• "Battles, eh?... I may loose my wings if I fight.... but then again... lets see if I still haven't lost my touch... I will need it for the end game.." He appeared in the middle of a void valley, with no trees or bushes around, and the mountain tops caving in like teeth of a monstrous beast. The sky was set with a gray mist, getting darker by the minute... He was peacefully sitting in a lotus position, his wings covering his back as if a cape. His sword was sheathed, strapped to his left; its guard and handle supporting his left hand. "My friend, what would you like for breakfast?" He looked vaguely in front of him, focusing on nothing n particular but seeing much of the landscape around him. He pulled an inch of the blade out of its sheath with his right hand. An instant later, lightning struck somewhere near the base of a mountain range ahead. Thunder caught up to him a few seconds later, accompanied by the war cries of his opponents. After the first strike, the sky and the land were soon entertaining themselves with a grandeur light show.

    Waves and waves of shadows spread toward the center of the valley. He was motionless, looking toward where the first strike will come from. 'Pity.' he thought. 'I have an advantage.... I guess we should have summoned them a bit closer.... they will get tired by the time they get here...' The lightning struck the dirt a few feet ahead of him. From the light came darkness. A mountain troll was eagerly running toward him, with his club raised for the strike. "Lets dance!" His battle cry wasn't as intimidating compared to the troll's roar, but he didn't want to trouble his lungs with something as old as "DIE!!!!!!!" or "TASTE MY STEEL, YOU FILTHY BEAST!!" For one thing, the creatures that were attacking him were already dead, and no, he did not want them to lick his blade, which was not at all made of steel. As the troll came in range of his sword, still running with the club raised overhead, (Dumb as trolls were, staying in the way of such a boulder may be no less suicidal than inviting an elephant to step on your heels to test the shoes. Their reaction rate was somewhat slow, but their stature was very handy when breaking heavy doors of castle courtyards. Also, cavalry was at a disadvantage when fighting them as their slow to turn horses were shouldered to the ground. One of the more advanced tactics the mountain trolls used was to run at a single opponent from both sides and crush him with their bellies.... and then they exchanged a high five...) he was surprised to find a sword in his chest. Leon stretched his foot toward the monster's belly and helped him complete a curve above his warm sitting spot. A moment later, he stood up from the backwards roll and launched toward the rest of the wave.

    As he was coming close to his next opponent, he slightly turned in his course and let the blade smoothly slide through the monster's stomach. The troll crumbled to his right, and the blade continued in its upward diagonal motion, catching another creature on the throat. Leon stepped on the beast's leaning chest and jumped toward the next victim. After a while he got bored and annoyed by the pointlessness of it all and sheathed his sword, willing the armies gone.