• The Night was darkand krisp, we could feel the cold breath of those who had died on this lonley path on the backs of their necks.Feeling the eyes of those who could see the soul through the body,around every courner.
    "I don't like this place...."Autumn traied off.
    "And You think I love it so much?" I said as I looked around nervously,"Why can't Carnaliun do this stuff him self?" Isaid looking over my shoulder.
    This time we had been sent deep down into the underground path,which no one had dare travel for centruies.The way of the Mulder.The evil Creature that pluaged this country for thousands of years.The Mulder is truley the foulest beast in the history of this unknown teritory.
    Devowering the flesh of every creature that come to it without a perpose.
    This time though,the poor unfortunate souls walking staight into hell it's self (us,oh joy) had a reason to be going there.Carnaliun,the Undercity gang leader who enslaved Me and my lovely cohort Autumn has sent us to settle a deal they may not come out of.
    "Are we Going to come out of here alive ,Chriss?"
    I Looked at her with concern."I don't know, Autumn."
    To be Truthful I realy didn't want to be here and if I got the chance I was going to run out of there like a bullet train on Sunday.Autumn is a smart kid,she can fend for herself ,right?Well the truth of it is that I was 14 and She was 12,she didn't need me,but I wouldn't be able to take it I got out alive and Some thing horrible happend to her.
    "Um........"Autumn managed to get out as we came up to giant stone wall.
    "Wow,"I squeiked as I gazed up"Um guess that's what this key is for."I said looking up at a tiny key hole halr way up the wall.Carnalium had givin us a tiny key and told us,"You'll need it.", not that it helped much.
    "Yeah,"Choked Autumn,obviously she was scared,"But how do we get up there?"
    "I have no Idea." I spat out in anguish and exaustion.