• ~Past Part 4c~

    Before, anyone new it...

    Kirara and Koga were under a sakura tree. Near the edge of a cliff. With Koga's head resting in her lap, asleep. From that murderous battle, tired and wounded but is being healed, comforted, and lullaby given by Kirara. Out in the Vally, they can see the perfect view. Of the sun setting before them..

    Both Kirara and Koga were safe, tired, wounded, and...feels relief but in the heart...confused. Koga hated humans...but in his dream, while he was with her. He didn't want her to leave. He wanted that warm gentle, soft, feeling from her.

    Kirara didn't want to let go. As, she puts her arms around him as he sleeps. She looks out in the sunset thinking:

    “what, a foolish demon this one is. He knew he has no chance against the other demons. But his wild, bold, determined, self was unbelievable. Even though, we actually made it out alive, his strength and power was more then anything I ever seen in my life...”

    she looks down at him. With amazement in her eyes. This demon, person, man was something she never seen before. Kirara wanted to know... of this unique person. But...she couldn't because, she is... was.. a demon slayer.

    [[to be cont. to part 4d]]