• Dragon Chronicles of Lore
    Book One

    The World of Jerjinni

    Chapter 1

    In the world of Jerjinni there is a forest named Kallandrae and in that forest live some very terrible creatures. The forest they say can pass messages through the trees. The trees have the ability to think and speak for themselves.
    The creatures that dwell there are the Dweck a creature that is a round ball of flesh with razor sharp teeth that are as long as bananas and will eat anything that can fit into it’s mouth. Although the Dweck may be small, it is a very strong and smart opponent.
    There are also huge creatures called the Gorillahack. It is part gorilla and the other half no one knows. It has earned the nickname The Hacker because when you encounter the Gorillahack it will take two long sharp blades from its back and try to kill you. Many poor souls who have crossed paths with he Gorillahack are found in many jagged pieces because once the Gorillahack has killed them they hack away at their bodies.
    Then there are the Sartori creatures. A creature that is small and long like a weasel but do not be fooled by their cuteness… they are fast and nasty. They eat their opponents before they are dead. And by the time they are dead there is usually a pack arriving to help finish them off.
    While these creatures are horrible, there are good creatures too. These good creatures are very friendly and will try to protect you from all the other evil creatures.
    Snoogles are fond of humans. Because of their relatively small size, they aren’t the best defenders against many of the evil creatures. They look like a dragonfly but are all fuzzy and have many long legs.
    Then there is the Chumpy a strong winged animal that’s hind legs have split hooves and a rump with a long tail with a mind of its own. The Chumpy has two horns on its head. It has a long snout and longish ears one with a hoop earring. Its front paws are scaly and have long sharp claws. They are your best defense against the terrible creatures.
    There is a small group of creatures called Nushy they look like a squirrel with a huge tail and a mohock. They are easily eaten by the other creatures. Even though they are fond of humans, they never feel entirely safe.
    There is a desert that is called Hadoric Desert it is a bad place to be because there are many bands of outlaw thugs. They call themselves The Outlaws of the Forbidden God. These outlaws will kill men or ask the men to join their band if the man looks strong. If they see a woman, they either kill her or rape her if they think the woman is cute.
    Next, there is the ocean called Zaxok. There are some sea creatures not a lot. Of course, there is fish. Then are some incredibly huge creatures called Noxoja they eat anything that crosses their path. Then there are even bigger creatures called Xest they are very sweet creatures. They are very gentle and if they are ever captured, they come quietly.
    Last, there are the Shitir Mountains surrounded by the Hadoric Desert. No one travels there if they want to live. An elemental Mage is believed to live there. She is called Shadowless.

    Chapter 2
    Shadowless and King Benjamin

    One day Shadowless comes down from the mountains of Shitir and begins walking in the Hadoric Desert as she walks, she summons two sand elementals for protection. She walks for three days unharmed when she reaches the forest of Kallandrae she summons two wood elementals keeping the sand elementals with her. Then she walks to the ocean and summons two tsunami elementals. Last, she summons two fire elementals and walks to where the King lives.
    The King is preparing to capture Shadowless because of his amazing fighting abilities. As he yells orders to his army, a little boy walks up and whispers something to the King.
    “He’s here! Prepare to capture him and remember DO NOT harm him!!!” yells King Benjamin to his army.
    As his army exits the castle walls, a huge army of elements are walking up. Each one as tall as the castle. The castle is 5967 feet tall. The ground shakes as the elementals walk up to the castle and King Benjamin’s army are ready to face the elements.
    The elements now reach the army and battle breaks out. Many people of the army are dying and the elements are getting destroyed as well. One out of the many people in the army had orders to find Shadowless as he looks he cannot find him then unexpected Shadowless steps out from behind a fire elemental.
    “There she is! Grab her!” yells the young man in the army. Shadowless walks up to him and just stares at him.
    “Your family is dead correct?” asks Shadowless to the young man who is just quaking with fear.
    “Y- Yes they a- are… w- why do you care?” asks the young man getting angry that she would just ask a question like this out the blue.
    “You are to walk to the deepest darkest dungeon there you will find your brother. He has not been murdered as you have been told. He is still alive.” says Shadowless placing her hand on his shoulder. The young man breaks down into tears and Shadowless is grabbed from behind by the army officers.
    “Wait… Wait!” shouts the young man as Shadowless is dragged away.
    Shadowless is dragged down a hall then is thrown into King Benjamin’s room. Shadowless looks around then just stands there as King Benjamin gets up out of a chair. He walks up to Shadowless and looks at her up and down then laughs and says that she isn’t Shadowless he says Shadowless is a man.
    “I am the only Shadowless of the Shitir Mountains.” says Shadowless still standing as King Benjamin looks at her some more.
    “And a very attractive Shadowless!” yells out King Benjamin surprised that she is so pretty.
    Shadowless is wearing a mages robe that is black outlined in yellow. She has black hair that is up in a terra twist but her hood is covering her hair and she has bright green eyes. Her shoes are black as well.
    King Benjamin signals for two guards to come in. “Take her to the deepest darkest dungeon. Remember do not harm her.” says King Benjamin sitting back in his chair.
    “Yes Sir.” respond both the guards and drag her away again. “Our apologies ma’am but it is our orders.” say the guards once in the dungeon and walk away.

