• ~Past Part 4d~

    For that she spares his life and lets him go. After, night fall she leaves him with a note, food, and a blanket. In the note it said, that he was the most ignorant, naive demon in the whole world. And that he should just mind his own business, next time.

    [[LIKE OUCH!]]

    Anyways, after Kirara was long gone. Koga finally wakes up. No doubt, he was angry and over exaggerated about the note. He ate the food. Then, headed out.

    Now, Kirara is very strong and fast. So by now she was already on the other side of the mountain. In the human territory.

    Koga as a reluctant one, went after her. [[just so he ca make her take back what she said. And to get an apologize and a “thank you”]] once he got there his stealthy skills made it easy for him to get but the guards.

    He fallowed her all over the village. Kirara wasn't stupid. She could sense his presents. With that she headed out to the forest again so Koga wouldn't get caught. They ran deep into the forest.

    The deeper they went the louder the battle, between them, got. The chunks and the wind slashing by the shurikens and kunis hitting against the trees. The growls and snarls Koga gives out every time he strikes. There battle was fears and crazy! But the demon slayer was too much for the demon. After a quick, solid blow. Kirara used her chakura and was able to pin the demon into a tree. With one blow of her last kuni knife. It was all she needs to eliminate the demon.

    She pulls the weapon out. Before her last blow.. Kirara looks into his foolish eyes. Even though he was about to die. She can see that he wouldn't give up. The foolish demon. One that seems extremely weak as if its not worth it.. but his aura is strong. Greater then any she has ever experienced before..

    As she was studying him. He looked at her in puzzlement. With a quick thinking he yelled out, “what the HELL are you waiting for?! Don't taunt me like that, if your going to kill me. Then, do it already!”

    His voice startled her, brining her back to earth. She gave a surprised look, then an angry one because, he broke her train of thought. Then, she help up the knife and strikes!

    [[to be cont. to part 4e]]