I felt myself fall onto a cold, hard surface. I was covered in a layer of sticky ooze, I couldn't walk, and my eyes were shut tight. My hearing wasn't the best either, but beside me I could hear the soft yelp of my brothers and sisters falling onto the cold surface. What was I? Where was I? Why were my eyes closed? Was I blind? I felt a warm, wet tongue lick me all over, and the ooze came off. I was hungry, but what was I supposed to eat? I didn't smell anything here. Soon I realized that I was the only one still in this spot. The others had all figured out that the food came from Mum. I dragged myself over to Mum, and suckled hungrily for milk.
    When I was full, I felt sleepy, and because I couldn't see anything it was much easier to fall asleep. So that's what I did.
    It felt like I had been asleep for three weeks, because when I woke up one morning, I could only remember the day that I was born. I knew that this was the time that I was supposed to open my eyes. It was hard, but I managed to open them and look around. My sight was blurry but I could make out what I was now. At least, I think I could. I looked at one of my brothers. He was grey on his back with little black flecks, a white collar and underbelly and a stripe of white down his snout. Around his muzzle and above his eyes were a soft brown, and his ears were a dark grey. His tail was grey with black stripes racoon style, and it had a white tip at the end. I didn't look like that, though.
    He was staggering around, too, looking like he was drunk. It was funny to watch.
    Again, I couldn't remember the past few weeks the next time I woke up. This time my eyes were wide open, I was very fluffy and all I wanted to do was play. One day, a woman came out of the big building that we lived behind. She let us through the gate and I was the only one who actually went through and started exploring; all of my brothers and sisters fell asleep. Who could blame them, though? They had been staring through the fence all night while I was happily asleep and dreaming. Dreaming of...people. Four people...a family. A dad, a mum, a boy with long curly hair and a girl with short straight hair. They were all smiling. At me. They looked kind and happy and nice people to live with...but the question is, why was I dreaming of them?
    "You're going to be a little adventurer one day." the woman giggled as she took some photos of me on the path. She came over and stroked my head and back. "You're going to have a new home, soon." she said.
    A new home? Where? I didn't want to leave all my brothers and sisters. True, I had only known them for five and a half weeks, but over time I had become very fond of Primo, Chase, Chanel, Verdi, Curtis and Dante. And I especially didn't want to leave Mum.
    "You're flying out on Friday, sweetie." the woman said to me one day as she stroked my neck.
    No! I thought. I don't want to leave here!
    "Don't be scared, though. Curtis will be with you."
    Well, at least I wouldn't be separated from Curtis. On the aeroplane, anyway. But after that, we would probably never see each other again. And there was nothing I could do. Nothing.

    The next thing I knew, Curtis and I were sitting in a cage inside a big wooden crate. We had been on the plane for 5 hours now. It should land any minute, I thought. And then I'll have to leave Curtis. As if the pilot could read my thoughts, the plane began to decend. I felt a bump when the plane landed, and remembered the day I was born. I remembered the yelps of my brothers and sisters, and Mum's warm tongue. I remembered how, when I went out to explore, they all fell asleep. It was so sad, remembering all of those happy memories now. While I was in a plane. Without getting to say goodbye to some of my brothers and sisters. I actually started crying.
    "What's the matter, Ava?" Curtis asked softly. "I thought you were an adventurer."
    "Well...I didn't want to go if no one else was going to come," I said. "I miss them already. And I don't want to be away from you, Curtis."
    "Oh, don't worry," Curtis said. "We'll meet again some day."
    "How can you be sure?" I asked.
    "I promise, Ava. We will meet again."
    At that moment, we were taken out of the crate, the cage, and carried away from each other. But not forever.