• The Box

    Beep…Beep…Beep… A woman’s hand starched out and shut off the clock. “What time is it?” Asked a voice. “It’s midnight, you need to leave” the woman replied. The woman reached over and turned on the lamp. She sat at the side of the bed, while the man lay in the bed. The man was in his early twenties and had dark black hair and green eyes. He had a muscular body type. The light blue covers covered up the lower half of his body. ”Get dressed”, the woman stated as she threw his clothes at him. ”What’s the rush?” The man asked as he began to put his clothes on. “My husband will be home soon, so you need to be gone before he finds you here.” The woman responded sharply. Within a few minutes the man was completely dressed. “When will I get to see you again?” He questioned. “I’ll call you tomorrow after my husband goes to work,” she replied as she put on her furry pink bathrobe. The woman then proceeded to walk the man out to his car. “Don’t forget to call me Judy” The man stated. “I won’t forget to call you Fred” the woman replied. Judy went back into the house as soon as she watched Fred leave the driveway.
    The next morning Judy woke up later then she usually did. She reached over and glanced at the clock. The clock read twelve-thirty P.M. “s**t, I’m late for work.” Judy stated in a very high tone of voice. “Honey, is that you?” a man’s voice questioned. Moments later a fairly large man cane into the bedroom. He was about six foot three and he appeared to weigh close to about three hundred and fifty pounds. He had dark brown hair and green eyes. The man’s face was partly covered by a big dark black beard. “Why did you let me sleep so late?” Judy asked. “I’m sorry honey, you looked so tired.” The man responded. “You know I have to work today George.” She snapped back at him. “I’m sorry honey, I really am.” He responded. Judy didn’t respond back to him, for she quickly got out of bed and proceeded to get dressed. “What did you do last night that made you so tired/” questioned George. “I…” Judy paused for a moment as she got some clothes out of the closet. ”I went out with Alice last night” Judy quickly responded back. “What did you do?” He questioned once again. “We went out to dinner and then we went to go see a movie.” answered Judy. “What movie did you go see?” asked George. “We went to go see The Rejects.” She responded. “Oh, well I’ll go make you some breakfast then.’ George stated as he proceeded to exit the room. “Good maybe your fat a** will fall down the stairs.” Judy muttered underneath her breath. “What was that honey?” He asked. “I said good because I am really hungry.” She replied back quickly and sharply. After George had left the room, Judy proceeded to finish getting dressed.
    Judy was in her early twenties while George was in his early thirties. She stood at about five foot seven. She was also in great shape. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were blue. Judy was wearing dark black jeans. Judy was finishing pulling a blood red shirt over her dark black bra. She quickly put on some make up and grabbed her purse. Seconds later Judy heard George calling her to tell her that breakfast was ready, but she was in no mood for breakfast Judy was already thirty minutes behind schedule. Judy quickly went downstairs. She went straight into the kitchen and right passed George. “Aren’t you hungry?” he asked. Judy ignored him and went out to her car. “I’ll see you later then.” He said Judy didn’t hear him, for her car was already pulling out of the driveway.
    It took her about fifteen minutes to get to her work. By the time she got there she was already fifty minutes late for work. She worked at a store that only sold music by Heavy Metal artists. The store was called Hell’s Gates and was located in a rundown section of town. Most of the buildings were dilapidated and long since been abandoned. The store itself was in an old red brick building. The side of the building was marked with the tags of various local gangs. The windows were cracked and the paint of the front door was cracked and peeling. The sign that hung above the front door, which read Hell’s Gates Records, was a mixture of black and white lettering. This is because several of the letters had either fallen off or had been stolen. The alley behind the store was populated by rats, sick and dying homeless, and loosely dressed teenage prostitutes. Each night gun shots could be heard as local gangs fought each other and carjackers murdered helpless women before sealing their cars. As you walked down the streets you could bear witness to people being mugged and women being raped.
    The inside of the store was not much better then the outside of the store. The black and white checkered tiles were filthy and cigarettes and trashed littered the floor. The bright florescent lighting flickered off and on, while posters of bands clung loosely to the already cluttered walls, the aisles were unevenly spaced as well as unorganized. Music pumped into the store through a busted speaker.
