• Sevina sat limply in the hard stone chair. The heavy chains cutting deeply into her tiny wrists. Her long, once silvery blond hair hung limp, clumped with dried blood, spit and urine which was not all hers.

    The brown and white Lycan walked up to her again, holding a heavy whip.
    "Nephilim..." it sang out in a sing-song voice, making Sevina's heart fall, as her fury rose. "Time to wake up, you nasty little beast," he cried as the whip cut into the tender flesh of her arms.

    Sevina resisted the urge to cry out. He would enjoy that too much. She raised her dull purple eyes to his dark copper ones.

    "Mmmm, feeling strong today? Little pet?" The lycan asked, she knew he was in a fair mood, as he only called her pet, when he was happy, and wanted her.

    Her tiny body ached. She was nearly 104 years old, but she had the body of a ten year old human. Unfortunately, a well developed ten year old.

    He picked up a heavy lead chain and snapped it to the collar she wore. Unclasping the shackles on her hands, he led her out of her small cell. She fought back a tear as he led her to his furnished room.

    Her father left her here at the Lycan camp the third hour after she had been born, and this brown and white lycan lord had taken her into his care. She didn’t blame her parents, she knew she shouldn’t even have been allowed to live.

    Her young body sat small and hurt in the lycans huge bed, her eyes the only thing giving away her harsh life and her many years.

    They showed a wisdom no child, even an immortal child, should have.

    The lycan moved toward her and grasped her head in his powerful hands, throwing her back against the pillow. Sevina's temper flared. She was tired of being this cruel lord’s slave. She shouldn’t have to live this lie, even if she was an abomination.

    He leaned over her tiny body and pushed her head against his own. He kissed her roughly, pushing his scratchy tongue into her mouth.

    Sevina snapped. Black flames leapt around the bed in dark fury. Blue white flames licked the wall. Huge leathery, battish wings emerged from her back as a pair of nasty curved horns spread from her head. Her eyes brightened to a bright, angry violet.

    Six large angel wings spread behind the leathery pair, smothering the lycan, throwing him from her. The chain around her neck burst into a thousand pieces. The lycan lunged at her, trying to sink his teeth into her. She grasped his neck as fast as he lunged, sinking her tiny nails deep into his neck, crushing his windpipe and breaking his Adam’s apple.

    She stepped over his twitching body, and flung open the door. Spreading her wings, she caught an updraft and was far into the night before anyone was the wiser