• One scary dark evening i was sitting alone i this damp dark scary shed. This man kidnapped me i can only remember a blur of his face. He looked like a man from texas with the cowboy hats and the boots He had ginger hair with a long moustach thats all i can remeber. I could hear his footsteps comming closer and i can hear my heart beat in my chest going thump[ thump thump heart and suddeny the footsteps seemed like it was backing away far away like it wasnt there any more. I feel some thing slightly big then i touch a button i can see light thank god this is a tourch xd i flash the light around then i see some thing !!! its a laptop !!! i open it but it wont work mad BANG the door opens "TIME TO DIE!!!!" twisted . said the kidnapper
    " but why do you want to kill me" i whimperd
    " because i like to kill teenage girls" said the man in a very scary voice that looked relaxed
    " what makes u so evil to kill people what happend to you in the past for you to do this dont you care for no one" i said starting to cry neutral crying
    " my parents abandond me when i was young so i have no one to care for and no one to care for me" said the man in an angry voice this time mad mad
    " well the why wont you try it out i get you a wife for you to care for lets give it a week see how it goes let me go and if it dosent work out you can kill me" i said hesitating sweatdrop sweatdrop
    " deal so the next day im going to get a wife by giving her money than she will marry me" said the man excitedly though in a weird way confused
    He let me go whoo it was the second day and he got himself a wife this man was very rich so he gave her money nearly every day whilst he had a wife i was at my sisters home my mom didnt now i was alive. Then suddently the man walked into the house he had a gun in his hand some one told me to duck so me and my sister ducked quickly BANG ........ he was dead...... and guess who saved my life my MOM!!! the end razz