    The bathroom was the worst of all. The sinks only spewed out blistering hot water, while trash littered the floor. There was a collection of waded up toilet paper, cigarettes buds, and paper towels spread all around the bathroom floor. Some of the women who came into the store with little kids as well as babies left dirty diapers in the bathroom as well. The toilet didn’t flush well, but if it did it overflowed spewing backed up human feces all over the floor. The rancid smell of urine and human feces filled the air. Puddles and streams of bright yellow liquids were scattered among the floor. The overly large mirrors were shattered, which presented a split reflection of who ever looked upon it. Brightly colored gang tags were scattered among the walls.
    Judy quickly went into the store and got to her post behind the register. : Judy!” a voice shouted from behind her. She quickly turned around to see who it was. After realizing who it was she blurted out. ”Don’t scare me like that Alice, I thought you were Misty.” “Nope” Alice responded back. “I haven’t seen her all day.” “What do you mean you haven’t seen her all day?” Judy questioned. “She never came in today; I had to open up the store by myself.” Alice replied. “That’s not like her at all” Judy stated. “If you ask me, I think she had enough of this s**t hole.” stated Alice. “I know what you mean Alice; this whole city is turning into one gigantic ******** cesspool.” Judy responded.
    Customers began filtering in after Alice and Judy had been talking for a few minutes. Most of them were the usual type of customers. The type identified by gothic or punker looks. Every customer dressed all in black, had their hair dyed black, and wore black lipstick, or they had a large pointy Mohawk. However, sometimes and overly Christian girl could be seen secretly music containing overly satanic lyrics, for she secretly loves it.
    After a few hours had passed by the store got a visit from the postal service. A young man entered the store. In his arms was a fairly large cardboard box. “Is there a Judy Reed here?” the man asked. Judy responded quickly “I’m Judy Reed.” “I have a package for you” the man said as he approached her. “Really, I wasn’t expecting a package today, who’s it from?” She asked. “I don’t know.” The man replied “All I know is that it came in this morning.” After a brief conversation with the man Judy signed for the package.
    It was just a plain old cardboard box. There was no return address on it. The only thing that was on the box was the packaging tape which sealed it. Judy carefully picked up the box and moved it to the back room. Alice followed her to the back room. “Who’s it from?” Alice questioned. “I don’t know it doesn’t say” replied Judy “It sure is heavy though.” “Well why don’t you open it up and see what’s inside” Alice said. Judy was about to open up the box when all of a sudden they heard shouting coming from the main room.
    Alice and Judy quickly rushed from the back room, so that they could see what all the noise was. “There you two are” a voice shouted at them. The voice belonged to Misty, who was the owner of the store. “I get here and you two aren’t even at your posts!” Misty shouted again. “I apologize Misty, but I got a package and…” Judy said but was cut off before she could finish her sentence. “I don’t want to hear it!” She shouted back at Judy. There was a few minutes pause before Alice would break the silence. “Where were you?” she questioned Alice. “If you must know, I was robbed last night.” Misty responded calmly “The guy that robbed me left me tied up in the bathroom.” “Oh wow” Alice responded “Did he take anything?” “Yes, but it was nothing of value.” She replied. “What did he take?” Alice asked. “I had my kid’s diaper bag sitting on the kitchen table, he took it cause it looks like a purse.” responded Misty. “Is your kid alright?” Alice asked. “She’s just fine; she slept through the whole thing.” Misty replied to Alice. “All he took was your kid’s diaper bag and nothing else?” Judy blurted out. “Yes, he would have taken more, but he heard the lady next door calling the police because her boyfriend hit her again.” Misty stated. “Why didn’t you yell for help after he left?” question Judy. “I think it’s hard to yell for help if your mouth is taped shut, don’t you think so?” Misty stated sarcastically. How did you get free then?” Judy asked. “My kid came into the bathroom and saw me all tied up, and she pulled the tape off of my mouth.” Misty said as she paused to say something else. “Then I yelled for help.” “At least you and your kid are safe.” stated Judy. “Now that’s enough of this talk let’s get to work.” remarked Misty.
