• Chapter 13 - Mayhem at the dining hall

    Drakutha and Seirta were the first up,They were sitting by the fire,Studying their Potions assignment,when Elrokk arrived."Hey Guys..",He said,Throwing a pillow off a chair and slumping into it."Whats up?",Drakutha asked distractedly as he zoomed through the volume to find something in his Potions book,Fairly Easy potions,Year 1 by Martha Vignorate.He found his page and started reading as Elrokk started blabbing about his dream."Well,Why didnt you stay asleep?",Seirta asked,Glancing at Drakutha's book and checking his page number.Elrokk mumbled a few more words at them and Seirta started reading.They waited a little longer until closing their books and stretching."Lets get down to the 'Hall.",Elrokk said,Yawning."Hmm..Use any of the old passwords,Magnolia?",Seirta asked the portrait."Why,yes I have.",She said.Seirta stood there,Rubbing her chin and looking up thoughfully as though hoping the ceiling would magically grow a mouth and tell them the password.Elrokk took a wild guess,"Granath!",he said.The portrait swung open,"That was easy.",he said,Walking out with Drakutha and Seirta.

    They made their way down to the Dining Hall when one of the portraits spoke out to them on the third floor."Hello.",the portrait said.It was of a man with a neary bald,Tousled haired head and a short beard with a muddy black canvas behind him,He was wearing Bright Yellow robes and a gleeful look on his face."Im Fergus Swarmby.",he added on.Seirta glanced at Elrokk and Drakutha."Im Seirta.",She said."Im Elrokk.","Im Drakutha.",They all said one by one.Fergus looked pleased,"Well,I advise you do watch your step on the spiral staircase leading to the entrance hall.",he said gloomily.Drakutha looked alarmed,Elrokk and Seirta looked puzzled."Why?",Drakutha asked."You'll find out.",The portrait said,Leaving them stand in front of the Muddy black canvas as he stepped out to a neighbor portrait,Talking buzzed from the entrance hall.

    Drakutha walked calmly down the spiral staircase and his face was slightly golden yellow as Calloway Daily came into sight,She was wearing a magnificent set of starry robes and a twinkle in her eye.She lightly kissed Drakutha on the cheek and greeted Elrokk and Seirta.They looked slightly taken aback as Calloway lead Drakutha to a table for two."Hey,Whats happened to the hall?",Drakutha asked."Oh Nothing much,Just a little refurnishing and stuff.",she said."I helped decorate,Like it?",Drakutha turned around in his seat and looked around at the hall.It was decorated with 4 flags of Green,Red,Yellow,and Brown.And many glittering fairies flew around beautifully and sprinkled sparkling dust on passerbys."Yeah.",Drakutha said.Calloway was also looking around."Came out good..",She said,Taking a sip of her drink.Drakutha took out his wand and said,"Revolvis!",In a flash of light illuminated a revolving globe of Parni."So,I was thinking about where the other magical schools are.And I found two of them.",He said,Spinning the globe where three stars shone brightly."There's us.",he said,Pointing to a star that magically popped out larger as he waved his wand at it.He spun the globe a bit northwest and pointed to another school,"Thats Frincent.For those Bulgarian folk..",He said as he spun back where Jalwia was and pointed to another star just east of Jalkwia."And..Thats Chambriel,For special sorcerers who have special abilities.",he said.He tapped the globe with his wand again and murmured,"Rebolia",Making the globe disappear.

    Drakutha arrived back at the main room of Gypraskin,Laughing,with Calloway at about midnight.Her beautiful brown hair was gleaming in the moonlight,And Drakutha ran his fingers through it,And the moment they stopped kissing.Drakutha bid Calloway goodnight and marched upstairs to the boys dormitory.