• Standing beside his mother was Marty, the room was cold and a draft was coming through the window. The room was calm but the feelings of the two were anything but. The mother was wrapped in blankets while sweating profusely from her forehead. The mother was weak but even with the never-ending care of Marty which was helping she was still in a lot of pain. His help was the only act of nursing that he could offer to his mother but he tried very hard in order to make sure her life would not be in jeopardy. Marty put his mother's hand in his and he felt it ever so softly feeling the hand shaking a little. Marty looked at his mother seeing if she was alright and he noticed her chest was moving slowly up and down as a weak sign of breathing. Marty has been sad in every activity for a week now as she has been so sick since she caught this virus. Marty walked over to the window placing his hands on its sill and letting out a sigh. He felt bad while staring out to the road of people walking around. He felt bad because he didn't have enough skills to become a doctor to help what he loved so much. People in the road saw Marty with his hair blowing softly in the breeze and they smiled a fake smile that slammed to a frowning end when they walked away from the boy. A tear, sliding rapidly down his cheek made him spin around ever so reluctantly to stop facing the crowd of people. He was against showing sorrow and weakening to the town's people as his mother was popular and among the most regarded of people. She was a house maid paid very well and amazing at her unmatched people skills. She was not even asking much of the people but she still caught this devil virus. It has been in the town for a while now just wiping out the people one by one. Marty walked back to his mother and he looked down at her again. He wasn't smiling and he was breathing lightly. The town's people gave her multiple presents ranging from little cards to medicines of a wide variety. One thing that was given was a well-crafted clay bowl which Marty placed a dirty rag into and ringed it out a few times to place upon his mother's head. She made no expressions yet her chest still moved up and down, over and over. Marty picked up the bowl and turned towards the door, taking a quick look back at his mother then drooping his head down as he walked to the door. He walked outside onto the stone pathway that curved around the house in an L shape. Each room was a different part of the house only accessible by walking outside under the large roof that was held up by pillars on each end. He turned to the sink that was outside the room alongside each of the bedrooms. He backed up a little dropping the warm water onto the grass and then he filled it with nice fresh water that was chilled. He was washing the cloth a little with the bowl by his side when he heard his name get called. He placed the cloth in the bowl and he slid the bowl to the side of the door turning to see Mr. Elten. He was yelling and waving with a big hairy arm that stretched high in the air. Mr. Elten called Marty over to him and he walked over getting a heavy punch of the sun when he walked out from under the roof towards the man. He got up close and Mr. Elten said "Your mother, how's she doing." Marty looked down at the ground kicking at a few of the rocks and a small voice without much expression slid out between his teeth. He spoke with a heavy heart "she's been in bed for days now. I fed her a tad last night but she has been refusing food almost all day." His reporting ended and Mr. Elten looked puzzled but then said "well look boy I got a deal for you now listen here." He hushed his voice to a mere whisper speaking in detail. "I went to this Trade Union that I go to every Wednesday and there was a new item slinking around the backdrops of the market. Now I'm not talking prices. I love your old lady and it so happens that we can maybe get her back on her feet." Marty's eyes grew wider and then wider, then his head started rising up to meet Mr. Elten's eyes. "I told them to just layaway the item for a bit, you know, special reserve it to you and only and I'd pay off the expenses free of charge. It's over at Timothy, that's a feasible journey on foot I'd believe you could probably set out now and get back tomorrow morning." Marty's face was lighting up with the pounding enjoyment jolting through his entire body. The dark cloud around his heart was vanishing as he no longer wanted to go back in time because he could finally see his mother well again. Mr. Elten quickly said he would get some attendants to take care of her for the night while Marty was almost back into the house in a very fast run. He ran up to the door swinging it open wide forgetting the bowl of water as he tripped without grace into the room. He scrapped up his knee revealing a flash of blood upon his knee and lower leg but he got up quick and stood beside his mom as a clash off words fought to get out of his mouth. He then stopped when he looked at his mother's still chest.

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