    With that being said all three of them went to work. Customers continued filtering in and out of the store like clockwork. Most of them bought something, while others browsed the selections and went to the bathroom in order to get high. At about two-thirty in the afternoon it was time for Judy to go home. Alice had to stay at work until the next person came in. “How long is it going to be?” Judy asked Alice. “It shouldn’t be more then an hour, for Carla is already on her way here.” She responded back. Judy started to leave the store, but Alice stopped her. “Don’t forget your package!” Alice shouted. Judy had nearly forgotten all about the mysterious package that she had received. She went back into the back room and retrieved the box from the table.
    On her way home Judy couldn’t get the box out of her mind. “Who sent it?” and “What was inside it?” were some of the questions she asked herself. Judy had decided that as soon as she got home she would open the box. It took Judy about a total of twenty minutes to get home. As she pulled into the driveway she noticed that her husband George’s car was not there. She figured that he must have gone to work early, for he was always filling in for other people. She entered the house and proceeded to the kitchen. Once she was there she placed the box on the kitchen table. Glancing over at the phone, she noticed that there was a message on the answering machine. With a click of the small black button the message began to play. “You have…. One… new message.” The answering machine stated. “Hey honey, I had to go to work early today, but don’t worry I’ll be home later.” Said George’s recorded message. With that out of the way Judy went back to open the mysterious box. She carefully picked up a knife and was about to open the box.
    All of a sudden there was a knock at the front door. Judy set the knife down on the kitchen table and went to the front door. It was her friend Alice, so Judy quickly opened up the front door. “Did you open the box yet?” she asked Judy. “No, not yet, but how did you get here so fast?” Judy replied. “Carla got to the store as soon as you left, so I left like ten minutes after you did.” Alice responded. “Well, come on in.” Judy said as she held the front door open for Alice. Once Alice had entered the house Judy shut the font door. “Well let’s do it now, I’m just dying to see what is inside.” Stated Alice “Me too” Judy remarked.
    Both Judy and Alice proceeded into the kitchen to where the box was. “Well go ahead and open it” Alice blurted out. Judy carefully picked up the knife again and was about to open up the box when all of a sudden the phone rang. Judy quickly placed the knife down on the table and grabbed the telephone. She held the receiver up to her ear and said “Hello” A few seconds passed by and there was a click on the other end. She quickly hung up the telephone. “Well, who was it?” questioned her friend Alice. “I don’t know who it was, they hung up as soon as I said hello” responded Judy. “Maybe it was your secret lover” Alice remarked. “Fred?” Judy said as she paused for a second “I don’t think so, but it could have been.” After a few minutes had passed, Judy decided to call Fred to see if he had called her. She picked up the telephone and dialed his phone number. The phone rang several times, but there was no response. “Well?” Alice asked. “He wasn’t there” she responded. “Maybe you should go see him” stated Alice. “Do you think I should?” Judy questioned. “Yes I do” Alice replied back. Judy decided to go see Fred and Alice had decided to come with her. Both of there cars slowly pulled away from Judy’s house. Soon they left the house and the mysterious box behind them.
    It was about an hours drive from Judy’s house to Fred’s place. He lived in a small apartment near the middle of town. Both Judy and Alice pulled up into separate parking spaces. Fred’s car was still parked in his parking space. “His car’s here, so he must be here” stated Judy The apartment building had a fairly large heavy front door. There was a keypad positioned next to the door, Numbers of various tenant’s rooms were listed with the name of the tenant next to the number. At the top of the keypad was a speakerphone. Judy reached out and pressed the button that read two thirteen. There was a few moments pause, but no response. She pressed the button again, but still got no response. “That’s very strange” Judy remarked. “We should go then” Alice stated. They started walking back to their cars, but as soon as they did an old woman came out of the building. Judy asked the old woman to hold the door for them, for they were going up to two thirteen. The old woman held the door open for them. Judy turned to thank the old woman, but she had already left.