    Chapter 3
    The Dungeon Friend

    Shadowless looks around the dungeon but just sees the darkness. She reaches her hand out and feels nothing but the coldness in the air. She hears nothing except drips of water falling from somewhere inside the dungeon. Shadowless just sits down near the wall thinking of nothing but him.
    Hours pass before Shadowless as she sits there feeling the night beginning separate her from existence. She just sits and stares at the floor thinking of everything he did to her. She begins to cry as she remembers him. His face, his laugh, his kind caring heart, and how he changed completely overnight. His gentleness turning into abusiveness, his love turning to and like the color of his blood, his hatred residing deep within his heart and how it came into his grasp. How he hurt her so.
    As Shadowless cries, a young man notices her. He is a strong tall young man put into the dungeon for raping and killing another young woman, which, happened to be a woman King Benjamin loved.
    “Hey sexy.” he whispers from his cage. “Why you cryin’?” he asks looking at her figure and thinks she is very attractive.
    Shadowless surprised that she isn’t the only one in the dungeon asks, “Who’s there?”
    “Me an unfaithful servant to the king. Dagdron at your service.” he says grabbing a mouse and killing it then biting into it.
    “Where are you and what is that crunching noise?” asks Shadowless hearing Dagdron crunching on the mouse’s bones in his mouth.
    “A mouse I caught. Hey sexy, you didn’t answer my previous question. Why you cryin’?” asks Dagdron again, but this time with a mouth full of mouse.
    “It’s nothing really… I thought I was alone in this dungeon and I didn’t want that.” says Shadowless casually lying.
    “Is that all? Well you aren’t alone sexy, you have me. Hey, why not get me out of this cage. I know a way out that you’ll much appreciate.” says Dagdron to her.
    “How? You’re in a cage-” Dagdron cuts Shadowless off mid sentence.
    “I never used to be in this cage. I was put in here to make sure I won’t escape again.” says Dagdron.
    “Ok I let you out.” says Shadowless getting up then walks over to his cage and undoes the lock.
    “Ha! Yes! Just what I need!” yells Dagdron then opens his cage door and huggles Shadowless. “Thankyou!!! Thankyou!!!! Thankyou!!!!! You won’t believe how cramped it gets in there!!!!!” yells Dagdron excited that she let him out of the cage.
    “Umm. You’re welcome…. Now how about that way out?” asks Shadowless as Dagdron lets go of her.
    “Oh yea!!! Follow me!” yells Dagdron walking fast over to the door that guards the dungeon then he slowly opens it and takes a step out then motions for Shadowless to come. Shadowless walks over to him and sees… another dungeon.

    Chapter 4
    The Great Escape

    As Shadowless walks through the dungeon, following Dagdron she hears huge huffs of air, grunts and growls. Shadowless a little scared asks Dagdron what these noises are.
    “It is the Gorillahacks.” says Dagdron entering another dungeon with Shadowless then Shadowless trips over something like a large oval rock. Shadowless picks it up and tries look at it but can‘t because it is too dark in the Dungeon. She feels the smoothness of the rock so she keeps it.
    After three hours of walking through dungeons, they come to a lit entrance. Dagdron stops and signals for Shadowless to keep quiet when she screams, but her scream is cut off as the young man she spoke to earlier during the war covers her mouth. Dagdron turns around and sees the young soldier holding Shadowless.
    “Hey let her go!” yells Dagdron and is about to hit the young man when the young man says that he has come to help them escape.
    “Dron?” asks Dagdron looking at his older brother.
    “Dagdron what the Hell are you doing out of your cage?” asks Dron the young soldier holding a bewildered Shadowless.
    “Well, sexy let me out.” says Dagdron motioning to Shadowless.
    “What? She let you out?” asks Dron surprised that she was able to let him out of the cage.
    “Well, yea-”
    “Shhh!!!!” shushes Dron as some voices echo down the hall. Then Dron peeks his head out of the dungeon entrance and sees three soldiers walking toward them. “Shadowless can you do close combat?” asks Dron letting go of Shadowless.
    “Yes, of course.” says Shadowless taking her obsidian dagger.
    “Alright there are three soldiers coming this way so prepare for combat.” says Dron pulling out his sword.
    As the soldiers walk toward them, Dagdron whistles loudly walking into view.
    “Hey!!! What are you doing out of the dungeon!?” yells one of the soldiers with the other two unsheathing their swords.
    “Just going to eat something.” says Dagdron walking toward king’s kitchen.
    “What’s wrong? Not enough mice down there?” asks the soldier making fun of him.
    “Actually there are too many. I can’t even get a whole meal in my mouth!” yells Dagdron stopping to inspect a vase.
    “Well, it serves you right! You raped and killed the woman King Benjamin loved!” yells the soldier pulling out his sword.
    “Well, who cares? I mean she was threatening me.” says Dagdron walking back and forth.
    “That’s no excuse! You had no right to kill her!” yells the soldier getting angry that he doesn’t care.
    “Please.” says Dagdron sarcastically pulling out a dagger.
    “Are you threatening us?” asks one of the other three soldiers.
    “Yes, yes I am.” says Dagdron rudely.
    “Grrr. Get him!!!” yells the soldier and all three rush at him.
    “Heyea!!!” yells Shadowless and cuts one of the soldiers neck open.
    Dron beheads one and Dagdron is having a little trouble fighting the one he spoke to most.
    “Please don’t dent my metal armor.” says the soldier as Dagdron punches him. Then Shadowless hits the soldier’s side and Dron strikes him with his sword. Dagdron stabs him and rips his Stomach open. Blood spills from the soldier’s stomach. “That’s only a flesh wound.” says the soldier and then Shadowless stabs him in his neck and that kills him.
    “Alright, this is the way out.” says Dron pointing to two huge, huge doors and Dagdron and Shadowless just look at Dron as if he’s an idiot.
    “What?” asks Dron as they look at him like that. Then Shadowless and Dagdron begin walking toward the huge doors. “What?” asks Dron still confused about their looks as he walks behind them.

