• A noblemen a stepped out of the carriage, carrying a lantern, that had just come to a halt in front of a large house. He wore nicely designed red clothing with a cloak to match, his skin was slightly tanned, and the look in his eyes would tell someone that he was nervous. He glanced around himself before lighting the lantern and taking a step forward. He looked at the top of the house as he moved closer to it, the moon seemed to grow larger behind the roof as he drew closer.
    The night sky was clear, and the air was crisp. His warm breath was clearly visible against the cold air. He didn't need to knock on the door, it opened when he came near, seemingly by itself, but he just imagined that someone was behind it. The house was dark, and creepy, it seemed well kept, but had an eerie feeling which came with being near it.
    He hesitantly walked through the door, watching his feet cross the threshold, and wondering why they did. He wasn't quite sure he knew what he was doing, or why, but he knew, that for some reason, it must be done. After swallowing his saliva, and taking a deep breath, he allowed his legs to drag him into the house, and as he came in, he took a glance behind the door and noticed, just before the door slammed, that no one was there. His eyes became terrified, and he reached for the door handle, but something pulled him away, and he turned to see his host in the dim candlelight in the library in front of him.
    "Welcome, my dear visitor. The hosts voice called out. "And how are you, on this fine evening?"
    "I am well, lord." The man said. "And what of you?"
    "I do well tonight, now tell me, what brings you into my custody tonight?" The host inquired.
    "I have a favor to ask of you Count Belmont." Responded the man.
    "And what is this favor, Pierre?" The Count prodded.
    Pierre took a step forward. Count Belmont waved his hand and the lantern went out. "I must apologize, I forgot that you don't like much light." Pierre said. "I need help to find my daughter, she was taken by bandits, she is to marry next week, and I cant have her fiance find out about this, you see......"
    "She is to marry a prince, I know. And he will not accept her if she has been deflowered, and he might not trust that the bandits were gentlemen." The Count finished. He chuckled, then smiled. "This is going to require more than the usual, I must have a full dose for this favor."
    "Whatever you need, my lord, I just want her be taken care of in marriage." Pierre replied.
    "Oh, not to worry, she will be taken care of." The Count got up out of his chair, and quickly moved very close to Pierre, he then bit deeply into Pierre's neck, drawing blood, making it flow freely while he drank as much as he could. Pierre soon fell unconscious, and The Count continued to drain the mans blood. When he had enough he stood up, wiped his mouth with his silk sleeve, and grinned widely. Two large men walked out of the darkness from behind him, both in battered leather work clothing. "Take him to the graveyard, let no one see, and bring her to me." The men began to do as ordered, walking to Pierre, picking up his dead body and carrying towards the back of the house.