    Once inside the apartment building Judy and Alice proceeded to an elevator. Judy pressed the button labeled for the floor that Fred’s room was on. It was a short ride up to that floor. Once the elevator doors opened up to the seventh floor of the apartment building they quickly went to Fred’s room. Judy knocked on his door and waited for a response. She had expected the door to come flying open, but nothing happened. She knocked once again, but once again there was no response from inside. “Fred, are you there it’s me Judy” she shouted. There was no response, so Judy cleared her throat and tried again. “Fred, are you there it’s me Judy” she restated, but this time louder then the last. While Judy was busy trying to get Fred to answer her Alice’s’ cell phone rang. “Hello” Alice said. Two or three minutes passed by before Alice hung up the phone. She turned to Judy and said “I have to go Judy” “What do you mean?” Judy questioned. “My sister wants me to watch her kid for her” Alice replied but paused to say something else “That’s just what I wanted to do with the rest of my day,” “It can’t be that bad Alice.” said Judy. “I didn’t say it was bad, I just don’t want to spend the rest of my day changing diapers.” “Why won’t your brother do it?” she questioned Alice. “Who Glen?” Alice asked before finishing her sentence “He’ll just probably wind up selling the poor kid for drugs.” With that being said they both proceeded to leave the apartment building.
    It was a short drive to Alice’s sister’s house. Her sister lived in a small house at the end of a dead end street. Most of the paint was gone from the house, for it seemed to be peeling away. There were large black bars on all the windows of the house. Alice’s sister was already waiting for them outside. “What took you so long?” she questioned Alice. “I was out with Judy; do you have a problem with that?” Alice replied. “Oh, well come inside I have everything ready for you.” Alice’s sister said. Alice waved good bye to Judy and went inside with her sister.
    The drive back home was even longer for Judy. This was not because it was a longer distance, but because there had been an accident. Apparently a woman had walked out in front of a bus. There wasn’t much left of the woman. It looked like a greasy smear across the road. There was a massive puddle of blood and guts where the body should have been. All that really remained was a pair of white shoes, which were now stained red. Blood was smeared all over the front of the bus and the impact of the woman had dented the front of the bus. Everyone was stopping to look at the gruesome accident. Cars slowly drifted by while their drives stared at the accident. A crowd of people had surrounded the bus and the police were trying to keep them away. As Judy passed by the accident she noticed an older man sitting beside the bus. He had his hands covering his face and Judy realized that he was crying. He must not have seen her until it was too late.
    It was very late in the afternoon when Judy finally arrived back at her house. She was surprised to find that her husband George still wasn’t home yet. She figured that he would be home by now, for he didn’t have long work hours today. Judy shrugged it off and proceeded to go inside. As soon as she entered the house she heard the phone ringing. She dashed over to the phone and answered it. “Hello” she said. There was a pause on the other end. “Who is this?” she demanded. “Can you hear me?” a voice said. Judy recognized the voice, for it belonged to her friend Alice. “I can hear you Alice, what’s up?” Judy replied. “Nothing much, but I wanted to tell you that I called the post office.” Stated Alice “Why?” Judy questioned Alice. “I thought I’d find out who sent you that mysterious package.” Answered Judy’s friend Alice. “Thanks, but you didn’t have to do that.” Judy said. “I know, but it gives me something to do besides changing diapers.” Responded Alice. “How did you get them to help you because you aren’t me?” Judy asked. “I know I lied to them and told them I was you.” Her friend replied. After a few more minutes of talking with Alice Judy hung up the phone. Then Judy quickly turned around and faced the mysterious box, which sat on the kitchen table. She approached the box prepared to open it up. Judy carefully picked up the knife. Suddenly the phone started ringing once again. This scared Judy, for she dropped the knife as she grabbed the phone. “Hello” she said. “Judy it’s me Alice.” The voice stated. “I want you to leave the house right now” “Why” questioned Judy. “I got a call back from the post office and the package came from your address.” Alice responded in a panicked tone. “What do you mean?” she asked Alice. There was a short pause and then the phone went dead. “Alice, are you there?” she shouted. However, it was no use, for the phone was dead.