    Chapter 5
    The Dragon Egg

    As Shadowless, Dagdron, and Dron walk out the doors and down the courtyard into the village, Shadowless stops and looks around at the wreckage the soldiers have caused.
    “C’mon sexy stay focused.” says Dagdron pulling her along.
    Once they are safely out of the village and are at the forest Kallandrae they see a black colored Chumpy laying down by a tree.
    “Need help getting through the forest?” asks the Chumpy rising to its feet.
    “Yea, we might.” says Shadowless looking at her companions.
    “Alright then, where is your destination?”
    “We’re heading to the heart of the Kallandrae.” answers Shadowless looking behind her as if the army may be after them.
    “Alright some place great!” yells the Chumpy while lowering himself so Shadowless can ride him.
    “Umm… why is it someplace great?” asks Dagdron fearing the terrible creatures in the forest.
    “It is my birthplace.” informs Shadowless before the Chumpy can answer.
    “Alright then let’s go!” yells Dron pulling out his sword and pointing it into the air. Then his pants fall down. Shadowless looks a little disgusted and points it out to him. “Ack!!!” yells an embarrassed Dron.
    That night on the way to the heart of Kallandrae, while Dagdron, Dron, and the Chumpy are sleeping Shadowless is tending the fire because she never sleeps. As she tends the fire, she feels a little movement in the pocket of her mage robe. Suddenly remembering the rock she picked up she quickly pulls it out of her pocket and looks at. She sees swirling colors of blue and green it has some strange marking on it in red. Then it suddenly moves in her hand. Yelping in surprise Shadowless drops it and sees it starting to crack.
    “What in the world?” exclaims Shadowless quietly as she watches the rock carefully. Then it suddenly occurs to her that this isn’t a rock, it is an egg! Shadowless just stares at it transfixed as a little purple lizard paw appears then a head, a pair of wings and a finally a bluish reddish tail. Shadowless speechless that it is a dragon touches it with her right hand and goes through a sharp pain of agony. When Shadowless looks at her right hand, it is a dragon paw! The paw is a deep bluish purple color and it sparkles a little bit. As she looks shocked at her paw she thinks “I must hide this somehow.” then sees a leather pair of gloves. Shadowless quickly puts them on and then the dragon hatchling snuggles up by her feet and falls asleep. Shadowless puts the dragon hatchling in her pocket and begins tending the fire again.

    Chapter 6
    The Gorillahack Battle

    When morning comes Dagdron, Dron and the Chumpy wake up to the smell of biscuits and gravy.
    “Morning! I thought you guys might be hungry, so I made you some breakfast.” chirps Shadowless serving them the biscuits and gravy.
    “Uh… thanks.” says Dron looking at the food as his brother licks his lips.
    “Mmm!!! Have you tried this!?” asks Dagdron to the Chumpy eating the food.
    “Have you tried this!!!???” asks Dagdron to his brother.
    “Dagdron chill we’re eating the same thing you are!” yells his brother in annoyance.
    “Yea, but sexy made it!!!” exclaims Dagdron all excited.
    “Her name is Shadowless!!! Not “Sexy!”” yells Dron at his brother.
    “Whatever.” mutters Dagdron taking another bite.
    After breakfast they continue on their way again. When they have been walking for a half a day, they come across a pack of Gorillahacks. The Gorillahacks roar as they see them and take the blades from their backs.
    “Uh is this the heart of Kallandrae?” asks Dagdron scared of the Gorillahacks. The Gorillahacks look at him then throw the blades at him. Luckily, the Chumpy spreads out his wing and blocks the attack.
    The Gorillahacks rush toward Shadowless, Dagdron, and Dron and they begin fighting. One of the Gorillahacks grab Shadowless by the neck and begins chocking her. The Chumpy sees this and flies into the air then dive-bombs the Gorillahack. The Gorillahack moves out of the way and continues chocking Shadowless. Dagdron sees the Chumpy trying to help her and runs over to help Shadowless.
    “Hey leave my sexy alone!!!” yells Dagdron punching the Gorillahack. The Gorillahack looks at him and throws Shadowless aside then punches him back. Dagdron goes flying into several Gorillahacks knocking them all into a huge tree. Dagdron looks up and sees the tree is going to fall over on him and the Gorillahacks. He quickly moves just in time as the tree falls over and kills them. The last Gorillahack is beheaded by Dron who looks a little sickened by it. Then runs over to Shadowless.
    “Shadowless are you ok?” asks Dron helping her up.
    “Yea.” says Shadowless taking in gulps of air.
    “Let’s continue before more Gorillahacks come.” says the Chumpy lowering himself once again for Shadowless.
    “Are you serious?!” asks Dagdron sweat dropping “We could’ve been killed and now you want to continue!?”
    “Yes, Gragon is another half a days walk we should be there by midnight.” says the Chumpy walking ahead of them.
    Chapter 7
    The Heart of Kallandrae: Gragon

