• Chapter 8: Shatter

    I was sure by now it was noon. The sun reached its highest point and caused all the vampires to sparkle from their amazing skin. Daiyu put his hand her Kira’s chin, murmuring soft words and kissing her hair and forehead repeatedly. She never shifted or twitched from her position, her body was tense like she was ready to endure anything coming. Edward gripped my hand tightly. I was furious.
    “Would you like to leave from here Kira?” his voice was so soft. So fake.
    “Why,” her voice became panic. The once serious, gentle girl I knew before had become a fearful and panicked child. I wanted to desperately save her from him, I knew she deserves so much more than that monster.
    “To be with me,” he got closer; she struggled to get him farther. He wrapped his arms around her; his voice became a loud murmur.
    “No, leave me…alone!” she screamed as loud as she can, his large hands began to seize and surround her wrists.
    “But you want me…” he was barely a centimeter from her face, “I can see in your eyes…” she stared helplessly into him.
    “I…hate…you…” she struggled the words out, her eyes slowly turning red but the green continued to take over.
    “Oh you do? But why do you still want me?”
    She stayed silent; he got closer almost touching her lips. I fought Edward’s grasp trying to save Kira.
    “Edward!” I screamed.
    “Bella! Calm down!” he stared at me protectively. He was still speaking quietly.
    “No! Go help Kira! Kill him!”
    “…Bella. If I leave you go he’ll go right after you…” his eyes spoke of pure concern.
    “Then let him! I promise I’ll be fine. I don’t need the protection, she does!” I sounded desperate. Edward stared at me confused on what to do.
    “Please!” I tugged onto his shirt viciously.
    “Alright, don’t move,”
    And he was gone in a flash.
    In a matter of half a second, Daiyu flew past Kira’s scared position and crashed into a bunch of trees. Edward stood in front of Kira, and placed his hands on her shoulders.
    “Do not worry about him. Don’t waste your precious thoughts on that garbage anymore. You do deserve better than that. I swear,” he said straight into her liquid eyes. I ran to them and leaped into her with a huge hug. Then Daiyu got up and started clapping…
    “Excellent Kira. You made friends with them?” he continued to smile.
    She nodded shakily. He chuckled a bit more.
    “Well this is pleasant…Edward wants to fight over Kira…”
    “No. I want to protect her.” Edward said completely serious removing one hand from her shoulder. “She earned for something better than a monster.”
    “Awe. Am I really such a thing? I wanted a better reason for you to fight, but still I missed good fights with you!” his smile widened and teeth bared evilly. Kira closed her eyes.
    “Do we have to? It’ll be pointless,” Edward crossed his arms.
    “Yes!” Daiyu was gone in a flash.
    Edward got into position and scanned around. Then I felt a presence from behind; I snapped my head around and found him ready to launch himself into me. I panicked. But Kira forced herself to be in front of me to endure his attack, a powerful straight punch to the chest. I swear I heard something crack in her chest as she flew backwards into Edward, but he caught her in time. I gasped in horror.
    When Kira finally got on the ground, she crossed her arms around her chest and held it, staring at Daiyu with her red eyes. Enraged once more.
    “She’s…done nothing…to you,” she breathed out heavily.
    “Yes, I will admit she’s done nothing. Maybe I’m jealous to have someone like her as a mate…maybe if I try hard enough…” he began to stare at me.
    “No I won’t…let you near…her…” she was forcing her every word out.
    “Are you saying you’ll protect her, Kira? My you have changed! I’ve never seen you so willing to help someone else before!” he laughed hysterical. It was little frightening but my rage was too high to care about the fear. Edward stepped next to me, arms thrown back to ready to guard me when he can.
    “Well, enough fun now,” his laughter ceased and he returned to his evil state, “Kira are going to return to me or not?” he put his hands out toward her. “I love you dear.”
    She looked down and closed her eyes tightly. Then she opened her eyes wide open, her vivid bloody eyes in full view.
    “I hate…you,” she worked to get the words out.
    “Ah here we are again…” he shook his head a bit. “Fine I’ll leave Kira…I bid you a pitiable farewell Kira my dear…”
    And like that he was gone. Kira clenched her fists tightly until her hands turned purple, her teeth were clamped together till her teeth almost broke, and her face was trying so hard to resist screaming. But her knees gave in and fell to the ground. Her arms dangled on her sides as she sat, her fragile eyes turning quickly back to green. What a shattered expression.