• My Darling Kayleigh,

    We have had a sweltering summer. I've been playing golf almost every day. The house is right next to the fairway. I can step out of the garden gate and play the first hole. Kayleigh, you can do almost anything here--swim, play tennis, even ride, if you want to. I've also been skiing up at Aspen in Colorado.

    This is a difficult letter to write. I am not coming back to London. I have spent most of my day with my attorney, and I think the best decision would be to pack up what's left of my belongings and leave for Italy. I don't know when I shall return. This year, next year, sometime, never. Certainly not in the foreseeable future. I haven't made this decision without thought of you. This decision has nothing to do with what happened at Sally's party. The truth is I could never stay there.

    So I am going, catching a train to Siena tomorrow morning. I have left my estate to you. You probably won't feel like living there by yourself, so I've seen to it that you have been enrolled at Emerson Park University. I suggest that you come as early as you can to see the dean of admissions and to make arrangements for your studies. If you have any problems, speak to my agent and he will know how to contact me.

    I did not mean for this to end this way. But happy endings don't seem to be part of my life. Take care of yourself.

    I love you,