    In Gragon, many male elves are training to win the heart of Princess Shadowless who is going to enter Gragon at midnight tonight. The Queen Rosu fears her arrival because it has been years since she last saw her daughter and is afraid that Shadowless won’t remember her Mother. A feast of fruits and vegetables are being prepared for Princess Shadowless’ arrival. Everyone is busy as the Honorary Blood Ceremony is to begin that night. This is where Shadowless will choose someone to marry.
    As Shadowless travels through the forest, Dagdron asks them to stop so he can take bathroom break.
    “Good idea.” says Shadowless getting off the Chumpy. So, Shadowless and Dagdron relieve themselves. When they are on there way back to Dron and the Chumpy, Dagdron grabs Shadowless and kisses her then let’s her go.
    “What was that about?” asks Shadowless as Dagdron continues walking ahead of her.
    “I kissed you because I love you.” says Dagdron looking back at her and winking.
    “Is that why you call me “sexy”? Because I’m not sexy.” says Shadowless trudging after him.
    “Yea you are.” says Dagdron despite Shadowless’ protests.
    “Where have you guys been you’ve kept us waiting at least fifteen minutes!” yells Dron then he looks at Shadowless and starts laughing like crazy. “Shadowless you’re red as a tomato!!!”
    “I am not… am I?” asks Shadowless to Dagdron. Then Shadowless remembers the dragon hatchling in her pocket. She puts her hand in her pocket and is relieved to know it’s still there but it’s awake.
    “Yea you are red.” says Dagdron holding in laughter.
    “Great.” says Shadowless stressing the vowels.
    When they reach the gates of Gragon at midnight there is singing coming from inside the gates.
    “Here it goes.” thinks Shadowless and picks up the huge knocker and lets it fall. A huge “bang” echoes throughout the forest. The door creaks open then opens with a big “boom”.
    “Hello Princess Shadowless!” yells Pippin the elf.
    “You’re a princess and you never told us!” yells Dagdron as Dron stares open mouthed.

    Chapter 8
    Princess Shadowless

    Shadowless is greeted by many male elves as she walks into Gragon. Shadowless groans and says “Don’t tell me it’s the Honorary Blood Ceremony! I’m not ready for this!!!”
    “What’s the honorary blood ceremony?” asks Dron coming out of his information shock about Shadowless.
    “It’s where I choose someone to marry.” whispers Shadowless to him so no one else hears her.
    “Wow! Look at all the food!!!” yells Dagdron as they pass the feasting tables which, Shadowless grabs a pear shaped fruit that is blue and purple colored. When they approach the elvish queen Shadowless puts her hand in her pocket with the fruit for her dragon.
    Once they are before the Queen Shadowless just stands there as her mother gets up and says “Shadowless my darling daughter.” Shadowless stands there as her mother hugs her.
    Her mother has blonde hair that is long and curly she is a bit skinny but unhealthy skinny. She has light tan skin and bright hazel eyes. She is wearing a bright blue dress and a golden tiara.
    “Mom I need to tell you something.” whispers Shadowless to Rosu.
    “You do remember me!” exclaims Rosu elated her daughter remembers her.
    “Mom may speak with you in private?” asks Shadowless feeling the dragon hatchling moving in her pocket.
    “Of course! We’ll need to catch up on a lot a lot of stuff later but I can spare an hour or two. Besides you need to get all prettied up for choosing a husband.” says her mother excitedly taking her by the hand and walking away with Shadowless leaving her friends behind.
    As soon as they’re alone, her mother asks what she needed to talk about.
    “Look, I’m going to be very straight forward, I have a dragon hatchling in my pocket.” says Shadowless pulling out the hatchling.
    “Oh I know, I saw it in a vision. I also saw your paw.” says her mother casually.
    “Well, what should I do about it?” asks Shadowless holding the dragon hatchling in her hands.
    “Show it off a little bit. Now get undressed so you can take your bath.” says her mother showing her to the washroom and leaving her there.
    While Shadowless is bathing, her mother is preparing a new dress for her. The dress is green and has long wide sleeves. It has a long dark green sash that wraps around the waist at least twice. The neckline has many emeralds and rubies sewn into it.
    After Shadowless gets out of the bath, she sees the green dress and puts it on. The neckline shows her cleavage but she doesn’t mind. The sleeves are so long that they drape way below her hands. “It probably is supposed to be like that.” thinks Shadowless to herself. When she sees there are no gloves Shadowless thinks, “It is probably for the best.”
    Back with Dagdron and Dron, Dagdron is eating to his hearts delight but Dron is a little cautious about all the food. “Dagdron don’t you think the food is only for the elves? I mean they could’ve poisoned it.” says Dron looking at the odd colored fruits and vegetables.
    “Dron, chill I’m eating this stuff yet, I’m still alive. The fruits haven’t k- killed… me yet.” says Dagdron his voice trailing off at the sight of Shadowless.
    “Dagdron what is it?! Are you ok?” asks Dron not noticing Shadowless standing in front of Dagdron.
    “Dron.” laughs Shadowless at the sight of Dagdron’s worried brother. Dron looks at her and asks what happened to Dagdron.
    “Nothing he is just speechless.” says Shadowless walking up to them.

