• It was a sunny morning and Logan was going to go fishing "again"! As he was packing his gear he started to wonder why the fish were growing larger and larger every time he went fishing. But he thought nothing of it and set of for the dock. When he got there he noticed something strange about the dock. He stood there a minute and finally after hours of staring (and having people walk by and stare at him) he finally realized what was wrong. The dock was gone!!!!! And of course being a fisherman his first thought was not OH MY GOD! or WTF! it was, where will we fish now? Wow that should tell you something about him, but I'm not going to go there. After he finished his first ,and rather questionable, thought he finally realized that it was rather strange for such a large dock to just vanish over night. At that time his phone started to ring. He heard a voice that he hadn't herd in a long time but he still new who it was.
    " Hey Bibles long time no see how you been doing?' "Hey Logan I've been doing fine how bout you?" "I've been fine to but the damnedest thing has happened..." " Let me guess the dock is gone." "Wow how did you guess?" "I'm at the dock now were are you?" "I'm at the dock to" (he turned around quickly but didn't see Bibles2) "I don't see you" "I see you hold on. K you can hangup now." "But then we can't talk to each other!" "Dude I'm standing next to you." "ooooooh. Say Bibles what do you think happened to the dock?" "Well judging by the huge teeth marks at the edge of were the dock was I'd say a very big fish ate it." "Dude you said that way to calmly." "Shut up gerk" "Uh Bibles who are you talking to?" "Oh that was one my other personalities." "Ok. So what do you think we should do about these fishes?" "Well a friend of mine tolled me about the time you killed that fishing bot, and I think if we can get enough of them we could catch that fish. And sell it to some one at an extremely high price." "....................................................... I like it. But were will we get the bots?" "I know a guy." One quick phone call later and a Gaia's first army was formed! "Ah I love the smell of definite victory in the morning. How about you Logan?" "This is crazy I never should have agreed to this." "Thats the spirit Logan. Now onward to victory!" "Now I remember why I stopped talking to you. You are completely insane!" "Now I want all of you bots to fish like you've never fished before! Now go catch that fish!!!" ".......... I'm going to go get a pizza tell me when you're done so I can come back and fish." And with that Logan left. Meanwhile Bibles2 watch over his hoards of bots as they fished and fished and fished and fished. After four hours the fish was finally caught. At some pizza place a phone rings. "Hello." "Hey Logan the bots have caught the fish." "Great now how bout you make them fix the dock." "Sure it'll be done in an other hour or so." "Great and after that put the bots in storage area 0." "Are you sure? I mean thats a little extreme don't you think?" "No I spoke to the top they want them locked up tight. where the public will never find them." "OK. area0 it is."
    After the incident was over the Gaian government locked up all reports of the bots being used, and no one ever heard about the bots again. Until Milfred the cow showed up. But that is another story for another time.