• Chapter 6: Warmth

    For some reason, Sundays are always dull. There was never any excitement, only tired spirits resting and preparing for the next day. Kira’s story was still fresh in my mind, and all I dreamt last night was her tale…how anything can change. How souls shatter in a matter of seconds. How desire can be manipulated, exploited, and altered into something uncontrolled. How anger, pain, and sorrow is hard to overcome.
    Edward was at my door once Charlie left, we decided to for a walk in the nearby forest by my house. It was silent at first, as it usually is when were walking, it’s was usually cold today snow falling purely and feathery on Edward’s white skin.
    “Um…Edward?” I dared to start talking. He turned and smiled sincerely.
    “Yes Bella?”
    “You love me…right?” I had to make sure.
    “Yes of course!” his voice boomed.
    “Okay then…” I was still insecure and he knew it.
    “Did I ever do anything to defy that I love you?”
    “Was there ever a time where it was questioned before?”
    “Why would I dare to change my feelings for you? I love you and I always will. I’m here for you always, I’m here for you and I love you.” He sounded almost musical but the words sounded like it came straight from his heart.
    “I love you Edward,” I smiled at him sincerely.
    “I love you always Bella,” he locked my hands into mine.

    Though I hated winter; it’s cold and ruthless nature; there was always something to admire from it. Some sort of gentleness that lurks in everyone’s heart, some sort of something emerges from everyone and everyone changes one way or another. Snow comes so purely, there’s nothing hiding in it, there was nothing to question about it. It was simply white, pure, and nothing like it. It was amazing how only winter, such a cruel season can create something so magnificent. Yet…what comes afterward? What happens when the snow melts? Well, once snow melts I suppose…spring comes in full bloom.