    Chapter 9
    The Honorary Blood Ceremony

    The Queen stands up, which, gets everyone’s attention “It is time for the Honorary Blood Ceremony!” yells the queen and cheers erupt from everyone. “Shadowless this night will choose someone to marry! I know all of you men have been training hard to win to her love even if you aren’t picked I thank you for trying!” says the Queen and more cheers erupt from everybody. “Once she has picked the one elf to marry they will shed the blood of eternal love!” more cheers explode from everyone.
    “Yea, yea, yea!!!” yells Dagdron clapping his hands and everyone just looks at him as if he is crazy. “What? I’m excited.” says Dagdron still excited.
    “You’re crazy.” says Dron embarrassed by his brother.
    “Shadowless your mother wants you.” says Pippin the small elf that greeted them at the gate. Shadowless says that she will see Dagdron and Dron a little later and goes to see her mother.
    “Shadowless dear, this young elf wants to say something to you.” says her mother pointing to a strong looking elf. Shadowless gasps at the sight of him. He was the one who hurt her so.
    “Hello Shadowless, my dear lady. Do you remember me? We were best friends a long time ago. I Yarly have been awaiting your return eagerly.” says Yarly hiding his hate and putting on a mask of happiness.
    “I didn’t want to come back because of you, but I had no choice. I’m safe here.” says Shadowless avoiding looking in his eyes.
    “Of course you are because of our strong defenses. Shadowless I still love you.” says Yarly grabbing her upper arms tightly.
    “I don’t love you any more.” says Shadowless still avoiding his eyes.
    “Well you might change your mind.” says Yarly letting go of her.
    “I know I won’t.” says Shadowless turning away from him and walking back to her mom.
    “Oh Shadowless, it is time to choose a husband.” says her mom with a ton of men elves lined up in front of her.
    “Alright I choose… none of them.” says Shadowless because she wants to have a relationship instead of a sudden love bond that might not even exist.
    “What? Oh come on Shadowless you have to choose someone.” says her mother laughing nervously about what Shadowless said.
    Shadowless looks at all the men then sees Dagdron and realizes that she loves him. “Alright then, I choose……… Dagdron.” says Shadowless looking at him. Everyone is very quiet because of her decision.
    “Yea!!!! She picked me!!! Woohoo!!!!” yells Dagdron jumping in to the air then doing a disturbing happy dance.
    “Oh honey, be real he’s a human. You must pick an elf to marry.” says her mother glaring at Dagdron. Dagdron sees Rosu glaring at him and he sits back down again.
    “Mom, I’ve already made my decision just accept it.” says Shadowless smiling to Dagdron.
    “But it won’t work out. You’re an elf he’s a human. But if you want to try it by all means who am I to judge?” asks her mother shrugging. “Alright, Dagdron come up here and let me take you’re arm.” says Rosu pulling out a knife.
    “Ack!!! Ohmygod she’s gunna kill me!!!” yells Dagdron freaking out.
    “She isn’t going to kill you she is going to shed your blood for eternal love.” whispers an older upset elf to him.
    “Oh. Whew!” says Dagdron relieved that Rosu isn’t going to kill him. Dagdron gets up and walks over to Rosu then gives her his arm. “Will this- Ahhhhooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!” screams Dagdron as queen Rosu cuts his arm and orbs of blood surface then start flowing like an out of control river.
    “You’re turn Shadowless.” says Rosu giving Dagdron over to a group of elves who will stop his arm from bleeding.
    Shadowless gives her mom her left arm but her mother declines that arm. “You know which arm.” says Rosu taking Shadowless’ right arm and pulls up the sleeve. Shadowless takes a deep breath and holds it as she waits for everyone to see her Dragon paw. When everyone sees her paw, they all gasp in fright. Rosu slashes Shadowless’ arm then binds her arm with a clean white cloth.
    “Wow you’ve hatched a dragon?!” yells Dagdron with shock that Shadowless didn’t tell him this either.

