• Shay woke up sweating and disorientated. As he stared around him in confusion he notices an slight figure coming toward him from the end of his bed. As the figure gets closer he notices that the figure is a young woman.
    Her long white hair fell to her waist and hung over her eyes like a cloud.
    Her progress towards the bed was slow, her steps cuatious and exagerated as though she had been drinking. Shay also noticed that her feet seemed to glide along not touching the floor before she took her next step.
    As she reached the end of the bed she hesitated for a fraction of a second before she kneeled on the end. Going on her hands and knees she made her way slowly toward him.
    She was kneeling over him now. Her hair falling forward to cocoon them in their own little word. He could see all of her face now. Her widely spaced eyes were big and as black as the darkness surounding them. He let his gaze full to her lips that were full and pink.
    "I need you now." he heard her murmur just before she pressed her lips to his...............

    When Shay awoke next sunlight was slanting golden strips of light onto his bed. As what happened last night came back to him he smiled and went to reach for the woman again......... but found she was just a dream.