• Emma was running as fast as she could but she could no longer run. Her legs were about to give way, and she was out of breath. When she was running she fount the pack that protected her in the cabin, they saved her from the coven. She want and found the leader, she asked him to help her, to get her away from them. He asked her why she was in trouble she said.
    " When i was born my mom had to make a deal with the vampires to keep me safe, she said when I'm 18 i would have to become one of them, she used words..." she trailed off trying to find the right word. " She hated me she said she will always hate me. Mum did not want me to be a bloodsucker. She said that I'm going to be a filthy bloodsucker, a... a killer.
    " So why are you so upset ¿ Anybody I've talked to wished to live forever, so why not
    you ¿"
    " Because I have seen what they do I know that they kill. I know what they feel when they cant find love, or hope, or even have a mother."
    " So you want us to help get you out of this,... problem ¿
    " Yes."
    " We'll help but you must become one of us, or you can become a leach. Your choice."
    " What do i have to do to be one of you ¿"
    " You need to have fallen in love is a wolf otherwise you will be the only human in our pack. O. Kay ¿"
    " O. Kay."
    Several days later she found the one she loved they knew because they could not stop looking at each-other. They put her through the tests to see if they were truly in love and they were in love. She became one of them but she knew it would not last. She knew that the leaches would find her.
    Some days later they found her and they knew she crossed paths with the wolves. The leader of the coven said that there would be a battle but it would be worth it to get a one-of-a-kind vampire, she would be the one that would lead them to victory as the elders said.
    The sirens went off in the village, their leader said that the leaches were coming. They knew what they were here for, her. She ran as fast as she could, she ran to her secret hiding place, but this time she was not 11, she was 18. She knew that this day would come, she knew and she still put them in danger.
    " Chief, i have come up with a plan to keep from there being a war...."
    " What is it ¿"
    " Well i was thinking since they want me, i could surrender my self to them, it's only an idea."
    " If you are O. Kay with that then we could do it."
    "Thank you."
    " Vampires, we would like to make a deal."
    " What is it ¿"
    " We would like to give her to you."
    " Thats it ¿ what's the catch ¿"
    " No catch, we just want you to leave us alone."
    "So Emma what are your little wolf friends up to ¿ Well, now we don't have time to waist we want to make you our super bread, a one-of-a-kind vampire. You won't feel the pain a couple of days, you'll feel perfect by next week.
    After that week went by she did feel perfect, she was a wolf-vampire the only one, until she has kids the others said. She was fine with being a vampire and she found her true love, and he loved her to.