    Chapter 10

    “I would’ve told you Dagdron but I was scared.” says Shadowless later that night having an argument with Dagdron about her dragon paw.
    “Oh really when? Never?” asks Dagdron upset and then sees Shadowless sitting on the bed about to cry. Dagdron feeling bad about the argument decides to drop the subject. “Shadowless don’t cry I’m sorry. You’re right I’m sure you were scared. Please don’t cry. I just hate to see you cry.” says Dagdron quietly taking her paw and kissing it.
    “How’d you know I hatched a dragon?” asks Shadowless looking at Dagdron.
    “My father used to tell me stories about dragons and how once someone touches a dragon they’d get a dragon paw. They would be forever bound to the dragon they touched. This would only happen to the person that hatched the dragon. My father also said that dragons come in all colors except green. No true dragon is green.” says Dagdron pointing to her dragon hatchling eating a green fruit with bright red insides. The hatchling looks up at him then at Shadowless.
    “He’s right.” says the dragon hatchling looking at Shadowless with its bright blue eyes.
    “Did that lizard just speak to me?” asks Shadowless bewildered.
    “We dragons can talk through your mind and I‘m not a lizard.” says the hatchling going back to eating the fruit.
    “Oh, sorry how can you understand me when I’m talking?” thinks Shadowless to her dragon.
    “I understand your languages and you mine. Am I not speaking in dragon tongue?” asks the hatchling not looking up from the fruit.
    “Sexy what are you being so silent for?” asks Dagdron looking at her strangely.
    “Oh my dragon was speaking to me.” says Shadowless surprised that she forgot about Dagdron.
    “Aren’t you going to name your dragon?” asks Dagdron curious to know what the name of the dragon will be.
    “Yea actually, I was thinking of Yargon.” says Shadowless looking at her dragon hatchling to see its opinion about the name.
    “Good choice!” says Yargon and Dagdron in unison.
    “Good, glad you both like it.” says Shadowless happily.
    “Can you leave us alone for a little while little lizard?” asks Dagdron sitting next to Shadowless.
    “Tell him I’m not a little lizard and that I will leave but will return at sunrise.” says Yargon to Shadowless in her thoughts.
    “Yargon says that he isn’t a little lizard and will return at sunrise.” says Shadowless to Dagdron. After Shadowless says this, the hatchling climbs up to the windowsill then spreads its wings and takes off.
    “Sexy now that we’re alone I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” asks Dagdron looking into Shadowless’ eyes. “Why did you choose me to marry?”
    “Because you’re the only guy who likes me for who I am. Even before you knew I was a Princess you treated me like a regular girl instead of some prize to be won.” says Shadowless smiling to him.
    “Even if I had known, I would’ve still treated you like a regular person.” says Dagdron and kisses Shadowless who in turn kisses him back then they make love.
    Yarly is out walking in the garden of enchantment feeling sorry for himself when he sees the dragon hatchling eating a banana shaped fruit that is blue colored. Yarly sneaks up behind the dragon hatchling and grabs it. Yargon throws flames into Yarly’s face making him drop the hatchling. Yargon lands with a thud then runs towards Queen Rosu’s palace where Shadowless and Dagdron are. When Yargon passes a tree, Yarly jumps out and grabs Yargon again. Yargon bites his hand hard enough to make Yarly bleed. Yarly angry about the wound punches Yargon.
    “Shadowless!!!” screams Yargon into her mind.

    Chapter 11
    Spider Grotto

    Shadowless hears the screaming of her name by Yargon. As she looks around the room she doesn’t see him.
    “Yargon?” calls Shadowless through her mind.
    “Shadowless help me!!!” yells Yargon into her mind.
    “Where are you?” asks Shadowless getting up out of the bed.
    “I’ve been captured by some man with blonde hair and bright red eyes! He says his name is Yarly. Were in a cave full of spiders.” says Yargon sounding purely frightened.
    “Hang on Yargon I’m coming!” says Shadowless getting dressed and leaving a note a piece of parchment so Dagdron will know where she is going.
    When Shadowless reaches the Spider grotto two hours later she looks for Yargon but doesn’t find him. Then suddenly Yarly grabs her from behind making Shadowless scream in surprise.
    “Shut up!” yells Yarly to her as he drops her on to ground. Then he begins beating her! Yarly falls onto her and begins choking her. Shadowless goes unconscious because of the lack of air.
    Dagdron throws a dagger at Yarly, which strikes him in the right shoulder and is embedded there. Yarly gets up to face his attacker and sees Dagdron then he chuckles. “You are no match for me.” says Yarly as two swords float into his hands.
    “Yea I am.” says Dagdron taking a fighting stance as a giant spider rises up behind him and drools his shoulder. Dagdron looks up to see where the drool came from then sees the spider and screams his pants off. Yarly throws a sword toward Dagdron. Dagdron catches the sword then slices open the spider’s abdomen and pale yellow liquid flies out everywhere. “Augh!!!! Gross, disgusting!!!!” yells Dagdron seeing the liquid.
    “Arrggg!!!!” yells Yarly as he runs toward Dagdron. Dagdron and Yarly begin fighting with the swords. Dagdron is cut on his side by Yarly’s sword. Dagdron ignores the pain and slashes Yarly across his back. Yarly uses magic to make Dagdron immobile. Shadowless finally wakes up from being unconscious then gets up and calls for Yargon.
    Yargon comes flying out from the ceiling of the grotto and throws flames at Yarly. Yarly yells in pain losing his concentration on immobilizing Dagdron. Dagdron rushes toward Yarly and punches him making him go unconscious. Shadowless screams as another giant spider scrambles toward her. Dagdron runs over, beheads it and the body flails like crazy.

