Yamaru growled as his alarm clock went off in his ear. ‘Who set my alarm clock?!’ He thought angrily as he glanced at the clock. ‘4:30?!! I’m going to kill whoever set my alarm clock!!’

    Yamaru jumped nervously as someone pounded on his door. “Hey!! Get up you worthless son-of-a-b***h!!!” Yamaru’s foster father, Tetsu, shouted through the door. “You’re going to school!” He yelled as he flung the door open. “Get up!!!”

    “I’m not going to school!!” Yamaru said through the blankets, getting annoyed by the alarm that was still beeping in his ear. “I don’t want to!”

    “Get up now!! Do you want another beating?!” Tetsu cursed as he came in and towered over the sixteen year old boy’s bed threateningly. “Because if you do then I’ll gladly comply.”

    Yamaru frowned and fingered the thick scar on his chest. “B-But I don’t want to…” He said as he sat up slowly, the blankets still over his head. “Please can I just stay home and rest…? I feel sick today.”

    Tetsu growled and punched Yamaru in the chest, winding the boy immediately. Yamaru whimpered and fell over, his red blankets falling from his face. “You ingrate!!! Get up or I’ll drag you all the way there!” Tetsu yelled before grabbing Yamaru’s semi-short black hair and forcing him to stand up.

    Yamaru felt as if he was going to throw up as tears of pain stung his eyes. “P-P-Please… I-I’ll get ready…” He stuttered out.

    “Good… be home by four or I’ll be angry…” Tetsu warned. “Now hurry…” He growled as he dropped Yamaru’s limp body.

    Yamaru coughed and fell to his knees as Tetsu stormed out. “D-Damn him…” He coughed out. “I wish he’d just die…”

    After he caught his breath, Yamaru stood up and stumbled over to his closet. He grunted in aggravation as he looked through the mound of clothes that was piled in the bottom of his closet.

    He never could find anything good to wear.

    He sighed and grabbed a black AC-DC shirt and a pair of black jeans. “This’ll do…” He muttered before pulling off his sleeping pants and putting on his clothes for the day. He looked in the mirror and internally sighed.

    Yamaru snatched his eyeliner from his dresser and began to outline his eyes, darkly and boldly. “I guess I’m ready to be tormented…” He said sadly as he grabbed his backpack and sketchbook.

    Yamaru flinched as he heard a light knock at the door.

    “Are you ready, Nii-Chan?” His elder sister, Satsuki, asked as she looked in through the doorway.

    Yamaru hesitated before muttering a ‘yes’ and walking over to her. “I’m just going to walk really fast and avoid Kyosuke and his friends…” He said, not wanting his sister to escort him again. “You just go to your class and let me be, alright, Satsuki?” Yamaru asked.

    Satsuki looked at her brother with worry but nodded anyway. “Hiro can give you his motorcycle if you want.” She suggested.

    “No… I need to do something on the way to school anyway…” Yamaru said as he ruffled his hand through his raven hair. “I’ll get there on time so you don’t need to look for me.” He added on before pushing past Satsuki.

    “Just be careful, Nii-Chan… I don’t want you getting hurt. I love you.” Satsuki said as Yamaru walked down the hallway in a hurried manner.

    Yamaru rolled his eyes slightly as he trudged through the filthy space that was the living room. He hoped to God that Hiro wouldn’t try to talk to him.

    “Hey brother! Wait up!!” A very familiar voice shouted.

    ‘Oh God… please don’t be Hiro…’ Yamaru thought as he walked faster, reaching the door and trying to undo all of the locks as fast as he could, without much success.

    “Yamaru! Hey! Why were you trying to run away from me?” Hiro asked as he caught up to Yamaru. “Are you feeling alright? Are you hungry? I could fix you something if you’re hun-“

    “No.” Yamaru said quickly, almost angrily. “Now stop talking to me before Tetsu sees and gets angry with me.”

    Hiro felt a lump form in his throat. “Brother, I was just asking if you-“

    “I asked you to stop talking…” Yamaru said before opening the door and walking out of the house at a quickened pace. There was one thing he wanted to do today that didn’t involve getting his a** beat and no one was going to mess it up for him.

    Yamaru quietly ran down the old park path to the center of the park before climbing into the oldest willow tree.

    ‘They should be here in… 3… 2… 1…’

    And sure enough, Kyosuke and his four friends ran by into the center of the park. Yamaru smiled and blushed slightly as he saw Kyosuke laugh and slip into the pond.

    “Hey you assholes!! Get in here! You got me wet now it’s your turn!” Kyosuke yelled as he tackled his friend Hinmaro and dragged him into the water. “HA!!! That’s what you get!”

    Yamaru smiled and leaned on another tree branch as he began to sketch Kyosuke in his sketchbook. Yamaru was an amazing artist. He could capture every detail of the teenage heartthrob, Kyosuke. From the sexily messy black hair down to the tiny black half-heart pendant that hung on a chain from Kyosuke’s pants. He was almost done when…


    “What was that?!” Hinmaro shouted as he looked in the direction of Yamaru.


    The tree branch the Yamaru was leaning on snapped sending him tumbling to the ground, his sketchbook flying out of his hands and to the feet of none other than Kyosuke.

    “Well, well, well… look who decided to join us, boys…” Hinmaro bitterly laughed out as he cracked his knuckles and approached Yamaru. “You’re dead emo-freak.”

    Kyosuke glared at Yamaru and snatched up the sketchbook from the ground. He frowned angrily as he looked through the book to see sketches of him on nearly every page.

    “Looks like someone’s obsessed with you, Ice.” The blonde named Kaemon growled out.

    “He’s dead now!” Hinmaro shouted as he jumped on top of Yamaru, punching him mercilessly.

    Yamaru cried out and held up his hands in defense before punching Hinmaro in the chest. “Stop! It was an accident!!” Yamaru shouted as he tried to get up and run only to be yanked down by his hair and an overly angry Hinmaro and Kaemon.

    Both Hinmaro and Kaemon held Yamaru down and snickered as Makoto, the largest of the five friends, walked up. Makoto smirked evilly and slammed his fist into Yamaru’s stomach, making the defenseless raven cry out in pain before coughing up blood.

    Yamaru thought the beating would never stop…

    All of a sudden Kyosuke shouted, “Get off of him… he’s mine!”

    A chill ran up Yamaru’s spine with those words… he was going to die.