• Once upon a time, there
    was a boy who could make his
    imagination come true. He could
    do this with the help of his
    wand, that was past down through
    his family for centuries.

    Everybody in Gaia loved his
    abilities of the imagination. But,
    the evil overlord of the Animated, who's
    name shall not be said, has learned
    of his abilities and wants to use
    the boys abilities for his own personal

    These are the adventures of
    Lance Gambino. With the help
    from his friends, Chokin, chucknorrisrox,
    Dark Endura, The Undead Suitor, GenTrigger,
    and sredni vashtar. With there mentors,
    Lanzer and Qixter. All together we
    are the zOMG Team!