• The sun’s rays broke through the wide branches of the trees providing plenty of light within the forest. It was a fresh calm morning disturbed only by the deep breathing of a large being resting beside a lovely pond. The suns rays touched upon the waters surface giving it a healthy bluish glow. A flower petal slowly floated onto the waters surface causing tiny ripples. The sound of giggling broke the silence as ripples appeared on the waters surface with no cause. Suddenly a tiny woman with wings appeared fluttering above the waters surface. No taller than a foot in height the little fairy with blue hair gazed upon her reflection in the water. She smiled cheerfully as she turned around admiring her new present.

    The previous evening her companion, Maynard, had given her a magical ring granting her the wondrous ability to become invisible. Though the ring was sized for her larger friend it fit well as a belt for herself. She spun about once hair lifting her blue hair up watching her reflection once more. She giggled once more and flew over to the shore where Maynard continued to sleep collecting flowers along the way. The fairy landed upon his stomach and walked over the Bay colored fur to his tanned flesh. She paused for a moment and patted where the fur met his flesh and flew to his head.

    She sang to him ensuring that he would sleep a while longer as she braided every strand of his hair. She tied back Maynard’s ‘mane’ keeping it from his face and glanced back at the rest of his body. She smiled fluttered her wings gently landing upon his face. “Maynard…Maynard it is time to wake up.” She cooed. She leaned down and gave him a kiss on his eye. She glanced back seeing a hoof kick the dirt and watched his tail whip his haunch. She stepped onto his shoulder and gave a cute stomp trying to rouse the centaur from his slumber. “Maynard, we’ll never get anywhere if you continue to sleep.” She said.

    His rear hooves kicked once again but he seemed to be stirring from his slumber. The centaur yawned and rolled onto his knees. Maynard stretched feeling very refreshed from the previous nights sleep. He had listened deeply to Necia’s song and fell asleep rather quickly. Maynard stretched his arms out once more and slowly lifted his body up onto his legs. He shook his haunches and yawned again walking into the pond.

    “Good Morning Necia.” Maynard greeted noticing his hair was a bit heavier. He looked to his reflection as his large body disturbed the calm water. He looked to the blue clear skies ahead as he floated on the surface. He felt the soft landing of Necia on his shoulder as he bathed. “What direction are we off to this morning?” He asked letting himself sink a bit more into the water. He kicked his hooves keeping his chest above the water level.

    Necia made herself comfortable and pulled out a miniature map. She looked over the crude parchment. “There is a path leading out of this little forest. It looked as if it was traveled routinely. It could lead us to a town.” She said with a smile leaning against his neck. Maynard gave a nod and swam to the shore pulling his body out of the water. The cool water rushed off of his back in tiny waterfalls as he leaned over to pick up his bag.

    “Well that’s where we’ll head. Which direction is the path?” Maynard asked twitching his tail. Necia looked the map over and pointed out east. She hummed to herself as Maynard wrapped his belt about his waist as he walked. She toyed with her hair and looked ahead as Maynard finally exited the small woods and entered the wide open plains under a beautiful blue sky….