I fell on the floor, face down. My mother screamed in horror, as there were a pair of black, leathery, and feathered wings protruding from my back.
    tab She held my head in her arms, mourning me like I'd died. Father walked over to my bed. The sheets were soaked with blood.

    tab That's the story of how I got to be this way. It's only the beginning. Now I'm in a completely different place. Here, there is no mommy to hold poor Magenta when she cries, or daddy to encourage her. No. After mom and dad found out what had become of me, they sent me to live with my Aunt Reggie in Tokyo.
    tab I hated it so much there, that I used my wings for the first time and flew away. Now, I live in an old abandoned warehosue with a few other friends...if that's what you want to call them. More like roomates. Out here there is one goal, and one goal alone; survive.