    Chapter 12
    Yarly’s Future

    Shadowless, Dagdron, and Yargon leave the cave and head back to Rosu’s Tree Top Palace. When they get there, they see Dron running out of the palace with a three of elvish girls chasing him.
    “Come back you cutie!” yells one of them.
    “Don’t leave so soon!” yells another.
    “Yoohoo Dronypoo!!!” yells another lassoing him.
    “Ahhhh!!! No!!! I’ll never marry any of you!!!” screams poor Dron trying to fight off all the girls. Then all of them jump on him and begin huggling him and glomping his legs.
    “Hey!!! Leave my brother alone!” yells Dagdron running over to help his brother. All the girls look at him then get hearts in their eyes. “Oops.” says Dagdron realizing he shouldn’t have interfered. All the elvish girls scream and run to him. Shadowless does a disappearing trick for Dagdron, Dron, Yargon, and herself.
    “Hey where did they go?” asks one of the girls.
    “They must’ve done a disappearing trick!” yells another girl.
    “Oh poo now we’ll never find them!!!” yells the last stomping her foot. Just then Lord Fort walks by and all the girls go jump all over him.
    “Come on Dron, keep quiet if you value your love life.” whispers Shadowless to him and they all sneak away to Rosu.
    Rosu is giving orders to the cooks for lunch when Shadowless, Dagdron, Yargon, and Dron walk into the kitchen. “Shadowless dear! You had me worried sick! Where have you been all morning?” asks Rosu seating them down in the dining hall at the table so they can eat a little something before lunch.
    “Mother Yarly tried to kill me! He even captured poor Yargon so he could lure me to the Spider Grotto. If Dagdron didn’t show up when he did I would have died!” yells Shadowless still a little shaken by the experience.
    “What!? After all this time, he is still trying to kill you!? He’ll just have to face his consequence this time! I know just the one! He will face the penitentiary this time. This time he will not be let out on good behavior.” says Rosu clearly angry about what has happened. “He has tried to kill you in the past?” asks Dagdron shocked that this isn’t the first time he has tried to kill her.
    “He was nice once, but he cannot let go of his hate. I have been told that in the end it will destroy him. This means that he will become known as Sinister Dark. He will have many worshipful strong wizard assassins. What is worse he and I was once a couple. Ever since he changed, he has wanted to kill me. The reason no one knows. But even if he is locked up, he will become taken over by his hate and break free from the prison that holds him.
    “His eyes weren’t always red either they were once brown. Once finally taken over by his hate, he will change completely overnight. His skin will turn a pale grey, his hair a blood red color, his lips black and his nails will become long and sharp. He will look pretty scary.” says Shadowless sipping her tea. Then goes on to talk about how his hate resided deep with in his heart and how it came into his grasp.
    “So this is what we’re up against.” says Dagdron trying to picture Yarly the way Shadowless described then shudders at the image of him.
    “That day is closer than you all think.” says a deep voice.
    Chapter 13
    What to do?
    Everyone turns to look in the direction of the voice and sees the cook. He is just standing there with the trays of food.
    “Oh. Did I scare you? Sorry. But if you lock him up now then the day close.” says the cook giving out the food. “I suggest we kill him now.”
    “How? He has already begun to change.” says Shadowless looking at the food in front of her.
    “Well, we could immobilize him then cut his throat open.” says the cook exiting the dining hall. Dron turns a little pale at this idea.
    “Ya know, cooks right. We should kill him before he completes his change.” says Dagdron banging his fist on the table.
    “Dagdron, killing won’t solve anything. He is immune to elves magic. So immobilizing him is out of the question. If we are to do any thing we would need to have all the help we can get.” says Shadowless shaking her head.
    “I got it! I know someone who can help!” yells Dron with a mouth full of food.
    “Lord Lard!” yells Dron excitedly.
    “Lord Lard are you crazy!?” asks everyone in unison.
    “He owes me money, but if he does this for me I’ll forget about it.” says Dron still excited.
    “Seriously, what help could a fat guy be?” asks Dagdron rudely.
    “Well for one he wouldn’t take much damage! And two he is fast for a fat guy!” says Dron not getting the hint that they would need a whole army instead of one fat guy.
    “Uh, Dron it sounds great, but we mean more like an army.” says Shadowless placing her hand on his shoulder.
    “Oh, ok.” says Dron still in his good mood.
    After lunch Dron, Dagdron, Yargon, and Shadowless are talking about how they are going to kill Yarly. As they sit talking about how to kill him, Yarly walks in with an elemental orb of principle powers and they all fall silent. Then Yarly releases the powers. Fire and ice shards, fly everywhere.
    Yarly grabs Shadowless and she elbows him in the stomach. Dagdron ducks as a fireball hits the wall behind him. Dron is hiding under the table as the elements fly everywhere then the rug catches on fire making him scream and run out from under the table. As Dron runs he doesn’t look where he is going and runs down Yarly. Which in turn, makes Yarly let go of Shadowless. Yargon trying to get rid of the ice elementals sets Yarly’s a** on fire making him scream like crazy. Dagdron getting an idea purposely spills liquor on Yarly’s a** making his a** a huge blazing inferno. Rosu walks in and screams as a fireball heads straight towards her, Dron still in his panic knocks her down and saves her from the fire ball.
    Shadowless screams something and all the elementals are gone. Dagdron looks for Yarly but he has fled.
    “What happened? Who did this… wait! Don’t tell me. Lemme guess… Yarly right?” asks Queen Rosu shaking her head.

