• Kyoko Masaki walked along the dark streets of the star village. As she was getting close to a bar, she heard some ruckus as she came near she saw what appeared to be a woman being thrown out. She then rushed toward her. Kyoko soon found out that that was not a woman. He had long blond hair and some was tied into a ponytail. His headband was to dark to see the symbol on it. She asked him which way was his home. He pointed east. She helped him up and walked him along the paths of the star village. She noticed that he was wearing a strange array of clothes: he was wearing a long black cloak with red clouds all over it. They came to the end of the village. She asked him if he lived in that village. He replied “No way! I just go there for the sake. I would never live in this dump.” So then, Kyoko lead him through the forest to a small hut.
    “This is where you live?!”
    “No this is some hut to confuse people” They walked while the mysterious man gave directions. Soon they came upon a building. It was a one-story building but she couldn’t see the details. It was too dark. She figured it must be about midnight. She walked him inside only to be greeted by unfamiliar faces. She thought, Well this is no surprise… I have never seen that blond guy before. She opened her mouth to ask a question, but was interrupted by one of the people “You have no business here. Leave.” The blond guy piped up “Hey, Pein its ok she’s cool.” She was going to say something but everything suddenly went black.
    > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > She woke up in a place unfamiliar. She had no idea where she was. All she could remember was the man who had the…the man! She remembered it all clearly now! Last night everything went black all of a sudden. She wondered what had happened last night. As she was thinking, she didn’t notice someone had walked into the room. The blond man was there once again. He said, “Hey, thanks for helping me last night. I would’ve gotten in quite a mess if it wasn’t for you, so thanks.” she then asked where she was and he explained that he was a part of a group called the Akatsuki. He said that just by knowing where this place was she was a threat to the organization. He also said that they wanted to kill her and for her to be careful for a couple of days. Then another person in a cloak came in, but he was different. He had a mask on and he was very tall. He said, “Hey lady you’re awake. So you like Deidara? He like you? Aww…lovers.” The blond man blushed. “No! I just met her last night!” Kyoko still dazed by the strange man, said nothing. Then a plant like man came in. The strange man with the mask then said, “Tobi says hi Zetzu!” she then started putting the names of the people together: the blond is named Deidara, the weird guy with the mask is Tobi, and the plant guy is Zetzu. She still doesn’t know who “Pein” was. She stood up only to find she was wearing something unfamiliar she was puzzled for a minute then asked the one named “Deidara“. He said that Konan had changed her clothes and there was nothing to be worried about. Another figure walked in and passed Zetzu, Tobi, and Deidara, straight to her. He put a vile of liquid in her mouth and plugged her nose so she had to swallow. Then everything went black, again.