    Judy paused for a minute to think about what her friend had told her. Instead of listening to her friend she approached the mysterious box. Judy picked the knife up from off the kitchen floor and prepared to open the box. She slowly and carefully opened the box. As soon as she did there was a burst of a foul smelling Oder. The stench grew stronger as she unfolded the flaps of the box. The stench was so powerful and so rancid, so Judy held her nose as she peered into the box. The sight of what she saw inside the box made her leap back in terror. Inside the box sat the severed head of her secret lover Fred. Flies buzzed around the as if they were race cars going around a track. There was a straight face on the severed head. In fact it was almost a smile. His eyes were wide open as if they were about to pop out of their sockets.
    Judy stood there in shock as she stared at the head. She tried to scream, but nothing came out. She had gone mute. Judy really should have listened to her friend and got out of the house. What was about to happen could have never been predicted. She never saw the man come up behind her. Seconds later a plastic bag was pulled tightly over her head. Judy gasped for air as she struggled to get free. She managed to break free, but as she did flew forward and bashed her head on the table. The impact knocked the knife off of the table. Judy pulled the plastic bag off of her head, but as she did she felt blood rushing down the side of her face. She turned and looked at her attacker. Judy was shocked to see who it was. Her attacker was none other then her husband George. “George?” she blurted out. He began to approach her and as he did he shouted “How could you do it Judy, how could you?” “George, what are you doing?” she shouted as blood gushed from her head. He didn’t respond to her question. He continued to get closer and closer to her. Judy began to back away from her approaching husband, but she soon backed into the kitchen counter. Now there was nowhere for her to run, for she was trapped. “George, I beg you please stop.” She pleaded as she began to cry. “How did it feel Judy, how did it feel to ******** another man in our bed?” shouted George. Judy stuttered for a moment before she replied by saying “He didn’t mean anything George, please don’t do this.” She noticed the knife lying on the floor. Judy made a lunge at it, but George swung his arm at her. It collided harshly against her face. A burst of blood flew from her nose like a rocket as she crumpled to the floor. Judy could barely see now, for the blood gushing from her head had begun to run into her eyes. Blood was now also dripping from her nose. She slowly began to crawl away. George stamped his foot down hard on her hand and twisted his foot around until the cracking sounds of bones breaking could be hard. She let out a scream, but as she did George’s foot collided with her mouth. This time Judy’s head crashed against the floor. She rolled over and spat out a mixture of teeth and blood. Judy pleaded George once again to stop, but he was no longer in the room. She starched out her arm and grasped one of the drawers of one of the kitchen cabinets. Judy slowly began to pull herself up. Glancing out the kitchen window she saw her neighbor walking down the street. Judy screamed for help, but a hand suddenly clamped over her mouth. She watched as her neighbor continued walking, he never heard her cries for help. She was once again tossed to the floor. George had returned, but this time he was holding a roll of tape. George reached down and picked up the knife off of the floor. He bent down and looked directly at Judy. “Please George, don’t do this I can change. “ Judy shouted but it came out like a whisper. “Whores don’t get second chances.” He replied as he tore off a strip of tape from the roll and placed it tightly over her mouth. He then held the knife out and plunged it into her chest. Her eyes widened as if they were about to pop out of their sockets. Over and Over again he plunged the knife into her chest.
    The police arrived at the house a few hours later. “You said your wife just disappeared.” The officer asked. “Yes, when I got home she was gone.” George responded as what appeared to be tears rolled down his cheeks. The officer looked around the now spotless house. The kitchen was so clean. Not a drop of blood or any sign of Judy’s death could bee seen. On the kitchen table sat a piece of paper. O the paper was a message. The message was typed out and said that Judy was leaving George. Her signature was signed at the bottom. George had forged her signature. Her car was no longer in the driveway either. “Well, we’ll let you know if we find anything.” The officer said. With that being said the officer left.
    Judy’s body would never be found. All the police would find is her car floating in the river. They never suspected foul play. Everyone wondered what had happened to Judy, but they would never know the truth. Miles away in a dumpster behind where Judy used to work a box can be found. Inside in surrounded by maggots and flies lies the severed heads of the secret lovers Judy and Fred. At least they wound up together in the end.