    Chapter 14
    Hidden Secret Revealed

    One month later, Yargon is now a big dragon and has the ability to carry Shadowless anywhere she needs to be. First, Shadowless must get used to riding him. That is why she is practicing riding him in the field of hearts. As she gets used to riding Yargon, Yarly is gathering up the best wizards to create an army. He has also completed his change.
    “Feel ready for the dive yet?” asks Yargon flying high over the trees.
    “Yea.” says Shadowless reluctantly.
    “Hang on tight!” yells Yargon and with that dives down at lightning speed. Shadowless holds on as tight as she can. Then a sudden stop from the diving makes Shadowless squeeze her eyes shut. “You did it!” yells Yargon feeling happy that she didn’t chicken out.
    Meanwhile Yarly is talking to King Benjamin and asks to use Benjamin’s army so he can take down Shadowless’ army.
    “What kind of army does she have?” asks Benjamin playing with a fire orb.
    “She has an army of warrior elves not only that, but the legendary warrior Warlic. She has strong defenses we won’t be able to get through with out your army. My Lord if you let me use your army we would wipe out Shadowless’ army.” says Yarly kneeling before King Benjamin.
    “What makes you think I’ll just let you use my army? What if we can’t bring her army down? Then what?” asks King Benjamin not wanting to let Yarly use his army.
    “That’s why I’m planning a sneak attack to bring down her defenses.” says Yarly clicking his long sharp nails. “And she has a dragon. That’s why we need to use your army. Your army has experience killing dragons ever since the fall of Lord Falkon Warlic’s dragon.”
    “They may have experience killing dragons but, I suffered heavy losses in my army because of Lord Falkon! Besides what do you plan to do with my daughter? I was told my wife gave birth to a son but it was actually a girl. She is the world to me. I even went as far to lock her in the deepest darkest dungeon but she broke free somehow and not only that, a young man named Dagdron is missing as well. He must’ve escaped with her.” Benjamin sees Yarly looking at his sword rack and asks what he is doing.
    “Your daughter is married to Dagdron. I know. I was there during the Honorary Blood Ceremony he is very… energetic. He’ll have to die first so he won’t get in the way. The best way to disperse the army is to kill Shadowless first as well.” says Yarly picking up a sword and rotating it.
    “If you harm her I’ll see to it that you are tortured to death!!!” yells King Benjamin not wanting his daughter Shadowless to be hurt.
    Yarly laughs evilly and says “You can’t kill me. I’m already dead.”
    “You are one stupid… “thing” to think I’ll let you use my army to kill my only child. I don’t care how you defeat her army but you’re doing without mine!” yells King Benjamin upset.
    “Fine then have it your way…” says Yarly and in a flash throws one the of swords at Benjamin hitting him in the heart.
    “Now, I will use your army whether you want me to or not to kill your daughter. You can’t stop me you old fool.” whispers Yarly to King Benjamin. “Sorry it must end this way for you.” then Yarly decapitates King Benjamin. Yarly leaves the castle and summons King Benjamin’s army and gets ready for battle.

    Chapter 15
    The War

    As Shadowless returns with Yargon to Tree Top Palace she is stopped by Pippin.
    “Miss Shadowless a huge army full of wizards and normal people are planning a sneak attack! What shall we do My Lady?” asks Pippin in a frenzy.
    “Get ready for battle! Strengthen our defenses and offenses! Make sure the town elves are safe.” says Shadowless dismounting Yargon.
    “If I see Yarly he’s dead!” yells Yargon and roars with anger blowing fire into the sky.
    “Watch it hot head!!!” yells a tree running off.
    “Yargon calm down! Now is not the time think about revenge. We must summon the strongest elementals of every kind so Yarly will have a hard time getting into Kallandrae. Once they are in Kallandrae the traps will be put into motion.” says Shadowless summoning some elementals.
    Three hours later there are at least 300000 elements of every kind all of them patrolling the edge of Kallandrae. When Yarly who is now in charge of King Benjamin’s army arrives at the edge of Kallandrae they are greeted by the elements. Battle erupts.
    There are flames going this way rocks flying that way. Soldiers dying and elements slowly getting destroyed. Yarly sneaks past the elements and heads into Kallandrae where many traps are being sprung making him move fast to avoid them. As Yarly makes his way through the forest Shadowless’ army uses magic to take down King Benjamin’s army.
    The elves are waiting nervously behind the gate. Yargon and Shadowless are prepared to fight Yarly. Suddenly loud bangs echo throughout the forest signaling that Yarly is close. More bangs then finally silence. Five minutes pass then ten minutes. Suddenly the gates go flying off the hinges hitting the elves revealing Yarly.
    Yargon roars and throws flames at Yarly. Yarly jumps out of the way and throws a sword at Yargon. Yargon catches the sword with his teeth and crushes it breaking the sword into many pieces. Yargon flies into the air and throws more flames at Yarly. Yarly dodges them then summons a ball of black magic and throws it at Yargon. Yargon is almost hit by it but dodged just in time.
    “Come on dragon is that all you have are flames!” yells Yarly trying to anger Yargon.
    “No! He has got me!” yells Shadowless releasing ten arrows at Yarly.
    Yarly blocks all of the arrows by using by one of the gate doors and throws another ball of black magic toward Yargon.Yarly blocks all of the arrows by using one of the gate doors and throws another ball of black magic toward Yargon. Yargon is hit in the chest by the ball and goes flying higher into the sky. Yargon grabs the ball and throws it back at Yarly. Yarly is hit by the ball creating a huge crater. Yarly jumps out of crater to get flames thrown into his face from Yargon. Yarly in flames is whacked by Yargon’s tail sending him flying then he is impaled by a long sharp wooden pole.
    “Shadowless now is your chance! Kill him!” yells Yargon into Shadowless’ mind.
    “Right.” says Shadowless and releases an arrow at Yarly. Yarly is hit in the heart and he dies instantly.

    Chapter 16
    The Birth of Zaph
    After the war, Dagdron, Dron and the elves return to Gragon. They see Shadowless healing the soldiers and Yargon cleaning up the wreckage. When Shadowless looks up and sees Dagdron she runs to him then hugs him and many kisses follow.
    “Hey sexy.” whispers Dagdron holding her tightly.
    Shadowless feeling safe in Dagdron’s arms whispers “I love you.”
    19 years later
    Shadowless has a little girl and Dagdron is a proud father. The Young girl’s name is Zaph she has her mother’s bright green eyes and her father’s dynamic personality and blonde hair. Zaph one day is walking through Kallandrae and sees a black rock with odd markings all over it. As she picks it up it moves and hatches… a dragon.