• Last celebration
    The sun was setting with a bright glow as lights flashed in a house like a shootout. In the house music was playing and a disco ball was show different colors around the room. People were partying and dancing. The food bar wasn’t getting much company but it was gradually getting lighter. A man with blue hair was sitting by the edge of the house. He got a few looks because his hair was much different from everybody else’s but because the party was for him was no one ostracized him. He was drinking raspberry punch and he had the top left half of a cake with the letters “gc” but the c was actually a cut off o. a teen woman about the same age as the man with blue hair sat next to him. She looked a bit nervous to speak but the man with blue hair spoke first. “It’s a shame that this will be the last time I see you in a while.” The man said to the woman. “Yeah, it’s a shame Leo. I am sad. I always knew you liked me but we never actually did anything together. Well I guess there is this party.” The woman said to the man with blue hair. He said back to her “but we will see each other again. Just don’t die before I come back.” He said jokingly to the woman. “Yeah I guess. I just wish we could have done something. If I had only known.” The woman said to Leo. “Well at first we didn’t know I was going anywhere and by the time I found out I was getting tested for why my hair was blue.” Leo said. He looked into her eyes. Then they kissed for a moment that seemed to last forever. Then one of the woman’s friends waved at her and called “hey come on this is your favorite song!” completely oblivious to the moment that just passed. “And that song fallowed my favorite moment.” The woman said and walked away. He sat back wondering if that kiss was for all the time he will be far away from her. In fact he wouldn’t be near any of his friends, family, school, or even this planet. “I guess it is time for the world to have magic again.” He finally said after thinking. He sighed. This was a sacrifice he had to make. Even if turning water into whine got someone drunk. He felt too tiered. “The first sign.” He said. A large man around Leo’s age sat next to Leo. Leo looked half the 2nd man’s size in terms of muscles. This 2nd man was the lead quarter back for there football high school team. The man looked depressed. Leo and Mark were going to the same collage. Mark got an invite from an Ivy League collage to play football. Leo having gotten a 4.0 grade average during his senior year so he decided he should go with his friend. Also his third male friend was going to that same collage. “Hey. It’s kind of sad that you are going. I wish we could have known sooner.” Mark said. His head was hung down and he felt like he was going to puke if it got any sadder. They only found out 2 days ago. After an awkward silence Mark left to party some more. Suddenly Leo’s vision got blurry. This was the second sign mentioned to him. The 3rd would be him fainting. Then he would be gone. They wouldn’t see him for twenty years. He started to feel disjointed in thinking and the music started to sound odd. Slowly a wave of head turned and saw Leo. He felt there stares. A tear finally escaped its captivity. He never knew he would be gone this fast. He started to hear people say “goodbye” and he heard some crying. Then a second later he lost feeling related to the body save for hearing. Finally he was gone for the earth for a while.